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JUL 07

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" The Pickens plan is promoted as making us less dependent on foreign..."

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Pickens Walks Away from World's Largest Wind Farm

After months of delays due to financing difficulties, T. Boone Pickens is follow link cheap levitra with fast delivery walking away from a plan to build the world's largest wind farm in the Texas Panhandle.  While money played a large part in the decision, the nail in the coffin came from an announcement that $5 million worth of next day cialis new transmission lines for wind energy in Texas were not going to be built anywhere near the planned site of the wind farm.

Pickens originally planned to cialis generic recommended build his own transmission lines as well, but tough economic times have scaled back his ambition.

The good news is that Pickens and we like it viagra online shop uk his team still plan to develop smaller wind farms around the Midwest, including spots in Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Kansas, and Texas.

While Pickens is an unlikely eco-hero, we've been rooting for him to get these big projects up and running.  We can only hope that these setbacks aren't permanent and we'll see the return of his large-scale wind energy plans in the near future.

via Green Inc.

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T-Line issues strike again
written by Brian, July 07, 2009
This is bad news for wind and renewables in general.
But the where to get viagra cheap silver lining is: there are still lots of good wind projects planned elsewhere. Its hard for me to believe that Pickens expected some other company to deliver his wind power to the grid without a solid transmission plan of his own - especially considering the scale of his project. I was a fan of his plan, but its disappointing that transmission wasn't something he could get done. Once again, lack of transmission is the killer, and is proving to be the most important factor when siting/ planning new wind facilties (or any large industrial facility for that matter). It is very expensive and time consuming to buy cheapest viagra make new lines. I work in wind energy development, and I'm seeing this over and over again, that we are lacking the t-lines to get the job done at the scale that is needed. In the meantime, it is up to small scale wind and solar to fill in... that is, if the small scale market doesn't take over in the near future and make all of this infrastructure planning obsolete. I personally hope so, because this transmission issue isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Game on! smilies/grin.gif
written by Fred, July 08, 2009
Everyone is buy xanax online having a rough time with set backs
Pickens would rather profit from water as it becomes a scarce resource...
written by Teresa, July 08, 2009
Is anyone else bothered by this? (as reported in Business Week last year)

Did he ever really intend to go through with the wind farm or was it just a distraction from the water issue?
Seems to be wrong...
written by Bob Wallace, July 09, 2009
Pickens was interviewed today on NPR and stated that he is going forward with the wind farm, but there will be a delay.

"Pickens tells Robert Siegel that tight credit markets and the absence of transmission lines, which would carry wind energy from the turbines to the grid, made the postponement necessary. But, he says, the turbines and financing will be available in 2011, and the transmission will be up by 2013.

"So, it'll all fit together," he says. "We'll just be a couple of years behind schedule.""
written by Starting a Green Business, July 09, 2009
Definitely sucks that it won't happen for a while, but there are still a bunch of other plans for wind plants out there.

Hopefully in 2011 it gets back on track.
wind farms
written by tim Sindt, July 13, 2009
EXXon wins again. Who did Mr. Pickens think would help him lower gasoline and oil value? Doesn't he remember what he did to his competition?smilies/cheesy.gif
Was it canceled or just delay
written by Matt Peffly, July 15, 2009
If you look at the Picken Plan web site you will see that Pickens is claiming that the Pampa Texas wind farm is not canceled only delay.
"A very quick note to discuss one issue with you: my wind farm project in Pampa, Texas. There have been a lot of media stories about it, many of which misinterpreted my future plans. I want to be very clear with you that I am delaying, not cancelling, the project.

This misreporting is no doubt being fueled by those aggressively trying to convince Congress and the American public that wind and solar power can’t contribute significantly to solving our energy problems. They are wrong."

Or in Bloomberg article
"The so-called Pampa project will be postponed until 2013 when Texas is expected to complete a $4.9 billion transmission line, Pickens said in Washington today. News reports yesterday that he was ending the fda approved cialis project are wrong, he said."
only delaying until the price of look here online us viagra natural gas goes way higher
written by Richard Fletcher, January 23, 2010
As Mr. Pickens announced,

He was merely delaying the wind farm idea until the price of natural gas went much higher than it is today. Currently, it's better to choose natural gas to how to get some cialis converted the long-haul trucks(18 wheelers) to natural gas and wait till the price of natural gas goes higher to implement wind energy on large-scale basis.smilies/smiley.gif
Stanley Meyer HHO farms will run 24/7/365 and don't need good weather.
written by Robert Hedges, February 04, 2010
The electrostatic dissociation of the covalent bonds in the distilled water molecule are being dissociated and recombined with a net gain of free energy in a non polluting medium that can be reused endlessly.

Tenacious investigation highly recommended.

Error in url
written by Robert Hedges, February 04, 2010
written by Gerald Sobel, February 17, 2011
Yes, why not convert water into oxygen and cheap generic viagra hydrogen, and pump the gas down pipelines? Would it be better than hi voltage electical lines? true of false?
Earth ,wind and water, and natural gas
written by Rick Conrad, July 05, 2012
The Pickens plan is promoted as making us less dependent on foreign oil. By replacing oil with natual gas and wind energy. Very little is being said about the details like clauses in wind contracts giving control of water rights on land leased to wind development. These wind leases even have clauses in some cases that give wind developers control of everything above, on or below the ground. The land owners retain the ability to live on their land and little else. If we are Dependant on natural gas we will be dependent on T. Boone. Billionaire don't get that way without knowing how to turn a penny.

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