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JAN 26

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"Great article! Its amazing how many people don't realize that light bu..."

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Not All CFLs Are Created Equal

Although, from an energy consumption perspective, almost any compact fluorescent light (CFL) is better than the incandescent bulb it replaces, some CFLs are better than others. A recent report from the Environmental Working Group has identified a long list of over 1000 models of price of levitra CFL bulbs that fail the 2008 standards.

More than 3,000 light bulbs qualify for the Energy Star logo under current standards,issued in 2003. But 1,100 of these bulbs do order levitra canada not meet the generic viagra overnight deliver western union 2008 Energy Star standards for energy efficiency. The reason: the Department of Energy has postponed the effective date of the 2008 standards to July 1, 2009, giving the bulb industry a 6-month "grace period," to sell a 100 million bulb inventory that has backed up because of the economic slowdown.

On the other hand, the same report also includes a list of their most favorably rated CFL bulbs in a Green Light Guide. Many of the bulbs in the guide have less than 2mg of mercury, versus an average of 4 milligrams for all CFLs.

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written by Mark Kiernan, January 26, 2009
Here in Italy I have found CFLs which range from 5watt to 20watt. I have a standard 11watt at home but plan to downgrade to cheap viagra with fast delivery 5 watt where possible. Most have the A efficiency rating, but I found a 7watt CFL with a B rating, I asked in the store why this was the case, and the guy said it was because it was a bad brand, what ever that means.
written by Ben, January 26, 2009
Why are is this stupid rating system used it makes no sense and indian levitra doesnt allow for comparison, when bulbs are CFL will all rating be A? seeing efficeincy in Lumen/watt or co2/km makes sense
written by metis, January 27, 2009
really, what you want for each lamp is:

CRI number
degrees Kelvin (color temperature)
photometric model (where it throws light)
lumens output
real watts consumed

with that you can have a pretty great idea of rx cialis how a lamp will look, and you can get most of that on specification grade lamps, you just have to know where to look. (hint: it's not on the package in home despot or wally world, but try a mfg website.)
Top ten products for saving energy in al
written by camarco, January 28, 2009
Here you find the best CLF's rated by the European Union (together with WWF World Wildlife Fond)
Also many other areas are documented
Top Ten lists for US
written by camarco, January 28, 2009
I tried to find a similar list for the US, but couldn't find anything.
But I hope most of the products are available in the US as well.
Greetings from Switzerland
Zoinks! Great article
written by Doctor Z, February 06, 2009
Great article! Its amazing how many people don't realize that light bulb awareness can save you a lot of money. I find that many people are most confused on what wattage to use to replace their current incandescent. A great table is below to help with that!

Standard Bulb CFL Bulb
40w = 10w
60w = 13w-15w
75w = 20w
100w = 26w-29w
150w = 38w-42w
250w-300w = 55w


Dr Z

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