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APR 07

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"Working in a green career seems like a good track..."

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Wind Officially Employs More Than Coal Industry

In some promising "green jobs" news, the wind industry in the U.S. has now officially surpassed the coal mining industry in the number of people it employs. Wind industry jobs increased to 85,000 in 2008 while the coal industry remained the same at about 81,000 jobs.

The country made huge gains in wind energy in the past couple of years and that increase obviously created huge gains in employment as well. Last year, there was a 50 percent increase in installed wind capacity and a 70 percent increase in wind industry jobs over the cialis 10mg year before. Off those jobs, 13,000 were in regions of canadian healthcare viagra sales the country that had seen a loss of manufacturing jobs in recent years.

This is great news that shows that with the development of renewable energy industries in the country, there will be more jobs, but now we have to figure out a way to move some of these renewable energy projects into areas where people have long relied on coal mining jobs. In a recent post, we emphasized the need for green job training for those who may ultimately lose their coal mining or other industry jobs as renewable energy replaces other sources of energy. While it's very exciting that the wind industry is growing and creating jobs, we also need to start making sure that people are prepared to the best site overnight levitra take advantage of them.

via Huffington Post

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Impact of MTR?
written by shek, April 07, 2009
Does anyone have any numbers about the number of jobs elminated by the shift to mountaintop removal coal mining?
written by Brad Hash, April 07, 2009
This piece on wind jobs outstripping coal jobs is erroneous and a bit outdated. The Huffington blog post ran three months ago and some holes in the article were exposed in a Fortune article (see link below). Understand, I am a committed proponent of daily cialis renewable energy development and spend most of my time campaigning against coal and coal-fired power; that said, we need to keep the cheap lowest price cialis soft tab debate factual to move forward with legitimacy.
written by Brad Hash, April 07, 2009
Regarding the question on mtr eliminating coal mining jobs: I don't have exact numbers but as a rule mtr coal mining ops will employ 50%-80% fewer "miners" than underground coal ops. Those are significant numbers in the southern WV and eastern KY coalfields. I believe the mtr mining jobs in WV alone run around 3,000 (total coal mining jobs in the state are ~14,000) and one can extrapolate from there.
written by jac, April 07, 2009
In general, the more mature the industry, the fewer people you will need to accomplish the same unit of work. Its not quite mature.
written by Robb Henshaw, April 08, 2009
The renewable energy industry has a lot on its plate these days. Not only is our industry charged with reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign energy and levitra in canada helping to save the environment, but now we’re being asked to carry the viagra for cheap weight of creating millions of new jobs too. Personally, I think this industry is up to the challenge.

The Obama administration’s stimulus package earmarks more than $20 billion for green pursuits. Sure, the goals are lofty – doubling the nation’s renewable energy output over the next three years, for example – but that’s the point. When you combine very aggressive goals with a significant investment in renewable energy, logically one could deduce that this would spark the creation of a large number of jobs in this sector.

In addition to cialis fast the financial commitment from the stimulus package, the new Middle Class Task Force (led by Vice President Biden) has indicated that renewable energy job creation is a pillar of the nation’s economic rebuilding program. Mr. Biden highlighted that investing in green job creation would provide three key benefits:

•More jobs – and better paying jobs – to keep up with 21st century needs
•Lower energy costs
•A cleaner environment

Because renewable energy and energy efficiency markets represent a major, new industrial sector, green technologies will drive job growth at local, national and global levels. For example, countries like Germany and Spain have made huge investments in renewable energy, so it stands to reason that these countries will become similar hotbeds for job creation.

I work with a company by the name of Fat Spaniel Technologies -- -- in San Jose, CA. San Jose's Mayor Chuck Reed has touted green tech as a major driver for San Jose’s economic rebuilding program (including in his State of the City address back in January), and he highlighted the fact that clean tech companies created more than 1,500 jobs in San Jose alone last year. He expects that trend to grow this year, and he has even called out Fat Spaniel as one of the companies helping lead this trend. We definitely have faith in the ability of this industry to not only create, but also to maintain, jobs well into the future.
Wind employment to reduce coal employmen
written by Craig, April 08, 2009
I always wondered other then the viagra suppliers uk obvious problem of getting the materials and lines to the tops of the ridges, why isn't WV and that whole region covered with wind turbines? The times I've been through there it always seems to i need to buy propecia be windy and would seem like a perfect place that needs an economic shot in the arm.
written by Uncle B, April 09, 2009
I for one,would rather work in 21st Century Wind Technologies than in 18th Century coal mining technologies. isee cash and innovation in one, slow degradation to the end of "Cheap Coal" and short-cuts to and early death in the other. Just a working fellow's point of view, but the better breaks and generic levitra europe best job security are going to be in the newer tech by design. Some of the "old school" notions of what is humane for a man to in his day's work do lack a 21st Century dimension.
written by Fred, July 27, 2009
Working in a green career seems like a good track

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