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AUG 12

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"Not knowing much about the geography of this area, my question is, how..."

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Colorado Creating US’s First Fossil Fuel-Free Community

The latest trend in the green movement – other than EVs – seems to be greenhousing communities. Considering everyone needs a place to live, this is a perfect focus for injecting green technology into daily living. Arvada, Colorado is all over this concept, going farther than solar roofing, or LEED certification goals. They’re setting up a community that will completely eliminate the i recommend buy cheap cialis online use of fossil fuels.

Called Geos, the 25-acre area will have 250 homes from smaller 850 square feet to mansion-sized 3,500+ square feet placed in four neighborhoods. While that’s a whole lot of houses, they’ll be keeping a whopping 40% of the area as green space.

Using active and passive solar energy for daytime heating and electricity, the homes will be placed and constructed to maximize sun exposure, with rooftops housing PV panels. Excess power is stored in the grid. For un-sunny days, winter heating, and summer cooling, geothermal energy will be used.

Each home will be hooked up to a very cool energy monitoring system (not sure what model…) so the homeowner can keep an eye, and leash, on energy consumption.

The community is breaking ground this fall, and homes will be flying up – the first will be available during Spring of 2009. My only question now is how green they’ll be in terms of building process and materials...hopefully, very.

Via Inhabitat

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Energy present vs. consumption
written by The Food Monster, August 13, 2008
How can they make sure that the community doesn't need more energy than can be provided. Are they going to be on the grid as well, and only be fossil fuel free. I would like to see a community run completely on we use it viagra for sale solar, geo, and wind power.
@The Food Monster
written by Andrew, August 13, 2008
I know that Excel Energy (the local bastards who send me an energy bill) has a program where you can purchase your energy off the grid from wind. I'm sure that anyone who would be willing to put out the extra money for a super green home in a super green community will have enough left over to pay the try it levitra 100 20% or whatever wind-surcharge that will be levied against their account. That said, the HOA/builder can't control whether or not you will be paying that fee, so it's going to be a per house hold thing.
Mansion sized?
written by Brian, August 13, 2008
That sounds pretty interesting, but 3,500 sq. ft. is mansion sized? Since when? Where I live at least, that is cialis side effects just slightly over average - and much, much smaller than what I'd consider a 'mansion' - 5,500 or more...
written by Jim McDish, August 13, 2008
Nice, I think its time to move to Colorado!

Mansion Sized?
written by Jess, August 13, 2008
Brian - How does it feel being better than everyone else? Tell us, please!
Colorado city like Dongtan
written by WillG, August 13, 2008
I wonder if they are following the lead of China and Dongtan? That is a city being built just outside of cheap tramadol 2 day shipping Shanghai with green roofs, no hydrocarbon vehicles, and all sorts of sustainable energy/recycling projects. It is really cool. I read an article about it called "A New Green City for China" at http://cleanerairforcities.blo...china.html China needs this city because all of their others one are so polluted they are barely livable.
written by boohoo, August 13, 2008
My only question now is how green they’ll be in terms of building process and materials

It shouldn't be a question at all. Builders have to walk a steady tightrope between construction/design costs and what people are willing/capable of paying. I haven't checked, but if they are including LEED certification in the construction costs then your issue of concern will be addressed in some way. However, if it is not addressed I still wouldn't worry about it, unless you have the work experience with green building methods you really have no place making the comment in the first place (I say this because LEED doesn’t cover everything, so you wouldn't have any way to we choice buy cheap generic levitra dispute if the builder used a GREEN process for construction, unless of course you actually did such a process on an actual project).
Elec Eng
written by Peter, August 13, 2008
"Excess power is stored in the grid."

Please tell me where this is occurring, as I certainly don't see any storage being developed on xcel's grid. They must mean that they will sell the excess back to xcel at the time of production, offsetting natural gas, and purchase power at night from the look here levitra sale coal plants.

Move to CO? Better not.
written by Skyjumper, August 13, 2008
@Jim McDish:

Your comment is sure to enrage every CO native who happens to read it. Newcomers aren't welcome... and it's for the same reason that CO is environmentally conscious: There's not much environment to go around, and it's getting harder to enjoy with the increasing amount of people. I70W already becomes a parking lot every saturday morning... Best to canadian drugs levitra keep out and not raise the ire of the locals.
Wind Source is cheap
written by JoeBieg, August 13, 2008

When I lived in Colorado and signed up for Wind Source it was a bit more expensive than regular. After a year or so the cost of coal had gone up but the sun was still shining and the wind still blowing. Wind Source was actually the cheaper alternative and there was a big rush of people trying to sign up for it.

At that point, Excel did not have enough wind farms to satisfy the how to get viagra fast demand and many people were turned away.
But what about transport?
written by Val, August 13, 2008
Not knowing much about the geography of this area, my question is, how will the residents get to shops, school and work?

Is Geos a suburb or an new settlement? Is it on existing public transport routes? Is cycling to be encouraged? Or will residents be car-dependant? In which case, calling it a fossil fuel free community is a nonsense.
Already completed: 14 years ago...
written by Jonah Reynolds, August 13, 2008
already done: The Greater World Earthship Community:
green power
written by Jihad, August 14, 2008
Stop supporting the utilities and support carbon balanced companies like
They are based in Colorado with a national following and reach.
written by Jan, August 18, 2008
The option to pay extra for wind power on your electric bill, ? , that confuses me, they are still accessing as much wind power as possible, whether or not I pay extra for it.
written by Jack, August 18, 2008
check out the UAE project,, a city for up to 90,000 that is carbon free. Excess solar generation is "traded" to the grid for night supply. No cars within the city (very quiet), a personal rapid transit system delivers you from your car parked on the outskirts to your destination. Demand reduction is the key feature to allow for all the solar power (no available biomass or wind). Cooling and generic viagra without prescription dehumidification are the only significant thermal demands. The concept of the city is based on Silicon Valley except for clean tech so when the oil runs out there is levitra and women a new business model.
written by amy, August 24, 2008
WHile building a green community is wonderful & more are needed- we cannot just scrap the homes wehave & start over again without wasting more resources. I live in a 45 year old home.... and I am older than it is. I would like to see ideas here for taking what we have & in an economical way, making it a better, less wasteful place to live.
written by Troy, August 26, 2008

You're absolutely right that the major challenge facing sustainable development is to figure out how to bring the existing built environment up to new clean-energy standards. The technology exists to build new energy efficient buildings that use clean energy (of course, for now, it costs more), but what about the vast majority of homes/buildings that were built before the eco-consciousness that has swept this industry? I think that as technologies develop and become more economical, this issue will be addresses. I commend the next green company that takes on the challenge of the clean and sustainable renovation of what is levitra professional existing structures.
But what about transport?
written by wow gold, September 04, 2008
Not knowing much about the geography of this area, my question is, how will the residents get to shops, school and work?

Is Geos a suburb or an new settlement? Is it on existing public transport routes? Is cycling to be encouraged? Or will residents be car-dependant? In which case, calling it a fossil fuel free community is a nonsense.

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