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MAY 29

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"Such article shows that not only companies like IBM are busy in their ..."

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IBM and Syracuse Working on Ultra-Efficient Data Center

IBM and Syracuse University announced today their plans to build a data center at the levitra china university that will use 50 percent less energy than a typical data center.

IBM will supply its most efficient computers and generic cialis cheapest india computer-cooling technology, while Syracuse will manage and analyze the data center performance and implement new energy-saving operations as they're discovered. The project will explore how to increase efficiency in computer hardware and software and in the data center infrastructure itself. The $12.4 million project will include its own electrical tri-generation system that uses natural gas-fueled turbines to cialis pharmacy in india power the data center and to cool the servers so that the center is run completely off of the grid.

The electrical tri-generation system includes a liquid cooling system that converts exhaust heat from the obtain cialis without prescription turbines into chilled water to cool the servers and will also deliver electricity through a direct current instead of alternating current.

The New York State Energy Research and generic viagra without a prescription Development Authority is contributing $2 million to the data center, which IBM hopes to use as a showcase for clients trying to increase their efficiency. U.S. data centers use 62 billion kWh a year and current trends show that number doubling by 2011, so an example of a data center that reduced energy use by half is greatly needed right now.

The data center should be built by the end of 2009, but the study of its processes and performance improvements will continue for several years.

via Greener Computing

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written by Jon, May 29, 2009
Well, a white roof would be a good start
Ha, i thought the same thing when I saw
written by bobbobberson, May 30, 2009
Ditto comment, maybe some trees for shade?
written by Jacob, May 30, 2009
that roof will be plenty white come winter. Brr!
Looking at that roof
written by A Siegel, June 04, 2009
makes one wonder about this graphic and energy efficiency: high albedo / white roof anyone?
written by Francis T Winzig Jr, June 10, 2009
No, No! It is not the big building with a black roof! There is a floor plan over-lay shown in white lines below the existing structure.
written by Francis T Winzig Jr, June 10, 2009
See the details here:
This should be an earthship!
written by Dirk Sullivan, June 10, 2009
Rammed Earth - drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the data centers... and use LOCAL and RECYCLED materials... see for more information.
written by Fred, June 30, 2009
thats sounds like a great idea
Going Green!!!!
written by paresh, July 11, 2009
Such article shows that not only companies like IBM are busy in their business but also understanding the environment and making the world go greener day by day..
Wonderful job done!!!

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