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NOV 03

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"yeah, we all know that the oil sands are totally brutal for the enviro..."

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Alberta Oil Sands Called “Mordor”

One of buy levitra cheap Canada's most prominent environmentalists toured the oil sands in northern Alberta recently and had one word to express what she saw: Mordor. Maude Barlow, who was recently appointed to advise the UN on water issues, said her visit to the oil sands reminded her of Tolkien's fictional blackened and barren wasteland.

The oil sands deposits in Alberta are second only to getting levitra Saudi Arabia’s reserves, but the toll of extracting the molasses-like viscous oil - across an area larger than the state of Florida - has been heavy.

“The air is buy generic viagra foul, the water is being drained and poisoned,” said Barlow, who chairs the Council of Canadians. The Council wants a moratorium on any new oilsands development until more environmental assessments are done. However, a spokesman for one of the oil companies said that from the air, the sprawling plants don't give an accurate picture of the reclamation efforts made on the ground.

Either way, it seems that the slowing economy is slowing down these projects as well. Last Friday Royal Dutch Shell announced its that its new 100,000-barrel-per-day facility would be delayed.

Via the good online place to buy viagra Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, and Canadian Press

Image via Greenpeace

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written by Lloyd Alter, November 03, 2008
Elizabeth Kolbert first described "the wild growth of this industry that has turned an area the size of Florida into a close approximation of Mordor" in the New Yorker a year ago.
written by Peter, November 03, 2008
It is not as if the land was being used productively before the oil extraction commenced. The land is nowhere near settlements or cities so there is hardly any impact on humans. Does it matter if a few million mosquitoes have to find a new home? I don't think so.
Context Matters
written by g, November 04, 2008
An area the size of Florida is a drop in the bucket in Canada. I know it's hard for Americans to fathom, but the majority of the nation is uninhabitable. Not North Dakota uninhabitable, but frozen swamp uninhabitable. Quebec has put an equal amount of land underwater to run its hydro dams.

This Canadian is levitra best price fine with it.
Less oil, more sustainable
written by Kate, November 04, 2008
I see the points about how the land is not used by humans, and it is sad that in order for their to be oil production, there has to be abuse on the environment.

All I can say is that I almost hope gas prices go up again so that the lean towards more efficient vehicles and better public transportation continues so that we have less of an impact on the environment.

Thank you for the great post!
Not Fine With It
written by AC, November 04, 2008
An area the size of Florida being turned into Mordor does not only affect a few mosquitoes like a couple posters would have us believe.

It has already effected animal populations, first nation’s people and the canadian pharmacy online entire Athabasca river system.

Massive reservoirs of toxic water, leftover from separating the oil from the sand, are contained by dykes built out of tramadol for cats tar sand. These unstable dykes sit right on the edge of the Athabasca River and are only one natural disaster away from breaking and causing a colossal environmental disaster. In fact, despite no major breaks in the dykes chemicals have already been shown to buy cialis online without a prescription be leaching into the river system.

Noise makers are setup around these massive tailing ponds to scare birds away as anything that lands on the toxic sludge will die. In a recent well documented incident 500 ducks were killed when the flock landed on one of the many ponds. Weather had prevented the deployment of noise makers so the birds died. This incident was only revealed because of a brave whistleblower risked their job to let people know, so there have no-doubt been many other incidents given the enormous scale of these open toxic waste pits.

This Canadian is not fine with it.
this Canadian is NOT fine with it either
written by Lisa, November 04, 2008
AC- I totally agree. To assume that an area the size of Florida in ANY province of Canada would not have an affect on the rest of the province's ecological habitat is naive. I have also seen the ordering viagra many documented reports of viagra 100mg pills aboriginal people's living in northern parts of the province who are suffering from various environmental and cialis low price toxic deseases.
for how much Albertans and BC'ers go on about their beautiful western provinces- the oil sands are a HUGE black spot and slowly but surely tarnishing their "precious" wildlife and ecology. too bad Alberta voted for a conservative and non-eco friendly government.
Bleeding heart greenies
written by Mike, November 04, 2008
The heart bleeders sure are out in force over their beloved toxic wilderness.

The Good Lord put the oil in the sands for man's own use. He didn't put it there for the caribou, birds and other lesser forms of life. It is man's God given right to extract that energy and make use of it.

Through oil extraction royalties, the government is able to construct schools, hospitals and best viagra price churches which benefit all.

When will the reactionary greenies stop their selfish whingeing?
hmmm religion?
written by Lisa, November 05, 2008
LOL- God's given right????
as sooon as religion and religious overtones are brought to this discussion we've moved from scientific discussion to theocratic debate- not one that has a place in our DEMOCRATIC country.

hahahaha. god given right.....
written by Andy Eppink, November 05, 2008
Haha. This is funny, the crazy whacked out ecolibs crawling out of the woodwork, not that reasonable and necessary environmental care isn't necessary in developments of this kind. I used to think the crazed left was more endemic to Canada than to the US but now I wonder.
written by Ralph, November 05, 2008
My cat's breath smells like cat food...
written by Green in an open pit, November 05, 2008
This issue should really be looked at in the context of time. These projects are ongoing and have not reached the reclamation stage yet. Of course it's going to look like a barren landscape it's a big freakin’ hole in the ground! Even the most eco-friendly building project will look like something out of a war zone before it's finished.

The plan is to reclaim the areas with native plant species after the cialis prescription canada extraction process is the best choice levitra 20 mg completed. There have been consultations with the local band members on how this is to be accomplished and these consultations have drawn from the extensive knowledge of these indigenous people as to what vegetation species should be replanted so that the land will have the best possible chance of returning to the state it was in before they started.

The large toxic ponds… well there’s your legitimate concern. These have a huge potential for an environmental disaster if they are not dealt with properly.

The plan is to reclaim the areas with native plant species after the extraction process is completed. There have have been consultations with the local band members on how this is to be accomplished and these consultations have drawn from the extensive knowledge of these indigenous people as to what vegetation species should be replanted so as to ensure the best return to levitra for sale online what the land like was before they started.

written by Green in an open pit, November 05, 2008
Whoops left that last paragraph in there by accident.
ok, well
written by frick and frick, November 14, 2008
yeah, we all know that the oil sands are totally brutal for the environment. Also, the government subsidies that pour into them is in the billions of dollars and would appall Canadians if they knew what kind of destruction their tax dollars were paying for, all for the trickle down advantage for the economy of Alberta.

But seriously can we stop comparing shit to Mordor already? It's getting old...

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