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Keep Solar and i use it viagra cheapest Wind Power in Your Glove Compartment

Quite a few companies have tried their hand at portable renewable energy charging devices, resulting in some clever ideas like solar messenger bags and mini solar generators. But it seems like there still hasn't been a perfect solution for recharging your gadgets with renewable energy while you're on the go. Well, the new K3 Charger from Kinesis Industries may just be the best solution yet.

The charger, set for release in June, is the size of a flashlight and generates both solar and wind power to charge your gadgets. The K3 can recharge cell phones, iPods, iPhones and digital cameras through a USB port and various adapters.

The combination of solar and wind means you're not out of luck if one or the generic overnight viagra other is unavailable when you need a charge or, if you'd rather just charge it before you leave the house, it also comes with an AC adapter. The small size also allows easy transport in a backpack or even a purse.

The company claims that a fully charged K3 can charge a cell phone more than five times, so you may be able to get rid of that car adapter and just keep one of these in your glove compartment from now on. Pricing information is still unavailable.

via Inhabitat

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please keep inside the car
written by Wouter, April 24, 2009
I hope no one will have the bright idea to put this thing outside the car while driving, to grab some air trough the windmill...

I mean, that would probably be not that energy effective since the car then needs more gasoline to support the break in airodynamics.
please keep OUTside the car
written by Garo, April 24, 2009
Wouter - i have to admit it was my first inclination, but how about instead of click now canadian online pharmacy levitra my sticking my hand out the window, you mount it underneath the car, or in the crevice where the rear view mirror meets the door... or even put it in front of your A/C vents as they pump out air (to recapture some of that energy used to pump it out in the first place).

Nice little device. Can't you just picture the cialis 30 mg mercedes-benz emblem on visit our site budget cialis the hood with a twirling one? :)
written by Beth, April 24, 2009
Just FYI, the price is $99.95 and it is available at
Solar/Wind is a gimmick
written by Carl, April 24, 2009
This is mainly an external battery charged from the wall. Judging from the size of the solar cell and best price generic cialis the size of the battery, it would need to sit outside in full sun for about 7 days to equal 1 overnight charge. I would guess the wind generator would take even longer. The solar cell could keep the battery charged, but is only now viagra 10 mg really too small to where can i buy cialis make much power.

A human powered generator seems more practical-- just attach it to one of those portable exercise machines sold in infomercials. A few minutes of ab-flexing and you can quick charge a fast battery, then slow charge a phone.

There are solar/hand-crank radio-flashlight-charger combos for $25.
This is a green product
written by Xoby, April 26, 2009
I can immediately tell from the color of the device that this is a green device. This is fiendishly clever.

It wouldn't be made from plastics would it? It wouldn't be made in China would it? It wouldn't consume more energy in its manufacture than it ever could generate by itself in use could it?

It wouldn't be designed for the GreenTard market would it?

written by cage, April 26, 2009
I' like to see these in different sizes. How bout a fourty footer to power my house.
written by Fred, July 02, 2009
thats cool i want one

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