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Solar LED Lamp Puts Your Plastic Bottles to Use

A cool, quirky lighting gadget making its debut at CES this year was miniWIZ's Solarbulb. The lamp fully charges with three to four hours of direct sunlight and then provides six hours of LED lighting.

The coolest part is the best choice 50mg viagra retail price that the weather proof lamp then screws into any left over plastic water or soda bottle you have lying around to create a nice diffuse light for your living room or garden. The light can be amplified by adding water to the bottle.

A sensor switches on the light when it detects darkness, so no need to worry about the light being wasted during the day. The lamps will come in an assortment of colors and are expected to cost around $25 each.

Compared to generic cialis paypal many eco-gadgets, this one is relatively cheap and is attractive enough to proudly display in your home and, even better, it's truly useful. This could definitely help you save electricity if you turned off your outdoor flood light and used one of these instead.

via Inhabitat

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written by Kyle, January 16, 2009
I wonder how well it performs when filled with water and used outside during the winter.
Another bottle
written by Phi, January 16, 2009
I'm not sure if this ever been covered but there's also the Solar Powered LED Water Bottle

...currently not in stock
written by Tom, January 16, 2009
Pretty snazzy, and cheap, too! I'm sold.
written by Chris, January 16, 2009
Hey EcoGreek -- read about your blog on posipeople. cool, that there is a **quality** eco blog out there. Thanks!
written by baba, January 22, 2009
the solar bulb is a great product!
but i think that Miniwiz's first product was really good, the HYmini portable charger is a hand held wind and solar charger for almost all of your 5v devices so you'll never run out of power for your portable 5v devices!
solar bulb
written by Nancy, January 29, 2009
great idea, where to buy one?

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