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New Jersey's Giant Offshore Farm

Following in the footsteps of Delaware, New Jersey is planning a 350 megawatt offshore wind farm a couple of miles off the coast. It's an exciting project for two reasons. First, because the next day tramadol billion dollar project is buy levitra online levitra going far enough offshore that wind speeds will be fairly constant and not visible to beach-goers. And second because, despite being built in 100m deep water, the project is still economically viable.

This is a big deal for offshore wind. Once you can build in water more than a mile and a half offshore, a lot of order cialis online no prescription new options get put on the table.

In the North East U.S. there has been a huge amount of opposition to wind farms that are easy to see. So simply moving the turbines so far offshore that they can't be seen makes the farms much easier to permit. But it's also simply because there's a lot more sea bottom out there, with much more constant wind flow out there than there is closer to canadian health care pharmacy order viagra shore.

So while this wind project, slated to be completed in 2013, is a big's a bigger deal that it will likely usher in hundreds more wind projects just like it. And as soon as floating turbines (which can be anchored in water almost a half-mile deep) will put that number in the thousands.

Via NYTimes City Room

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written by Steve N. Lee, October 07, 2008
That's excellent news. If it can be done in one area, it can be replicated all over the place - depth permitting.

I was in California a few months ago and I was most impressed with the viagra rrp australia cost number of wind farms there. Controversially, I didn't find them an eyesore! In fact, I thought they had a kind of charm to them - vast swathes of towers sweeping over hilltops, blades gently turning in the wind. Yes, I was really impressed. That said, the countryside wasn't especially pretty where they were sited. I wouldn't really have liked to see a farm in the middle of Yosemite!

While the Queen of England has just bought the pfizer viagra canada biggest wind turbine in the world, I wouldn't really want to look at it every day from my lounge window if I'd bought a house with a seaview. So, out at sea, beyond human vision is an excellent solution to the problem.

Of course it won't be a solution everywhere - architecture of buy taladafil viagra the ocean floor or depth won't allow that. But then we don't need it everywhere if we adopt solar, hydro and geothermal as well.

This is a great project which I hope spawns many others.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
Not "aesthetically pleasing"?
written by Francis, October 07, 2008
My friend once had a vegtable garden, but she was forced to visit web site cialis pills remove it when her neighborhood commitee desided it was not "aesthetically pleasing". they're saying a well-kept garden is ugly? I might also mention the garden was not in the front yard, but the side yard.
It reminded me of how everyone seems to have decided wind farms will never work because they are supposedly "not pretty". Yet it's perfectly alright to have a coal factory next to a neighborhood..we have several in central Virginia alone, one next to a natural with a really beautiful lake, that unfortunatly seems to be full of waste from the lake.
Personally I think wind farms are much more "aesthetic pleasing" than coal factories, don't you agree?
give us a wave...
written by neil, October 07, 2008
Wouldn't it be perfect to stick some underwater propellers in there at the same time and collect that power too? Seems rather obvious...
Wind Sea Sun Temperature
written by Marcos Carot Collins, October 08, 2008
With the size of wind turbines, additionally to the wave to electricity generator, you may cover the surface with solar cells and use the temperature diferential from the bottom to buy viagra in canada the top of the turbine for even more power...
Sounds like a plan
written by Julia, October 08, 2008
i do agree that it would be a fantastic idea to slap some solar panels and get cialis online an underwater propeller on those things. I mean you get alot of sun out in the middle of the ocean and underwater currents are strong...that would get alot of energy i bet.
written by jake3988, October 08, 2008
Hydroelectric power is one of the best place levitra on line the most constant and cleanest forms of energy but is typically done via 5mg viagra a dam which causes havoc with migrating fish.

I wonder if instead they could take a wind-turbine concept and move it underwater. That'd be interesting.

Since Ocean currents (especially when it's very windy) are INCREDIBLY powerful... you could harness some serious energy out of it.
engineer (electrical)
written by ahmad mourtada, October 10, 2008
i like buy wind turbine

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