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JAN 12

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"I saw a while back that a German(?) company was developing a vertical ..."

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It’s a Solar Panel AND A Wind Turbine! Hmm…

Menir House began as Architect Andreas Angelidakis’ never-submitted entry for a design competition. The original proposal consisted of viagra online includes consultation a rock-shaped house sitting under an umbrella on the beach. Recently, though he modified the umbrella part – now the house sits under an umbrella-shaped solar installation! But why stop there? The umbrella is shaped like a flower with petals that act as the blades of a windmill, driving a turbine when the winds start to blow.

No matter what the weather, then, the umbrella will be able to viagra price in canada generate power. It's an interesting concept, but there would be some obvious difficulties if anyone tried to actually build it.

Most of said difficulties would arise from the wow look it womans viagra fact that the best materials for building wind turbine blades are not usually the best materials for building solar panels, and vice versa. Solar panels aren’t designed to withstand heavy mechanical strain the way turbine blades are. So you would need to design a new kind of solar panel, which is cialis legal a job and a half in itself. Furthermore, that kind of wind turbine would have to sacrifice a good deal of its efficiency unless it can be made smooth and aerodynamic.

Maybe one day solar and wind technologies will be so ubiquitous that Mr. Angelidakis’ vision can be realized, but until then the albeit pretty picture doesn’t seem to make that much technological sense.

Via Yanko Design

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written by alan, January 12, 2009
i love the idea and i believe it can be done sooner and better, why not? if there are solar (not panels) but flexible/foldable sheets, sure you can paste it in the shape of the alternative viagra for women blades, hi tec, isn't it what we are looking for?
written by Kelli, January 13, 2009
You definately have the proper idea. EcoGeek meet Kelli, Kelli meet EcoGeek
written by Tom, January 13, 2009
Great concept, and I definitely believe it will be possible in the near future, with the advancements in using carbon nanotubes complex.
written by Clinch, January 13, 2009
Nice concept (and kinda looks similar to something from starcraft), but there's the problem that in trying to achieve two goals at the same time, they achieve neither.

And there's the dilemma, do you position for optimal wind, or for optimum sunlight?
solar panel
written by khursheed ahmad, January 13, 2009
i appreciate very much your thinking about solar panel which you are introducing for reduction in energy crises and i also thinking to have such panel in my home thanks
written by kurtm, January 15, 2009
they have the technology, solar thin film.
Vertical axis?
written by Roland, January 15, 2009
I saw a while back that a German(?) company was developing a vertical axis tapered double helix wind generator coated in solar panels... the rotation would cool the panels making them more efficient... then shortly thereafter I couldn't find it anymore... Would be a bummer if they gave up. It also looked really cool.

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