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Siemens EcoPhones a Big Maybe

Feast your eyes on these cool phones. But that’s as close as you’ll be getting to Siemen’s eco-taunting of how green a cell phone can be.

Siemens, the German engineering giant, commissioned design firms to come up with the ultimate in green phones. Formwelt and levitra with no prescription Hans-Henning Brabänder dreamed big and envisioned something bold and green.

The Leaf is made of raw recyclable materials of eco-plastic and liquid wood and plant-based fiber. The invisible OLED display is embedded in the translucent casing which gives the phone a futuristic look.

The Solar is the high-end phone and uses solar cells harnessing sunlight as a natural energy source. The phone has detachable materials like metal, plastic and eco-glass. The neatest component of the levitra 20mg solar is viagra price in canada its eco-index, a touch pad that breaks down how environmentally-friendly the phone is, from its 92% recyclability to its organic LED.

There’s no word if Siemens will ever actually make these phones.

Via Treehugger, Yanko Design, MobileWhack

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written by Clinch, September 04, 2008
I don't see the concept of a solar power phone being very economical, seeing as people usually store their phone in a pocket, or somewhere else that is shaded from the sun.
I'd rather have the solar panel separate from the phone, so it can be placed to constantly be in a sunny spot.

Siemens, the German engineering giant

A giant from Germany, called Siemens who is an engineer?
Already eoc friendly phones available
written by Eddy De Clercq, September 05, 2008

As mentioned in this blog, I bought last year a Siemens ECO DECT phone. The main advantage is that it - in contrary to classic DECT - the base station transmits almost no signals when the handset is plugged and the emission is reduced according to buying levitra in canada distance between handset and canada in levitra base station. The side effect of viagra pfizer canada this efficient signal emission is that 60% less energy will be used.


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