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NOV 26

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"Of course large wind farms are going to (most likely negatively) chang..."

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Could Wind Farms Change the Weather?

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland posed the united pharmacy cialis following question: what would happen if we were to literally blanket huge swaths of land in wind farms? Could we change the weather? The short answer is yes, if you build an absurdly huge wind farm stretching from Texas to Canada and from the Great Lakes to the Rockies. Doing so would lower wind speeds by 5-6 mph downwind.

Granted, that is a pretty preposterous scenario. Ultra-large wind farms, though, are not outside the realm of possibility, specifically in wind-heavy parts of it's great! beta blockers and cialis Texas and the Midwest. Although these kinds of wind farms would not be as powerful as the one in the aforementioned study, they might be able to on line pharmacy cause small local disturbances that would ripple in other directions. Some believe it might even be able to affect things like storm patterns.

Obviously, controlling the wow look it brand viagra weather is pretty low on the list of reasons to develop wind power, even if there was some kind of proof. Sounds like a good dissertation topic for a meteorology grad student, though.

Via Discovery News

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written by Jay Tee, November 26, 2008
Could Liberals really be such worry warts?
written by Becky, November 26, 2008
Jay, do you really think it's over the top to be concerned about the impact new technology might have on the planet that we live on? Given the results of implementing new technology without asking that question over the last 60 years or so, I think it's pretty legit to think about this sort of thing. But hey maybe trying to consider the big picture makes me a worry wart. If it does, then I guess that's what we "liberals" are.
written by Mr. Lee, November 26, 2008
Actually, it doesn't seem much more than say a huge forest would do. Actually, less.

It is the shortsightedness of folks like Jay Tee which got us into this mess.
written by Bram, November 28, 2008
@Mr Lee: While a forest does lower the genuine levitra online wind speed, it does have other effects on the weather as well. Large numbers of cheap generic cialis india trees obviously have an effect on buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets moisture levels and the soil.

It's something worth considering in any case, same goes for dams, water wheels and large solar installations, among others.
This should be of major concern
written by Gabolic, November 28, 2008
I have been worried about this for quite some time. It is obvious that wind farms will modify the weather, first locally and then globally as these things are deployed in greater and greater numbers.

In English culture countries, the ancient common law will have to be modified to try it levitra online cope with these devices. An elaborate system of compensation is discount viagra prescription drug required to compensate downwind people for the energy removed from their wind by upwind installations. Basically, what we have is theft of wind.
written by Green Mite, November 29, 2008
How can someone steal someone else's wind? That is patently absurd.
written by Rob, November 30, 2008
I guess we better get to work on those pesky Rocky Mountains before they upset the weather. . . .
written by yessir, November 30, 2008
You think it's crazy for human development changing weather patterns? Anyone remember the Dust Bowl?
written by Kyle White, December 02, 2008
There's way more surface area of walls (from buildings and such) than there are wind turbine fins. Walls do it's cool 100mg levitra a way better job of stopping wind as well. I would actually love to see where they came up with the "5-6mph" difference myself, especially due to the impossibility of having a 'solid' wall structure in this scenario. Assuming thats 30% of the wind speed, I don't think we would even have the visit our site viagra samples materials on earth to create that much surface area of blockage.

I would be more worried about Birds, myself.
written by gibs, December 17, 2008
in all sense of wow it's great cheap 25mg levitra the situation even if it did affect wind speeds down-wind of the massive wind farm, the others are right so do major cities, mountains, etc. Cities have such large effects on the weather that is rarely noticed by the average person and find cialis online when they do they jsut brush it off. In the midwest where cities are not on the coast, outerbelts surround the whole city. like in columbus I270 is all around the city, what happens is that a bubble of heat generate by the city and more or less trapped in by the outerbelt, diverts storm systems around the city, while strengthening them as they hit the suburbs out side of the the outerbelt. such a strange but easily predictable phenomenon that no one seems to notice or think is that big of a deal. The massive wind farm would have no where near that kind of effect on weather, there isn't that massive amount of heat genreated, what may occur is with the slowing of the wind as it hits the turbines, and the energy is transfered, storms may stall out or lose speed, and thus strength as they encounter a wind farm. now does that sound so bad, many other things cause storms to stall out, now i'm sure there are some form of effects from such stalling or weakening of there storms, as there are consequences for everything, but could they be as bad as something like a major city and all the heat created by that?
Negative effects of wind farms
written by bobo, March 26, 2009
Of course large wind farms are going to (most likely negatively) change wind patterns, along with bird migratory patterns, evaporation effects, plant pollination, to mention the cialis overnite obvious. Wind isn't out there just waiting to have it's kinetic energy removed, it actually has purpose. (your city/building comparisons are kind've lame)

Same with solar power. Wake up lemmings, turn off Al Gore and start thinking for yourselves.

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