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APR 09

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$6.60 Solar Cooker Wins Financial Times Climate Change Contest

In a beautiful marriage of high function and very low cost, a $6.60 solar cooker called the Kyoto Box won the Financial Times Climate Change Contest and $75,000 from Hewlett-Packard to get the idea into production.

The Kyoto Box is made from insulating two cardboard boxes, one stacked inside the other, with straw or newspaper, placing foil inside the first box and then painting the recommended site real viagra without a prescription inside of the second box black. An acrylic cover tops off the design.

The very simple and cheap design is already being produced in Nairobi and the maker Jon Bøhner hopes that it will cut down on the use of firewood for cooking, which would slow deforestation and reduce carbon emissions and indoor pollution throughout Africa. The box can boil 10 liters of water in two hours for cooking or for purifying.

Other simple designs that made it to the final round of the contest include a garlic-based feed supplement that would reduce the methane in cow "emissions" and a wheel cover for delivery trucks that would boost efficiency by decreasing drag.

via Treehugger

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written by Bob Wallace, April 09, 2009
I think it's great that these inexpensive solar cookers are going to be going to lots of people who need them.

But I think it's sort of online cialis sales funny that the best price for cialis media (NPR/BBC/The World carried the story yesterday)is treating this as a new invention. Some of us were cooking our meals with them 25+ years ago.

And this is not the first semi-large scale roll out to we choice cialis non prescription places with limited fuel.

Great idea. Wish there had been enough done with the idea years ago.

Galic based feed supplement?
written by shek, April 10, 2009
Does the garlic supplement make the beef taste like garlic? Because that's like a supper-extra-bonus IMHO.
written by Bob Wallace, April 10, 2009
Pretty sure the garlic would turn up in milk.

Back when I grew up on the farm we used to have to keep the cheapest price levitra 10mg milk cows away from the spring onions.
I've done this before....
written by yip, April 11, 2009
We do something similar in the scout movement doing backwards cooking. were you stick a dixie (big steel pot) in a box and pack it with straw. I've made porridge this way and salmon, takes a while but taste awesome!

What a Ripoff !!
written by Roland, April 11, 2009
I can't believe this won a $75K prize. This design has been around for a long time. Example: Cooking with the Sun, Beth/Dan Halacy, c.1978 & 1992, ISBN 0-9629069-2-1
Green-washing strikes again...
written by hyperspaced, April 13, 2009
Do you have any idea what is the carbon footprint of an African compared to an American?
Re Climate Change Competition winner - c
written by Shannon Carr-Shand, April 14, 2009
Thanks for all the comments regarding the Kyoto Box winning the FT Climate Challenge Competition. There have been a few posts pointing out that the solar-powered oven is not a new idea. The point of the competition was not to reward a eureka moment but to help an innovative approach to climate change reach the link for you where to buy cialis market. As Kyoto Energy founder and competition-winner Jon Bøhmer acknowledges in his company literature and on his application, the concept of solar cooking has been around since the eighteenth century.

There are other versions of solar cookers available on the web and there are also detailed explanations of how to levitra 10 mg make a version of levitra no rx a similar device. What distinguishes this approach is that the cooker will be mass-produced cheaply in existing factories, the finished item is to be flat-packed for bulk transportation to end users and is extremely cheap at $6.

The $75,000 prize money is going to enable Kyoto Energy to test durable, plastic versions of the cooker with 10,000 people currently burning fossil fuels to clean their water and heat their food. The expert judges and buy ultram forum the thousands of members of the public who voted for the Kyoto Box agreed that this simple idea offered the best opportunity amongst the five short-listed ideas for an innovation to help tackle climate change on a big scale.

Please see the press release and our site for more information on the competition and its objectives.

Shannon Carr-Shand, Forum for the Future
What will they think of next?!!!
written by David, April 15, 2009
Gosh, the next thing you know they will be replacing tanning booths by putting lounge chairs out in the open!!! Crap, I just gave away my entry for next year....
RE: Greenwashing ---- Cost Savings Overl
written by brett, April 15, 2009
My wife and I volunteered this past September in S. Africa, we built similar solar cookers using an almost identical method (cardboard boxes, black paint, tinfoil, and seran wrap top). While I love the eco-benefit, Africa as a country has a very small footprint, its more about the cost savings for poor villages to use the generic cialis india FREE sun, as opposed to spending upwards of $40/month on cialis soft tabs online perafine (gas) or wood. The village we worked in had already cut down all of their beautiful trees, the solar cookers are sustainable FINANCIALLY, not just environmentally. Consumer produced solar cookers, made of durable plastic cost about $35USD, our rudimentary cookers were made for about $5-$8.
As an FYI - the economic and environmental benefits are obvious, but teaching people to make a change from their old habits of order levitra pill buying fuel and cooking in half the time is really the ongoing challenge.
written by Emily, April 15, 2009
Solar cookers are not just about being environmentally friendly. They also about health. According to the World Health Organization, cooking fires in third world countries, cause 1.5 million or more deaths a year due to the associated health problems (lunch cancer, pneumonia, etc). So, eliminating wood-fueled fires with solar cookers would save millions of lives.
written by Stephen Klaber, April 16, 2009
What's new about this? The fact that the mass media is finally taking it seriously, rather than dismissing it is as silly nonsense.
written by barbionit, April 17, 2009
I ask the cynics, is it because they really do only today viagra know it all or because 6 bucks for R&D or even a fraction of 6 would give them cold feet.
written by Fred, June 25, 2009
Very helpful, but hows the taste?
written by Joy, August 15, 2011
Skip the plastic version. The box version is completely recyclable and the parts are easy to scavenge to make a new one. Saves trees, saves lives, economically feasible, sounds like a win, win, win! smilies/grin.gif
written by Jimmy, November 13, 2013
Yeah, very amazing and environmentally friendly, may be for the wider use as heating water for a hot shower

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