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FEB 19

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Covering Rechargeable Batteries with Solar Panels

Rechargeable batteries are great. In fact, I find it hard to believe that stores sell one-use batteries anymore. Nonetheless, rechargeables still need charging. And, often, the charger (if it isn't unplugged from the wall when it's not needed) can use a significant amount of cialis free pills electricity.

But how about this for a concept: designer / inventor Knut Karlsen simply covered some rechargeable C-cells with flexible solar panels and get viagra online in canada attached leads to each end of the battery. Now, whenever they're left in the sun, the batteries will trickle charge. Cylinders are actually a good shape for solar panels, because they're more likely to cheap propecia online have at least one part of the panel perpendicular to the light source.

Of course, it's somewhat likely that these panels won't be able to bring the battery to full charge. And if they are, it's possible that it will take days or even weeks of charging. But it's a cool idea, and well done, all in Knut's home workshop.

Via Inhabitat

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is it ok to be continuosly charging them
written by Curious, February 19, 2009
Does constantly charging this type of battery not reduce its performance/usage life span. I thought that batteries were best drained completely after each usage before fully charging it, and partially charging the battery would reduce its capacity.
written by Herno, February 19, 2009
That depends on pharmacy cialis the tipe of batery. But still, leaving a batery in the sun is a very stupid idea, the heat is no good for the components. And besides I rather have a solar charger that i can plug to any gadget.
written by Bob Wallace, February 19, 2009
Seems dumb to natural viagra pills me.

You're going to make solar panels that spend most of their time in the dark.

Better to make fewer panels and use them on an 'every day' basis by putting them on a charger and rotating the batteries.

Even better to hook them to the grid and use every watt they produce.

written by Doug, February 19, 2009
It's an extremely poorly thought out idea. The only thing going for it, is that it looks cool. But I give it very few points. It's the sort of how to get cialis no prescription thing that makes people who don't know any better go, "Ah ha! What a great idea, it's so obvious." On the level of putting little windmills on cars to generate electricity while driving.
written by nelson, February 19, 2009
I think it is we choice online viagra a good idea for the "set it and forget it" crowd that doesn't monitor the condition of their batteries. Throw them on the window sill or on the dash of the work truck. When the overnight canadian levitra flashlight is out of juice, there is the spare. Seems like an addendum to the charger, and it would be them sitting in the junk drawer of the kitchen.
re: rechargeable batteries
written by DNLee, February 19, 2009
I use them, but they are a pain. they can't keep a charge. I have 2 sets of AAs, I have to viagra headaches keep a pair on the charge at all times and swap them out almost daily (I use them for my camera). I still buy disposables as a back up when I can't get to a charge. The good news I use disposables ALOT less.
rechargeable batteries don't last foreve
written by John Rowell, February 22, 2009
@DNLee: If they can't keep a charge, then either they're getting old and need to be replaced (rechargeable batteries will outlast a few hundred disposables but they don't last forever), or you're using a cheap charger that's damaging the batteries. The fact is, rechargeable NiMH batteries actually last much longer per charge than alkaline disposables in digital cameras - so even if you only use them once you come out ahead. When you consider that they're rechargeable hundreds of tramadol cheap overnight shipping times and you don't have to keep a drawer full of batteries, it's a no-brainer. Like the author, I too cannot understand why anyone would continue using disposables - probably a lot of people haven't really considered that there is an alternative.
written by Rob Chant, February 24, 2009
It never ceases to amaze me that this is a blog about eco-friendly technology and gadgets, but they almost never think about what they're posting before they post it.

Now, that would still be kind of okay (can't be right *every* time!), but they almost never respond to comments and never update the posts. Shameful!
capacity of rechargable cell
written by amin hassan, October 22, 2012
Could I get comprehensive information about the suitabl battery can be used for energy storage utalizing solar cell
I think that I can use it for Air Conditioning machine for a medium sized room,

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