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AUG 11

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"PLA is the number 1 commercially manufactured bioplastic. The products..."

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Biodegradable USB Key Made of Corn

The hunt for a new USB key is still on for me, so I’ve been keeping a look out for green possibilities. There is a new very interesting option. Hoshino has released a “world’s first” with their new USB key made from corn.

Corn is fermented down into polylactide (PLA) that can be biodegraded safely...but that does have to the best choice viagra online switzerland be done at a specialized facility with heat, which is not so earth friendly. You can’t just toss it in the trash and female viagra australia think no harm done, like we assume is click now online levitra prescriptions true when things are labeled “biodegradable.” Also, we have to point out that when practically everything is starting to have corn in it, do we really want to base something on it? Perhaps using recycled plastic would be a greener way to go.

And finally, just in case you wonder about the source of levitra non prescription the material, the USB is made to look like an ear of corn. Super dorkey. Oh, and it’s not available to the public yet… So my half-hearted hunt is still on for now.

Via engadget, EverythingUSB

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USB stuff
written by Laura Jean Karr, August 11, 2008
Have you looked into the Earth Drive?
I wonder how much memory our mind can ho
written by Jason, August 11, 2008
I wonder if there ever will be any 'organic' forms of memory storage in our lifetime? Something akin to plugging in 'a brain' into an USB port... assuming those brains are biodegradable and require less energy/carbon emissions to produce than its equivalent plastic/metal counterpart - that is. ;D
Biodegradable - so what?
written by Kit Strange, August 12, 2008
Bioplastics are all well and good in some circs - eg closed loop applications. But if they get landfilled what is the benefit of having something degrade anaerobically creating methane, a potent GHG.Better then to have non-bio surely? What happens if bioplastics contaminated fossil-based polymer recycling chains? You get a sub-standard recyclate with lower value and less applications. I think we need to be careful finding just the right purposes for bio-polymers. Catering equipment for festivals would be one.
Why not wood?
written by Gounthar, August 12, 2008
Wood is biodegradable too: ;D
PLA isn't "biodegradable"
written by Mike, August 12, 2008
PLA isn't really "biodegradable", that would imply that it requires some sort of living creatures (e.g. bacteria)to break down. In fact PLA is a hydrolytic polymer, meaning that it is broken down by water. Heat and acid increase the speed of the reaction, but aren't necessary. The reaction produces lactic acid, a fairly benign chemical. PLA is commonly used in biomedical implants.
written by Ali Syme, August 12, 2008
PLA is the number 1 commercially manufactured bioplastic. The products will compost and biodegrade depending on the concentration of PLA in the product - which can often be 50%. It of course needs oxygen to compost - which might not be the case in landfill.

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