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JAN 01

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7 Cleantech Stories of viagra for daily use 2008 that will Change Everything

It can sometimes be a little unclear (especially first day of a new year) how the previous year changed the world. No one guessed in 1946 that the Magnetron Spencer Percy was developing for use in a RADAR system (and that subsequently melted a candy bar in his pocket) would one day become the microwave oven. But I like to think that we can make some pretty good guesses about which of this year's innovations are going to be with us, and changing our world, for a good long time.

Here's my list of the top ten clean tech innovations of 2008.

Light Antennas
You know how you can capture and produce radio waves with antennas? Well, what if you could built an antenna so small, it could capture and emit light? The first large array of these nano-antennas was produced this year, and the possibilities for them are endless. They may become efficient light sources, efficient solar panels, or simple ways to transfer energy we feel as heat into energy that we don't feel at all, making them a kind of passive climate control system.

President Barack Obama
Maybe not an innovation in the traditional sense, though, I like to think that it took some innovative thinking to wow look it cost of cialis get this man elected president. But President Obama's Administration has already grown to include clean technology advocates and researchers, and carries with it promises of best online generic cialis green collar jobs, carbon markets, and restored protections for many of our imperiled ecosystems.

EEStor Begins to Emerge
The power storage company, EEstor, which we're still not 100% sure isn't full of crap did finally begin to tell us some things about their miraculous-sounding power storage technology. If true, vehicles could have batteries lighter than gas tanks, that could charge in five minutes and would never degrade. These ceramic "electrical energy storage units" have not yet seen the light of day (or independent verification) but they do already have contracts with Lockheed Martin and plans to deliver their first unit to an electric car company shortly.

The Gas Crunch
Hey...remember back when gas was freaking ridiculously expensive? Well, while the market may not (the Ford F-150 is, once again, America's most popular vehicle) the innovations that poured into the market to try and help consumers deal with high gas prices will not go away. Better hybrid systems, more efficient engines, massive investments in biofuels, the re-emergence of diesel in America were all direct implications of skyrocketing gas prices.

Solar at Grid Parity
The cost of delivering electrons to the grid has gone up a little bit in the past year, and the cost of delivering electrons to the grid using solar power has dropped dramatically. The first solar electrons costing roughly the same amount as natural gas electrons were produced this year. There's no reason to think that this trend will end, as natural gas gets more expensive, and solar systems get more efficient. In fact, one company is already promising solar power at the same price as coal!

Project Better Place Expands Wildly
While I'm still not 100% sure that Better Place, with it's many battery swapping stations, cell phone-like payment plans and "one sized battery fits all" platform makes the most sense, they have managed to get a lot of indian viagra governments to bite. California, Hawaii, Australia and Denmark have all signed deals with Agassi's gigantically ambitious electric car program. It could all become extremely passe if EEStor's technology pans out. But otherwise it's one of the few solutions that will work now, instead of waiting for battery technology to catch up with our goals as car drivers.

Pickens Counterbalances Gore with a Real Vision
We've tired of Al Gore. The love affair was great while it lasted, but he's been attacked from too many angles to really latch onto his message anymore. But what about an ultra-conservative, Texas oil man? Now that's the kind of champion clean technology needs! And not only does he provide a different perspective, he provides a clear plan for how he wants to change our energy future. And while it might be a plan that would make him one of the richest people in the world, it's also actually a pretty good plan.

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Thank you EcoGeek
written by Natalie, January 01, 2009
With the the best site levitra gel New Year I have made a point of telling people the importance they have had in my life and good choice buy generic viagra this blog has defiantly been important, so I figured I would let you know the change it has made to me.
I'm a junior in high school and recently everyone is asking me what I plan to study. I always knew I would study science and for a while I planned on studying earth science. I have been reading the EcoGeek blog for a few months and it has really opened my eyes to how many opportunities there are in the green world. Being 16 I know my ideas about the future will change, but right now developing green technology sounds like a fine career.
I just wanted to let you know that you and the other writers for EcoGeek have inspired me to look into this new world. Who knows, maybe in 10 years I will be developing new green technology.
I will continue reading this blog as long as it is written.
Thanks for being awesome,
Very inspiring
written by Clint, January 01, 2009
Way to go Natalie; I look forward to express levitra delivery your help in changing the world.
written by stumper, January 01, 2009
i thought the pickens plan went down with the economic downturn. Someday please clarify
Foundation in inspiring the youth - We h
written by Clint LeRoy, January 01, 2009
I believe more young people will follow then lead this nation to its rejuvenation from oil thirsty to environmental stewardship. We only have this one planet for our life, and the only way to sustain our livelihood is find ways to live with mother nature, not destroy her. Go Natalie.

P.S. I am not the first Clint hat posted...
written by spotbeam29, January 01, 2009
Pickens does everything, both above-board and also slimy, to elect Bush/Cheney. Twice. Then just recently he announces in a grave and alarming tone that the USA has no energy policy.

I've drawn my conclusion about him; you draw yours.
Energy Storage
written by James Jackson, January 01, 2009
Energy storage solutions are big as well.. with solar and brand viagra professional wind power we need something to store them in like ultracapacitors (

I think the Pickens Plan went down when the gas price went down.. it was not as feesible with gas prices at $50 per barrel.
Why not invest in clean tech instead of
written by David G., January 02, 2009
I find it amusing people talk about cleantech or alt energy technology but no one invests in it.

If you want to buy a USA stock that builds wind turbines and makes the most efficient transmission/distribution power lines in the world, look at stock symbol CPTC.

The stock is only .25 a share

That's right. That quarter in your pocket can have you own a company which is doing something about it.

This technology is out there today. EESTOR? Although I'd love magical capacitors to be true, this "technology" keeps getting delayed every year.
written by Bill Good, January 02, 2009
There is an exciting article about fusion. A promising new approach. Dated 1-02-09. A must read.
written by Bill Good, January 02, 2009
I didn't say where Popular Science search fusion.
written by Mike D, January 02, 2009
If I only had the dubloons, David G.
Sure, let Pickens get richer...
written by Wudsteen, January 02, 2009
I'm sure he'll do the right thing once he controls all the the best place where to buy levitra wind, solar and water power because, hey, we're TIRED of Al Gore! Yeah, that makes sense.
You left out Daniel Nocera's H2 reformer
written by Nils Davis, January 05, 2009
Interesting list. I wouldn't have thought to best price for tramadol include EEStor or light antennas at this point - not until the former has proven that it has something real, and the latter has moved a bit farther from the lab.

On the other hand, and definitely in the spirit of some of your other posts, I think that several breakthroughs announced in August/September related to energy storage, but in particular the one from Nocera, belong on your list. Storage is, after cost/KWh, the biggest problem for home-based energy generation.

I mentioned these storage breakthroughs in this blog post:, to refresh your memory :-)
Pickens Plan Seriously Flawed
written by K.Z., January 06, 2009
The Wind Power part of levitra without prescription the Pickens plan is interesting. The Natural Gas part is a scam. Natural Gas is a finite resource and, like oil, in decline. Unlike oil, gas wells give give give and then go dry suddenly. Right now, we import most of our natural gas from Canada, but they may decide they need it for themselves soon, and rethink the NAFTA agreement. Liguid Natural Gas is extremely problematic, being highly explosive and expensive to ship. It also comes from our favorite mideast countries, the ones Pickens allegedly wants to leave behind. PLUS - methane is about 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2. Every time you transfer it from one place to another, you lose a bit into the atmosphere. And Pickens wants to fuel the nations cars with it? That's INSANE. But you're right about one thing. It would make him INSANELY rich.
written by Peggy Greene, January 06, 2009
For the record, I have not forgiven Boone Pickens for being a corporate pirate or for financing the cialis pharmacy swift boaters, but I have joined his army, and we are about a million and a half so far. Our goal is to push a reluctant congress into a national energy plan over the bodies of well-paid lobbists. Pickens himself has said he has tried to influence Washington for years, and while they were polite to a rich man, they did not listen. The man is 84 years old and does not need money.
He claims his estate will go to buy cialis us charity. Who knows, but I would league with the devil himself if it would get this country to lead the world in clean, alternative energies. Natural gas has been posed as a bridging substitute for heavy transport in lieu of foreign oil products. The U.S. non-foreign supply is thought to be 100 years at the max, but it could be a bridge for the heavy cars and trucks out there that we cannot afford to discard.
Again for the record, no one alternative can solve our energy needs. Wind is good, but it does not always blow. Solar is good, but here on Earth, we have shadows and the best place viagra fast delivery darkness. Geo-thermal is good, but it has limitations too. The water and friction possibilities are dazzling, but this all takes time, a government policy, and a national consciousness. (We live in the 51st state, the State of Denial.)
I urge everyone to start by joining our army at Please, we need you, and the more skeptical you are, the better our efforts will be. We need both vision and hard-headed logic. Come join us.
Pickin' on Pickens
written by K.Z., January 06, 2009
Pickens does have a lot of money, so why does he need more? For that matter, why did Dick Cheney or GWB? It's hard to get into the psyche of a successful oil man.
The one alternative left out of the previous post was Ethanol. The much-maligned Ethanol. The American Petroleum Institute has got everyone thinking that it has to be made from corn, palm, or sugar cane. That it's a choice between eating or fueling the car. No one mentions that it could be made from purifying cattails lining the roadsides. Or about 30 other feedstocks that are far better than corn. Why doesn't Pickens advocate it? Because to be most successful, it would have to we choice cheapest viagra in uk be decentralized, and would leave big business and even bigger businessmen completely out of it. Americans could truly take back their future. Did you know that there are about 6 million Flexible Fuel vehicles, that can run on either alcohol or gas, in the U.S. right now? The car companies made them to satisfy terms of where to order cialis online the C.A.F.E., but didn't tell the public, so the people driving them don't realize what they've got. Did you know that many cars can run on 85% alcohol right now, with no adjustment to the vehicle's timing? Of course you didn't. Because like their forerunner John D. Rockefeller, who pushed through a constitutional amendment prohibiting alcohol to get cars off the farmer-made juice and onto gasoline, they want you to stay hooked.
Sign onto the REAL revolution.
written by Dave, January 07, 2009
Albi-Wan has served us well.Boone has gumption.
written by Ubiquitous, January 14, 2009
There is some wild non-sense in this thread. Natural Gas is a great option for fleets IMHO, our trucking companies, utility companies and government heavier vehicles have and can run on this stuff. Natural Gas is not as great as electric cars from renewable energy, but we are not there yet (the recent Auto Show case in point).


The enviornment seems to be a secondary concern, I believe Pickens is a climate change skeptic. Natural Gas can work to end the dependence on foreign oil, keep our money here (to be taxed and viagra now online used for our debt/renewable energy projects), and get our military out of the middle east once and for all. I prefer that to continuing to debate while we ship more money every year in oil than the iraq war is costing.

Also, Canada is plenty happy taking our money for Gas and Oil and Im ok sending it to them, more so than anywhere else because frankly they are a democracy, friend and ally and I enjoy going there.
The real solution missing from this POST
written by Ubiquitous, January 14, 2009

This is the only proven way to decrease oil demand on the scale that we need. When oil hit the find cialis no prescription required high $3/gallon we saw an absolute transformation in American habits. Over a billion less miles are being driven as a result (this is likely changing with the collapse of oil prices, which will likely remain low).

Significant incentives on the demand side are necassary to curtail our oil habit and stop emissions. This sadly will not happen with gutless politicians that are so sensitive to short sighted citizens that will vote them out for high gas prices. (Party makes litte difference here) Though I give Obama credit for avoiding lame solutions to the gas prices problems.

Taxing oil and cialis tadalafil 100mg gas and putting that money in the treasury and sending it back as Payroll taxes for the struggling, paying off debt and investing in new infrastructure for the energy needs of tomorrow should be the number 1 "Cleantech solution", especially if Obama can make the list.
written by Tomas S., January 21, 2009
I didn't see fuel cells &/or hydrogen. There are solutions but I am afraid that money will hide or delay the best ones because the right persons or companies cannot get rich off the solution. I don't trust human greed, it's put us where we are now. We need organization that will keep track of the good ideas and follow them every month or so so WE know where projects are or if we are just being B.S.'ed about a solution.

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