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AUG 06

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"No dice reading more on that staple-less stapler. Now I'll have to Goo..."

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EcoGeek’s Guide to Going Back to School with Style

It’s getting to that time of year when schools are starting back up and everyone is heading out to stock up on necessities. EcoGeek has a few items that can go on cheapest viagra uk your green tech shopping list:

It’s important to look here levitra overnight delivery have the viagra buy now right computer equipment on your desk from day one. Thankfully, there are a lot of green options to choose from, especially since Dell came out with their new green PC. You can choose a color that suits your style, or go classy with the bamboo cover. That would, after all, match a new bamboo-covered external hard drive for a back-up database, which you’ll want since computers are notorious for crashing in the middle of term papers.

If you like something cute, rather than sleek, you can hold off and wait for the tiny 10.5 oz PC CherryPal to come out. Compliment either selection with a green-running monitor like the zero-watt monitor from Fujitsu Siemens.

If you’re not a PC person and prefer your Mac Book, you can go green by charging it via solar power with an Apple Juicz or a Powergorilla.

Should you need a green router, you can pick up a new router from D-Link that saves significantly on energy use. And to finish off your set-up, grab Google’s mouse made of recycled materials, and wow your classmates with the world’s first green USB drive.

Now on to classroom items. If you’re hunting for school uniforms, you can head over to HippyShopper for organic attire, and GreenEyedFrog has the skinny on earth-friendly pens, pencils and cases - not all that geeky, but basic necessities nonetheless. Also, you’ll need a stapler for all those papers you’re handing in, but you can lighten your load by going with a staple-less stapler and save the earth the link for you buy viagra online canadian phamacy resources that go into staple-making.

Carrying text books is a drag, so when you can, load them up on an e-reader. You can go stylish with the Sony Reader or go for easy downloading with the Kindle. We’re still waiting on the Papyrus, so no PMing your teacher or asking classmates for hints yet. Sigh.

To make sure you wake up for class on time, try out a water-powered clock. Pack everything up in your solar backpack so you can charge your gadgets on look here levitra 50 mg tablets the run, and you’re good to go.

Have fun, learn lots!

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written by begreen, August 07, 2008
be green. buy more junk!
written by D, August 08, 2008
I second that...
written by Jacob, August 09, 2008
At the above two, although re-using is better for the environment, if we dont support green companies in their infancy then by the time you need to upgrade you'll only have the same old polluting products to choose from
Ahhh! Broken link.
written by Cheez, August 10, 2008
No dice reading more on that staple-less stapler. Now I'll have to Google for it myself; woe is me!
Ahhh! Broken link.
written by Cheez, August 10, 2008
No dice reading more on that staple-less stapler. Now I'll have to Google for it myself; what a bummer.

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