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DEC 24

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"Kudos for the folks in Hawaii, yet I'm wondering why they are doing wh..."

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Hawaii Gets Greener By Making Its Grid Smarter

If you had to make a list of US states leading the green tech revolution, who would be on the list? Probably West Coast states like California and 40 mg levitra Oregon. Maybe Texas, with its burgeoning wind industry. Maybe even Massachusetts, which is becoming a center for developing battery technology. But no matter who you put on your list, don’t leave out Hawaii.

Hawaii has been doing a heck of a lot. They’ve been testing out new ocean-powered energy projects, they banned new coal plants and committed to being 70% renewable by 2030, and they have been promoting biomass power generation. Not to mention the fact that our president-elect – a native Hawaiian – is putting together a pretty green energy team.

Hawaii’s latest green project is smart meters. It’s pretty much a given that smart metering – the ability for the electric utility to know how much electricity is being used at all places at all times – is something that a next-generation electric grid needs to have. The way it is order prescription viagra now, sometimes utilities don’t even know if, say, a power line is down until the non generic cialis online customer calls them up and tells them so… which is pathetic. Utilities should be able to viagra no prescription online india see how their power lines are doing at all times.

Hawaii’s biggest power utility, Hawaii Electric, will be purchasing meters from Sensus Metering Systems for about 430,000 customers. Hawaii Electric has been doing trial runs with meters made by Sensus over the last couple years, and it seems that they like what they have been seeing. The customers mentioned above include people who will be installing these meters in their homes as well as businesses and power generating plants.

But does having a smart meter in your house mean that Big Brother can turn down your AC if he thinks you’re using too much? Not for residential customers. Those meters are only there to give the utility a live reading of link for you cialis online 50mg how much power you are using. For big commercial customers, however, these meters will indeed be used by the utility to cut consumption during times of peak demand (presumably under conditions agreed upon between the consumer and the utility beforehand). The meters will also be installed in power plants, so that the utility can turn up and down the buy levitra online no prescription power as needed.

Although there are plenty of reasons for installing smart meters for their own sake, let’s not forget that Hawaii has been working with Better Place to design an electric car infrastructure. A critical part of Better Place’s model is that its many charging stations will be controlled by a computer which decides which cars to charge first. Building that network will be much easier if Hawaii’s grid is already smarter than average.

Via Earth2Tech

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cheers to Hawaii
written by Busby SEO Test Gary Viray, December 25, 2008
Despite limited resources, it is amazing what the Hawaii government does for its people and to preserve its natural resources.
Wait, there's more!
written by Luke, December 25, 2008
They also have a fair bit of residential wind-power -- the trade winds blow so steadily that there's a "windward" and "leeward" side of the islands with different climates.

They also have been starting to visit our site take cialis use seawater to cool the big downtown buildings. Those of us who live on the mainland have to use conventional means to make chilled water for our buildings and datacenters -- but Hawaiians can pump cold water from a few hundred feet below the beach. Cool! :-)

I think there are good reasons that they're ahead of cialis online store us. Getting fuel (and manufactured goods) shipped in from around the world is freaking expensive, so I think there's a good reason they're ahead of us.
the end of grow opps
written by Cherub, December 26, 2008
I can see another benefit to smart meters, Hemp grow houses will not be able to operate if there is a smart meter because if they bypass it as they do with the current meters the viagra side effects power company will know that something is not kosher.
written by Dr.R.D.B. Laime, March 19, 2009
Kudos for the folks in Hawaii, yet I'm wondering why they are doing what Brazil is doing, producing sugar ethanol(as efficient as petrol). Maybe I'm missing the information. I have noticed that the U.of Hawaii has been looking into Jathropa plants(which one cruches the seeds to produce biodiesel--which has been used in test by Air New Zealand and Mercedes-Benz).

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