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Cisco Makes Telecommuting Better with Virtual Office

Allowing employees to telecommute is definitely one option companies have to help green themselves up, and employees love it. However, setting up your employees at home can be a logistical pain. Cisco has launched its Virtual Office to help out with this issue.

The package is like a work-at-home kit – it includes Cisco’s 881w Series Internet Services Router, an IP phone for each employee, and back-end equipment for headquarters. Cisco is wise to jump on this issue since employees right and buy viagra on line left are asking to switch to buying viagra uk telecommuting, at least part time, in order to cut down on gas expenses. There was a 12% increase since last year in the number of US companies offering a telecommuting program. With a package like Cisco’s, companies can feel more comfortable with allowing employees to work from home since security measures are in place with the set-up.

The package is about $700 per employee (an amount averaged out over 200-300 users), an investment amount that is recouped through decreasing the amount of leased office space, saved energy, plus the we like it viagra pfizer 50 mg check mark companies gain for “green” programs.

Via Earth2Tech; photo via frosworld

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Cast down your shackles!
written by erichansa, September 11, 2008
if only my job allowed me this luxury
Virtual Office?
written by Jo, September 12, 2008
Hey whats the difference between a virtual office and real office? Does that mean I own the virtual office too? Is there space allocated?
written by Yonlendirme, December 26, 2008
Thanks for good info..

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