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GE Partners with Eka for Smart-ware

It’s always good to hear about smart meter startups gaining ground. Eka is just such a start up, and it has landed a deal with GE Energy to integrate GE meters with Eka’s wireless smart meter system.

GE recognizes that smart meters and smart grid systems are coming and might as well get ahead of the curve by providing desired equipment and software. To that end, GE is pairing up its I-210+ meter family with the EkaNet Smart Network Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution.

The system provides the ability to network utilities, including electric, water and gas with smart grid devices so customers can monitor usage and utility companies can figure out more intelligent structures for pricing and access to resources. So we’re that much closer to we recommend levitra online us an ubiquitous smart grid.

Via Earth2Tech

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Smart power take-over by means of a mete
written by Niels Schoorlemmer, September 04, 2008
In the Netherlands the government is trying to implement these "smart meters" by obligation. While these meters bring more information (power) to the energy providers. There's a huge debate going on because of privacy issues. If one can monitor power usage one can also monitor if someone is at home or not.
Another problem is that these "smart" meters use more energy 24 hours a day than a traditional meter (not ecofriendly) and do not allow for feed-in from decentralized power sources (which the "stupid" traditional ferrarismeters do by simply counting down). Another problem is that the utility company can cut off power from a distance and create fuzzy delivery contracts with different tariffs. This will probably end up like the jungle in mobile telephone subscriptions: One can choose almost everything, but one cannot compare anything.

No "Smart-ass" meter in my home. Power to the People
Partnering is sale levitra a smart strategy
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