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"Perhaps I have simply misunderstood, but if the lighting changes are a..."

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Intelligent Lighting

Use the phrase intelligent design and cialis online no prescription there is often a sinister intent. But as an eco-geek, I’m a big fan of all the cialis discounts smart designers out there around the globe who are coming up with intelligent ways to use technology to price viagra reduce strain on the environment.

One neat idea is the Stimuli 3.0 Intelligent Lighting by designer Chris Natt, a graduate of Brunel University in the UK. The project took three years to complete and this is buy viagra professional the result. The lighting system reacts to the environment around it. For example, at dusk, illumination gradually increases as natural light recedes. At the heart of viagra cheap the system is a three axis gear box which enables subtle alteration of lighting through changing the canada viagra prescription shape of the device.

The design was based on an earlier model that Nat had done using a gear box designed to allow the chosen shape to enlarge and decrease size on three different axis, providing six different directions, all 90 degrees from each other. Natt will be exhibiting the Intelligent Lighting at the Papadakis showroom in Shepherds Market during the London Design Festival which runs September 13-23.

Via Yanko Design, Chris Natt

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Intelligent Design
written by AJ, September 09, 2008
I'm offended by your comment that the use of the phrase "intelligent design" often has a sinister intent. Come on, Peg, those ecogeeks of us who like the environment AND believe in intelligent design really do NOT have alterior, "sinister" motives. >:(
Eco How?
written by Oraxia, September 09, 2008
Perhaps I have simply misunderstood, but if the lighting changes are all handled through the buy levitra online pharmacy changing shape of the object, doesn't that mean the same amount of light is being put out inside the object, which means it isn't using less energy? You don't save really energy by putting your bulbs in shaded boxes to dim them... so what am I missing?

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