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JAN 06

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"Megan, I just wrote a blog post about high electric rates in New York ..."

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Wind Turbines Will Cut NYC Building's Electricity Bills in Half

An affordable housing project in the South Bronx is looking to wind turbines to make living there even more affordable. Blue Sea Development Company is installing 10, one-kilowatt turbines on the genuine viagra in uk roof of their newest apartment building, which will lead to significant savings in energy costs.

The turbines, from AeroVironment, will power the five-story building's hallways, elevators and common spaces. Best of all, the development company claims the turbines will cut the building's common electricity costs in half, from $18,000 annually to $9,000 annually.

The building's residents will still power their apartments the old-fashioned way, through Con Edison, but the savings in energy costs are allowing the building owners to set the cheap discount levitra rent at below-market prices. A nice incentive for renters in this economy.

This project could go a long way in proving the potential of wind power in an urban setting. So far, wind turbines and cities have seemed mutually exclusive (there are definite drawbacks), but with such a promising return in energy savings, it's time to reconsider the possibilities.

via Treehugger

Image via AeroVironment

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Remember . . .
written by andrew, January 07, 2009
A 1 kw wind turbine is rated at peak operating (app. 28-30 mph wind speed) and in NYC thats a very small window of time over the course of the year. I'm all for using small, urban wind power production but I'll believe the savings when I see it. I wouldn't be surprised if the savings are 50% less than what they have forecasted. $9k of savings from (10) 1kw turbines is a little generous in my opinion. Developers like building mounted turbines because of the p.r.; they're expensive and the buy discount cialis payback period for an installation of this size is pretty long (depending on incentives). But because they are a visible "statement" they see an additional value to using them, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
High Electric Rates in New York State
written by John Tedder, January 07, 2009
Megan, I just wrote a blog post about high electric rates in New York State. I thought you might be interested. I live within a few miles of 3 small hydroelectric sites on overnight viagra brand the Hudson River, Fish Creek, and Battenkill River. I don't know where all this cheap energy is canadian pharmacy going, but I don't get any of it. I hope these wind and water turbines get cheaper to install. I would love to get off the grid. Someday electric prices will come down just like phone call prices. I hope I live to see it!

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