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JUL 07

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"It is a more limited stock, I agree. But, we all produce it on a daily..."

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New Definition for Biofuels: Using Urine to Produce Hydrogen

Hydrogen seems like a logical choice for fuel - it's energy dense and mexico viagra no prescription emits only water upon combustion - but upon closer examination we see that it's extremely expensive to make from water, so all the hydrogen in production today is made from fossil fuels. But Gerardine Botte at Ohio University has figured out an easy and efficient way to break the bonds in urea to levitra south carolina produce hydrogen. The process consumes roughly one quarter of the energy needed to electrolyze water. And, yes, the world has a fairly plentiful (and renewable) supply of urea. Maybe not enough to power all our cars, but it's a start.

Very simply, an inexpensive electrode oxidizes the urea creating two H2 molecules, nitrogen gas and potassium carbonate. Success! None of these chemicals are bad for the environment, and, indeed, are useful, saleable byproducts. The urea doesn't need to be pure or anything either, the process works with human urine, meaning that port-o-johns could someday become useful hydrogen-generation stations.

Of course, we don't have oceans or rivers or lakes of urea (good thing) so it is a more limited feedstock than water. The good news is, what we do have of it is a waste product, and (especially in the the best choice cialis super active case of livestock) already needs to be managed more effectively for environmental reasons. So it certainly wouldn't hurt to have an extra source of levitra mail no prescription hydrogen gas while giving the world a reason to more effectively manage its waste.

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Have you ever seen a cow take a leak?
written by ThisIsGreat!, July 07, 2009
This is an AWESOME idea! I don't think that it would be hard to power a car off of Hydrogen derived from urea if your getting it from livestock.

Seriously, have you ever seen a cow take a leak? Easily gallons of the stuff every time they go, and they go MANY times a day! With the energy density of Hydrogen, I gotta believe cattle alone could provide much of the required "fuel"!

Wonder if the "density" of the urea matters? I mean like if you have been drinking water all day it has an "x" factor, but if you have been drinking beer all weekend it has a "multiple x" factor?! Protein have anything to do with it?

Just sayin...
written by Elana, July 07, 2009
This is AWESOME! It not only has innumerable benefits as far as a renewable energy source, it also helps us get rid of a byproduct waste we're spending money and energy to get rid of anyway. If we could make this work, it would be amazing. Maybe we could even figure out a way to have our toilets transport urine to energy plants when we flush the toilet! Haha.

Greenpeace Intern
What about the byproducts?
written by Luis, July 07, 2009
This sure looks great. I'm not aware of the stoichiometry of canadian pharmacy online the process, but I just wonder, if we are to produce massive quantities of H2, most likely massive quantities of N2 and K2CO3 will be produced as well. for the potassium carbonate, I guess we can store the spare stock, but what about N2? Is it safe to just release it to the atmosphere, at whichever rate and amount?
written by shek, July 07, 2009
I would think using urea for a feedstock would be nitrogen neutral (I would assume that there is a nitrogen cycle of some sort). N2 accounts for 78% of the Earth's atmosphere, and is essenctial to life, so I doubt this process would contribute much of a change in concentration or have any ill effects.
written by Patrick, July 08, 2009
Just another item that we normally would get no use out of and make a useful product like hydrogen. I never would have thought that we could get hydrogen from urine using less energy than from water.
written by Herno, July 08, 2009
First, Hydrogen is not "energy dense" it´s the least dense of our known fuels.
Second, putting catheters in cows is quite problematic, seriously they get infected all the time. It´s already been thought for producing recombinant proteins in cows urine instead of milk. But who knows, maybe it could work.
Third, reggarding the question about the molecular concentration of urea, the answer is yes, the more molecules of levitra buy now urea you have the better. But if you have diluted urine it would be easy to just concentrate it to the level you want.
oh no...
written by grimlyfiendish, July 08, 2009
This is a wonderful idea, but don't bring up livestock. Factory farm animals are already mistreated enough without having to walk around with catheters in all the time. When this goes corporate they'll be forcing them to over-drink so they'll pee more. It's amazing technology but let's not put all the burden on the already over-burdened animals.
Response to Grimlyfiendish's comment, Low-rated comment [Show]
EDIT: Response to grimlyfiendish's comment
written by BrianH1988, July 08, 2009
Okay, my apologies. Replace every instance of the word cow in that post with the word "livestock". I wish they had the ability to edit posts here without registering. Most blogging sites that have the ability to leave comments. Anyway, while I'm typing up another comment post, (in response to purchasing cialis the article in question) I think this is an awesome idea, and that we should most definitely use every resource available to us. But we should also use some moderation and try to make such uses efficient, so that it lasts as long as is possible. But we need to balance cost efficiency with quality. Obviously, if something costs far less to produce hydrogen with, that's clearly the process to produce it we should be using.
written by apachai, July 08, 2009
This is great idea, one piss and your off. out on the open road. and piss over the very good site pfizer cialis 50mg week and you have enough for the trip to the mountains for the weekend.
Make it use just enough so the car can run 150+ miles on one leak, and were in business.
Urine? We Waste Shiite Now!, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Fred, July 13, 2009
I would not want to be around to smell the results from that!
Condoms for Cows
written by Suz, July 16, 2009
Well condoms that are attached to urinary collection bags just like the kind we use on old men are perfect for collecting that golden bio-brew....and for the female cows we have U-Bags. They stick on the skin right over the orfice.
When there is a will there is a way. Anything is better than supporting the mideast and stripping the earth of fossil fuel.
Airplane application
written by Armny, July 16, 2009
Have you ever sat near the toilets in a large airplane?smilies/grin.gif
written by Eddie, July 16, 2009
I can hardly wait for this idea to be featured on "Dirtiest Jobs".
Every corner bar could then be considered an alternative energy factory!
written by Jim, July 16, 2009
Honey, I'm doing my patriotic duty and going to put in some time down at the hydrogen production facility. I better make sure to take some extra money for the darts and munchies.smilies/cool.gif
written by John, July 16, 2009
Can't wait for the bumper sticker "This car is 100% piss powered"! One question: Are you going to train cows to pee at a designated location? Or make them walk around all day with external bladders that capture the pee?
Great idea!
written by autostry, July 18, 2009
I think that this is a great idea! If they could make it possible to use both human and animal waste as fuel, then it would give a big impact to Mother Earth as we are clearing up some of our wastes from the dumps.
written by jamie, August 07, 2009
could you not extract the million of tonnes of urea in the sewers? Free power!
Just because cows have been bred by humans
written by Mark, August 10, 2009
doesn't mean they are just tools. If I breed mildly autistic and mentally retarded children and we choice high quality viagra use them as livestock are they just tools? Afterall, they too cannot independently succeed in their natural environment. Cows are no different. If we stopped reproducing livestock and let the existing lot die off without replenishment we'd have plenty of time to adapt.

Nutritionally, there's no reason to ever kill an animal. I can reproduce in a lab every single bit of tramadol bedroom online nutrition that a cow can produce in milk or meat. There's also more than enough non-animal food to feed the world.

H2 from urine, if it works is a good idea. Unfortunately, the cost of storing, transporting, and transferring H2 is very high. If the process produces more energy than it consumes then the H2 produced might be a good idea for a new class of small scale, local powerplants but not for direct use in transportation.

H2 was and will never be a good idea for use in cars and trucks.
written by Angela, August 12, 2009
Mark, as the viagra canadian pharmacy Mom of a "mildly Autistic" child and someone who's been around cows, I take offense at your saying that they are "no different". Cows do not know when they are being made fun of or being laughed at. Cows are not self-aware. Cows do not ask questions about the nature of God or love. And how, precisely, are you going to "breed" them, since we don't know the causes? Mentally disabled (NOT retarded - ugly word) and autistic people can make music, love, laughter and art; none of which cows can do.
written by nuvi, August 25, 2009
urea to h2 takes advantage of the inherent inefficiencies of our food system:
fossil fuels --> fertiliser --> food --> pee + energy --> hydrgen. where hydrogen is not the source of power, the electricity used to electrolyze the urea provides the power. Much more efficient would be peeing in your vegetable garden, nutrients in, nutrients out.
what is the point
written by jenny Blakey, October 05, 2009
what is the point of saving this world the human race have destoryed this lovey world it is under great pressure land food water etc the levitra free pills resource are limited there are far to many people in this world who are greedy selfish and care about themsleves we kill each other and the human race hate each other what is the point of saving this world the human race are not worth saving this world will fill up with water or it will burn down do I care not really
written by Dafyd, January 06, 2010
Great idea, brings new meaning to the words "Piss off" or "He is pissed" people would likely say "He pissed off that way" and at a service station one could give and pay less,whereby the name "Give and Take" would likely replace the "Take away.
Let's get real..
written by MrE2u2, May 14, 2010
Catheters?? Diapers or collection bags? That's inane. All you need is grated floors, gravity does the rest!
One other way to get HHO
written by Amadeu Esteves, April 08, 2012
I allready use in my car.I produce HHO with the electrolisis of the water and add those gases to the intake air. With this i save more than 20 % in consumption. I Use wather and KOH. Mabe i try change that and put urine and see the result.
written by Lauren@GreenGlobalTravel, June 04, 2013
It is a more limited stock, I agree. But, we all produce it on a daily basis. With the over-populated world, everyone could be responsible for powering their own home/car/etc. Of course, that would only work in an instance where everyone possessed such machine or knowledge to transform their urine to hydrogen.

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