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SEP 08

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"personaly i thought the we choice buy cialis 50 mg spiral wind terbines created for city roof top..."

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Five Weird-Ass Wind Turbines

We're starting to get used to wind turbines...not just the idea of getting a significant portion of our energy from the breeze, but also to their form on the horizon. But while the traditional tri-blade has its advantages, there are those who would see it replaced.

Though we've entered the realm of rapid growth, the innovation phase is far from over, so here are a few of the more radical designs for wind-capturing devices out there. The huge, the odd, and the buy cialis tablet ingenious.

The MagTurbine is the largest concept for a wind turbine that has ever come across our editorial desk. By using permanent magnets to eliminate all friction, the MagTurbine can theoretically be as huge as it needs to visit web site cialis from canadian pharmacy be. In fact, the optimal size, apparently, has a base of cialis cheap buy roughly 100 acres. Yes, it's a wind turbine the size of a small town...but it could conceivably produce enough power (1 GW) to light a medium-sized city.

Significantly less huge, but still huge (and a lot more feasible) is the Grimshaw Aerogenerator. Aside from needing someone with a degree in fluid dynamics to figure out how exactly this gigantic TV antenna is supposed to capture wind power, it's pretty exciting. The idea is to keep the number of installations down by creating larger turbines. This design by Grimshaw Architecture might be rated as high as 9 megawatts, about two times the power output of today's largest turbines.

Getting smaller, but staying just as weird, we have the Flo-Design, shrouded turbine. Resembling a jet engine, Flo-Design says that their turbine creates far less turbulence than traditional turbines, can capture significantly more of the wind, be spaced closer together in wind farms, and can be deconstructed to fit on one truck. The biggest disadvantage is that no one has ever seen a working prototype outside of this awesome 3D animation.

We've seen our fair share of building-integrated wind turbines, but this one takes the cake. By filling in a space between each level with a scoop that will capture the viagra 20mg for sale wind, the designers of where to buy levitra this rotating tower (currently under construction in Dubai) say that the tower will actually be able to power itself. EcoGeek remains skeptical about the claims, but it's certainly one of the weirdest turbines I've yet seen.

Last on the list for today is the Magenn Blimp Turbine. We've seen our fair share of tether based kite turbines, and while Magenn's blimp might not be the weirdest, it's certainly the closest to actual implementation, with a test blimp currently in operation and plans to start gathering power from a blimp farm next year. Each blimp is lighter than air and conducts the generated electricity to the ground via an electrical cable that also tether's the blimp to the ground. They flight at between 90 m and 200 m, allowing them to get at higher winds without the need for all that excess steel and carbon fiber.

To be honest, when we were going through our archives, I was stunned at how many weird-ass wind turbines I found, so I think this is likely going to be just the first part of a two, possibly three part series. So if you want to see some more weird ass wind turbines, keep your eyes on EcoGeek or sign up for our RSS feed.

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Chief Engineer
written by Geoff Goeggel, September 08, 2008
Hi Hank,

Good turbine round-up. Dozens more here:

I'm developing the HeliWind. Your comments highly valued!

written by Brian, September 08, 2008
If there are any future additions to cialis shipped canada this article, could you please drop the "ass" from the title? It adds nothing meaningful to "weird" and I have a young ecogeek in my house. Kids read too. Thanks. :(
written by LOL, September 08, 2008
Amen to Brian
written by Robert Pritchett, September 08, 2008
I second the emotion expressed by Brian. And yes we do have a lot of different wind turbine technologies at PESWiki. More coming all the time too. Keep up the good work EcoGeek!
written by Jiffy Lube, September 08, 2008
Dude those are cool looking turbines. Bottom line is if it works.....

written by Rainy, September 08, 2008
Please, Brian...I'm tired of people like you and your kids ruining my internet, television watching, radio listening etc.
If your kids can't handle a little ass, be a parent and supervise them. Don't leave it up to the rest of the community.
written by Travis Pulley, September 08, 2008
This one-assed wind turbine is of no use to me.

@brian - back in my day I learned what "ass" meant after my dad yelled at me. I had to go ask a few people before one was willing to tell me what it meant. If only I had the internet, I could have been confused into thinking it had something to do with wind turbines.
written by Ass, September 09, 2008
Yeah, uh, it's not the where can i purchase viagra online author's job to parent your kids. And I'm sure the word "ass" isn't going to cause irreversible damage anyway.
nice one
written by verycool..., September 09, 2008
i read about this kind of viagra overnight delivery thing under a goss132 blog a while back. (goss132) the ev manufacturer of course. says people could technically use personal wind turbines to charge up their EV's. awesome! i would say thats what most people are looking for in an energy budget! rock on goss132.
written by Lo, September 09, 2008
That's completely ridiculous...
Is your kid going to be traumatized from seeing the word "ass"? What makes you think everyone else should conform to your idea of what is appropriate or not "offensive"?
written by Ken Roberts, September 09, 2008
Lay off of Brian. He made a very reasonable request for a useless word to be removed. Does it change anything if the word 'ass' disappears from the title? Of course not. It is just a filler word, and Hank can find a better one with a few seconds and a little help from a thesaurus.
wor usage
written by Jim, September 10, 2008
Brian, good of you to step up for your family. I agree with Ken that the author is smart enough to use more intelligent metaphores in the article than the one chosen. Good thoughts in the article and thanks to the author for sharing the new technology with others.
Rainy, he and levitra to buy he kids ruined what for you? "your internet"? Since you own it why did you give Brian and his children access????
Brian asked, he did not force anything on you. And he is an involved parent, thats why he brought it to the attention of others here that this is a family pursuit in his household (very commendable).
written by lara, September 11, 2008
As far as intelligence is concerned, "weird-ass" is not a metaphor in this case, it's an adjective. It gives the order propica description of "weird" added emotional impact, and I think it works. As far as kids are concerned, the internet is the last bastion of free speech for grown-ups, so please don't turn it into Candyland because you are too afraid they might learn a gauche term. It's just a word. Web authors shouldn't have to nerf their writing styles so that parents can be lazy. This is not a toy, it's a communication medium.

Nice turbines, by the way.
written by Jake, September 11, 2008
Fun article. If you do the series could you do one on turbines that actually work? But then perhaps they wouldn't qualify as 'weird'. --- Never mind.
weird winds
written by Dave, September 11, 2008
IMHO, what the world needs is an attactive economical low-wind-speed-effective wind turbine that can be mounted on residential roofs. Maybe not much power each, but if everyone could have one... If someone is already offering such a thing that's what I would most like to hear about.
written by Brian, September 11, 2008
I was merely asking for a little editorial restraint to keep this site as kid-friendly as possible. It's nothing more extreme or sinister than that.

Back to the main subject, I look at the sheer number of wind turbine designs out there and wonder how the three-blade design came to be so dominant. Looking at them from the front, they appear to get levitra online have very little blade surface to catch the wind, especially compared to some others. It seems logical to me that a design incorporating far more surface area at the blades would be more efficient.
The Maglev Turbine
written by Juan, September 11, 2008
There is something wrong with the cialis professional 20 mg Maglev Turbine's inventor, his word does not conform the the same physical laws the rest of us live in (and when you point this out to him he flys into a rage telling you that you don't know what you are talking about). Last time i checked the Betz Limit was still a reality and frictionless things did not exist.
written by Gregory, September 11, 2008
I really would be worried if there were weird ass-turbines....... one hypen can make a world of difference
written by Gregory, September 11, 2008
not to mention my typos ;D
written by greenspeechie, September 11, 2008
Along the same lines as Gregory's comment, I feel obliged to link to tramadol c o d this:

My mind went to it instantly.

Lovely article, by the way.
Roof mounted VAWT
written by shaggy, September 12, 2008
Here is the only one that I know of that is available right now

The chosen title shows the ignorance of the author.
Journalistic Excelence
written by ShawanoDad, September 12, 2008
I'm going to side with Brian for an additional reason. While this site is excellent in research, the presentation could be a bit more polished. The internet is starting to receive the recognition it deserves as a valid news source, but if the "rules" of journalistic excellence aren't followed, it will not be taken seriously. And while it is true my students have said much worse to me in class, I had a parent call me because I told her kids to "shut up." So, take the reporting up notch and you will be rewarded with more visitors.

Now, back to the focus... how about a report on wind turbines currently available? Preferably something that would install on my garage and not make the neighbors complain. (I don't happen to have 100 acres to plant magnets in ;-)
written by Bill, September 13, 2008
love all the conversation on the authors title,,, I personally am more interested in the wind turbines and there cost effectiveness, all this waisted on one word, Gee mama, maybe you should explain the world is real out there and some things might bite, get a grip censers, this is on technology not censoring the editor to death.
Dad had what looked like a miniature windmill, on the roof of our barn, a supply of glass cased, lead cored battery's connected to a generator connected to the miniature windmill, this was before REA got electricity to our farm, but it worked and generic viagra canada was built before the 50's possibly much further back, and it worked, may not hurt to look at some of that old technology used by the farmers, and update it. they made many things work out of we have to. and Please remember, don't bitch at the farmer with a full belly. his pocket book has been very empty for many decade's now as he fed the world.
weird-buttocks comments
written by JDamon, September 16, 2008
Just had to chime in. Great article, great site. As you can see I used my word that means the same book on my comment title to save poor chil-ren's soft minds or heads, it's all the same.

Just a couple of buy cialis generic requests though. First off can you find the levitra online sales most loudest, audible offensive wind turbine. I have a neighbor that really deserves such an invention.

Secondly, if it wouldn't change your articles too much. I don't mind the word ass so much (although arse really annoys me) but if you could please not use the letter "A" as it really offends me. Vowels are horrible and rhyme with bowels which no one wants to hear from and "a" is the worst as it is a part of sooo many dirty words. So if you please, refrain from utilizing this irrespectable charcter.

My kool-aid induced satirical thanks,
Avid reader
Taleweaver's Ramblings
written by Carolyn, September 21, 2008
I have never found comments more entertaining than the original article in question! Thanks to Hank for writing the article. Thanks to Avid Reader for the entertainment.
Although if we refrain from using the letter "a", you would become Vid Reder.
Keep the a word
written by LCinLA, September 22, 2008
The "a" word was the buy levitra without a prescription only reason I wanted to read this article. Sorry.
Another idea
written by AB, October 20, 2008
Great concepts! Please check out another idea that I'll be launching in the next month or so:
It's got a fabric blade structure and comes in a wide range of colors, including a transparent version. There are lots of ways to get power from the wind, so it's great to see all the innovation!
Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine
written by dan, May 01, 2009
weird-ass wind terbines
written by vampzero, December 08, 2009
personaly i thought the spiral wind terbines created for city roof tops should have been on here, though in saying it was very affective and kinda pretty

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