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"This is a good innovation. It is also good to use this in portable toi..."

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Toilet Seat Saves World: Makes Poo Smell Good

Did I really just get an email about an green-tech toilet seat? Hmmm... I think I either need to quit this job or make fun of this thing really quickly. Oh...which shall I choose.

I bet you didn't know that there was such a thing as a "luxurious toilet seat" but Brondell makes them. And now, with a built-in Bidet and i use it levitra femele warm-air dryer, Brondell is hoping the whole world will stop with all that messy paper, and use their patented Three Seashells...wait, nevermind.

In general, anything that goes from not having a plug (your toilet seat) to having a plug (your toilet seat with a built-in air, water and seat heater) doesn't fit into the green technology category. Nor does anything that the the best place canada cialis no prescription average person will absolutely refuse to use or not be able to buy levitra generic afford (like a $500 toilet seat.)

I couldn't find a price on Brondell's EcoSeat, but their other luxury models range up to more than $900. One of them, apparently provides a "more comfortable bathroom experience" by fragging nasty odors with an M-16 loaded with citrus, eucalyptus or rain-forest scented bullets. I don't know...I'm just making stuff up now.

But if you want to go to their site, it's at

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written by Anonymous, September 02, 2008
These have been around in Japan for 20 years, where they're called "Washlets."

I agree with you that it's a farce to call these things "eco-friendly." I own one, however, and I can say they're worth every penny from the standpoint of 'user experience'. ;)
Surprisingly Green...
written by Scott, September 02, 2008
Google just alerted me of viagra cheapest price your great post:)

I am the CEO of Brondell. We are trying our best to shed light on the true environmental impact of making, moving, using, and disposing (sewage processing) of 100 million rolls of TP a day. In fact, a environmental agency just did an Lifecycle Inventory Study (LCI) on our new Swash Ecoseat (no electricity needed) and determined the net impact of the toilet paper reduction is in excess of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

So, to the previous comment, these products can be very green...
written by Karina, September 08, 2008
The washington post had an article about how energy intensive the fancy japanese toilets (with seat warmers/etc., much like the EcoSeat) are - I posted about it at Tiny Choices:
thats weird
written by corey pearsall, October 17, 2008
haha its funny how tha seat warms up lol n like that other comment sead they have been in japan 4 20 years lol ;D
written by Portable toilets, May 13, 2009
This is a good innovation. It is also good to use this in portable toilets.

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