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DEC 09

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"Coal Glassification. Hittler invented it. It turns coal into Natur..."

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This Revolutionary Clean Coal Facility Doesn't Exist

A new ad being run by a coalition of environmental groups is levitra for cheap pointing out the dirty truth of clean doesn't exist.

The coal industry's exciting advertisements (see below) that claim that we've made coal into a clean source of power have gone unquestioned (except by folks like me) until now. The coal industry ad below actually showed a 3D rendering of a zero-emissions coal plant that had already been scrapped because of skyrocketing costs. Frankly, it's about time we called them out.

Of course, it's sparked off a gigantic controversy in which the coal industry is pretending like somehow they're the underdog, going up against these megalithic environmental groups. Who do you think has more money, organizations funded out of charity, or companies funded by creating half of the electricity in America. Hmmmm.

A representative of the coal industry started swinging blindly at the ad, attempting to hit every base in the aresenal agains the environment. In this article at the Charleston Daily Mail, he says that these insane liberals are just looking down their noses at the south, points out that they all ride in private jets all the time anyway, wonders whether we want America powered by Saudi oil, blames environmentalists for the drug viagra deterioration of the economy, calls global warming a myth, and then caps it all off by saying that he's not at all upset about it, "Would we be upset if Osama Bin Laden was critical of us?"

Good lord!

The truest thing he says is that we're criticizing them without providing any alternatives. And, frankly, there aren't any alternatives today that can eliminate our dependence on coal. But that doesn't change the fact that the coal industry is calling itself clean while all of their proposed technologies are farther from reality than renewables like solar or wind.

There are several gigawatts of solar and buy levitra online no prescription wind online throughout the cialis overnight world. There are zero gigawatts of clean coal online. It's not clean...and while I support any efforts to make it clean, whether it's using the carbon to create useful materials, burying it underground, or using algae to turn it into biofuel, they're going to have to actually demonstrate the technology before they start pretending like coal is clean.

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coal will fight
written by jrm, December 09, 2008
make no mistake, the coal and power industry will fight reform tooth and nail. if people want clean power, they better marshall their forces in congress, because big dirty business will fight carbon taxes very very hard
Use your power as a customer
written by esod, December 09, 2008
I'm not quite sure about the American powermarket, but in the EU we can switch to carbon neutral very easily.
That is to say, by neglecting all the problems of storage, power reserves for high demand and the like. Every single watt I use is generated in Norway, by a water power facility. That of course does not mean, that what I get delivered is not the same mixture of nuclear, coal and renewable energy that everyone else gets, but I am adding to the percentage of clean power in the mix.
Like adding a clean rivulet to a mostly dirty lake...
Power companies don't like that. They're aggressively marketing their power-generation as environmentally friendly. Only thing I can do i use it levitra in australia for sale is tell people how easy it is to make a difference...
There ARE alternatives today to Coal
written by Mitchell Sink, December 09, 2008
The truest thing he says is that we're criticizing them without providing any alternatives. And, frankly, there aren't any alternatives today that can eliminate our dependence on coal.

Excuse me but that is incorrect. Wind or Solar Thermal could do it. Wind and Solar Thermal would be better.

There was recently a study that distributed over an area 30% of the wind energy could be used for baseline power. So to get all of our electricity from wind we need to build about 3x the capacity compared to our baseline needs. 3x is very expensive compared to coal but its not expensive at all compared to making coal as clean as possible.

A pretty small area (about 10% Of the Nevada deserts) could affordably supply all of our needs 24 hours per day (heat is cheap to store). The only time this starts to get expensive is during cloudy periods of more than 24 hours. Cloudy periods are exactly when wind energy is very good so the orignal viagra online uk combination would work pretty well.

If we started rolling wind and solar thermal out very aggressively their prices would drop considerably. Of course we should also continue to develop Geothermal, Wave and Tide energies.

The issue isn't that the technology doesn't exist. Its the wisdom and cheap tramadol overnight delivery will to use it.

Best Wishes,


written by Barry, December 10, 2008
Wind and solar alone will never meet the growing global energy demand. And there is technology called that can process coal, petcoke, biomass and any other combustible without releasing NOx and SOx into the atmosphere. It's called gasification.

Plus, with gasification CO2 can easily be captured with existing technologies.

The problem is recommended site viagrabest viagra not that the technology doesn't exist. The problem is America's lack of tramadol dosage for dogs willingness to open up their minds, give up their pet causes and get serious about real change. Change that will only come about by a balanced approach including new alternatives (clean coal, etc...) and traditional alternatives (wind, solar, etc...)
written by alan, December 10, 2008
yes the tech is there but as long as the law lacks the ability to tackle down polluters and benefit clean energy industry in all areas, from consumers to investors it will be very difficult to CHANGE, and that is what this adds are about.
too dogmatic
written by Jay Tee, December 10, 2008
Remain open to the coal industry slowly cleaning up- which can be done, either by force or the advent of new technology or both.
The demonization of the coal industry is beginning to become dogma at this point... which doesn't help matters at all.
SOFC, gasification, etc., those technologies are real, but not ready for prime time. Sorry to dissappoint, but we can't get it done by tomorrow.
written by Piers Headley, December 10, 2008
Thing is that the best way of sequestering carbon is the way nature has been doing it for millions of years (it's what made the planet habitable) in the form of oil, coal and
Anyone working on the sparkler aspect?!
written by Mr. Lee, December 10, 2008
how can coal be clean? Look, you can filter and sequester all you want, its not going to change this:

basic facts.
Coal is the past AND the future
written by Habitoid, December 11, 2008
Coal can be used to make energy, food, dyes, medicine, plastics and much much more.

The hatred for coal is ideology driven and bears no relationship to the current state of the art.

Coal is the future of natural female viagra mankind. Without coal we won't exist. We should all thank GOD that he invented coal for us to viagra sales in canada use.
written by Brian, December 19, 2008
I was glad to see the new ad shooting holes in the phony claims of the coal industry. They may get a clean coal plant figured out and levitra best buy built someday, but as of now there's no such thing. People should be aware of that, in light of the aggressive propaganda the coal industry has put forward.

And in a minor correction, the coal rep said liberals look down their noses at West Virgina, not at the South in general. I doubt if the South has much coal outside of WV.
Clean Coal Power
written by PeterSon_12k, December 24, 2008
Some opponents said:"Clean Coal" is a dirty truth.Nothing like Clean Coal.Clean coal technology (CCT) has entered policy parlance as an umbrella term for all the various strands of research and development to improve the buying levitra environmental performance of cheap viagra sales in england coal-fired plants.
Clean Coal
written by John, February 24, 2009
Coal Glassification. Hittler invented it. It turns coal into Natural Gas. Natural Gas is a whole lot cleaner. Oh Yeah the coal isn't burned so it doesn't release so many toxins

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