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AUG 29

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"This is interesting. An interesting idea made all the only here canada pharmacy more interesting..."

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Google’s Deep Pockets Extends to levitra injectable California Wind Company

The inside talks between Google and tramadol pets no prescription Makani Power must hold a lot of details, because Makani’s website doesn’t say much of anything at all about the wind power product that Google has just committed $5 million to – on top of a full $10 million they gave to the company in October of 2006.

Makani claims to have a kite-based wind technology that can create energy cheaper than coal, and says their system creates as much as 10 times more energy than conventional turbines. Makani, however, is keeping its cards close to its chest, and neither Makani nor Google are giving away the goods.

It’s tough to weasel $15M out of a company like Google without a relevant product, though it has been two years since they received their previous investment, so we’re eager to find out more soon.

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written by Steve N. Lee, August 29, 2008
This is interesting. An interesting idea made all the more interesting by a massive company like Google fisting up $15 million!

I was in California recently and was amazed at the commitment to alternative energy there - I'd never seen so many wind turbines as there were dotted about on those Californian hills. In fact, I'm planning on levitra one a day writing a blog post about it as I was so impressed.

There are so many ideas out there and, with the right product and right connections, so much money to be invested in them. It's a pity that it's taking so long to fully develop these technologies and have them play a significant part in our power demands.

Let's hope that changes soon!
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'

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