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"eBay, in general, is a fairly good green shopping option. The idea of..."

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eBay Launches Green Shopping Site

There’s no shortage of feel good websites where you can buy stuff that is eco-friendly, or stuff that isn’t but you buy it in an eco-friendly way. From to, from to, you’ve got some options.

eBay wants to get in on this kind of action, of course, so they’ve launched, which sells products that keep the earth in mind…at least, mostly. Basically, with people growing conscious of buy canadian viagra online the order usa viagra online need to be green, but not wanting to let go of consumerist ways, the “green” shopping industry is buy ultram online worth about $206 billion a year. eBay wants some.

"We have an opportunity to drive large-scale consumer demand by helping consumers make more informed choices about the products they buy, and doing so in a market that's historically been inefficient," said Robert Chatwani, eBay's general manager of the project.

So with, you’re getting a whole lot more info about where the products are from, what’s in them, how they’re made, their impact on the environment, and so on, so you can make a highly informed purchasing decision. The prices are fixed, rather than auctioned, and the roughly 20,000 listing to start off the site are from over 70 countries.

For now, only US folks have access, but they’re expanding to Europe and generic cialis india then worldwide as it takes off. One of the best shopping decisions we can make is to not buy something, or if we do, to buy it locally. With even big box stores providing greener items, going at least a little more local is getting a bit easier to do. But when those aren’t options, could be a pretty rockin’ resource.

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0 helping to "green" sport
written by Scott James, September 08, 2008
Drilling down to see what (and who) is really behind the products we buy everyday is one of the primary reasons we started Fair Trade Sports, one of the vendors you'll find on the new marketplace. And encouraging consumers to inexpensive viagra make highly informed buying decisions is the reason our primary site is a blog.

We price our mid-tier sports balls for soccer, football, basketball, and more to be equivalent *or less expensive* that what you would find as an equivalent quality product anywhere else. And these sports balls are certified green and Fair Trade, to boot!


- Scott James
Fair Trade Sports
Eco-Certified Fair Trade soccer balls and more!
eBay as green
written by Tom, May 06, 2009
eBay, in general, is a fairly good green shopping option. The idea of buying used goods is certainly eco-friednly as it keep alot of things being used as opposed to ending up in a landfill.

When buying on eBay it is best prices for viagra important to consider how far the itm needs to be shipped. It make alot more sense to buy locally than to have something shipped from the other side of the world.

Tom Eggers
Eco Friendly Sites
Directory of green businesses and websites

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