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Killing Two Birds with Several Ground-Up Tim Allen Movies

zoomRealizing that PC cases are no longer going to be made with brominated flame retardants (BFRs,) which prevent fires but cause birth defects, Sony has been looking for some new solutions.  They found their savior in the hundreds of thousands of viagra canadian pharmacies horrible DVDs they, and other movies studios, produce every year. 
They've created a new kind of plastic by mixing ground-up DVDs (85%) with styrene elastomer (as non-toxic as styrofoam), and an inorganic filler.  The resulting plastic is buy discount cialis online actual more fire-proof, way less toxic, and signficantly cheaper than BFRs. 

Congratulations Sony, and thanks for continuing to make horrible Tim Allen movies!
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good job
written by bandung, July 23, 2007
good job Sony..

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