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JUN 11

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"Green Power Express is a very cool concept..."

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Electricity Superhighway Moving Forward

There is cheap canadian propecia a lot of potential energy to be gathered from the high plains of the just try! cialis price upper midwest United States. A look at the United States Department of levitra pills canadian Energy's 50-Meter Wind Resource Map shows much of the Dakotas and no perscription female cialis next day Nebraska to have desirable wind power resource potential. Big ranches and open land areas offer lots of wind power potential, but there is far less demand for it there than there is in "load centers" like Minneapolis and Chicago, further to the east.

Just as with offshore power, the question of power generation is only one of the problems that needs to be addressed. Getting the power from where it is generated to where it is needed is also part of making the new system useful. To this end, a new network of extra high-voltage (765 kV) transmission lines, called the Green Power Express is under development. It will cross portions of buy viagra online in canada North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois with 3000 miles of transmission lines to be able to cialis online for canadian provide 12,000 megawatts of power from new wind farms in the high wind areas of the upper midwest.

The infrastructure to get the cialis brand name power from where it can be harnessed to where it is needed is part of the current administration's energy policy.

The Green Power Express is consistent with the vision outlined by President Obama in his national energy agenda. President Obama specifically mentioned his desire "to get wind power from North Dakota to population centers, like Chicago." The Green Power Express will allow this goal to be met.

Development of wind power in this region needs both the wind farms which will harvest the wind to produce electricity and the grid infrastructure to be able to bring the power to the load centers where it is needed.

This is still a project very much in progress, and development and construction are going to discount online viagra take years before this system comes on line. The Green Power Express won't be completed until 2020 (at the earliest), depending on regulatory processes and approvals and construction timetables. But, once it is connected and wow it's great 50mg viagra retail price in place, this grid segment and the associated wind farms will be able to provide enough power from clean sources to replace seven to nine 600 MW coal plants or nine to eleven million automobiles, with a corresponding reduction of 34 million matric tons of carbon emissions.

via: North American Windpower

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written by Katie L, June 11, 2009
Let's hope this project is not dropped, it sounds like something that could end up being very benificial for both the enviroment and us. I don't know about everyone else, but I'd love to see it happen! I mean, honestly, we have so many amazing natural resources that we could use (if we figured out how to harness them and transport them) that would not harm the environment or us; we should use them.

*crosses fingers for the cheapest viagra prices without a prescription best*
written by campbell, June 11, 2009
nice map. seems that Lake Michigan might be a decent location for wind power generating; and, a bit closer to order viagra pill those place where it would be used
The Green Power Express
written by Terrence Muray, June 15, 2009
I know that earlier this year, Senator Harry Reid proposed legislation to fast track the construction of viagra brand name power lines... It would give the federal government final say reg. often time consuming citing issue....
written by Fred, July 08, 2009
Green Power Express is a very cool concept

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