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AUG 29

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"E-Ink is the freakin\' future......."

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Phillips New Rollable Display in Action

readiusSo far, all we've seen of the Readius is some static shots that, for all we knew, were CG.  But the video below finally shows the Readius in action. 

Cool things about the i recommend cialis tablets sale Readius:  Extremely high resolution, low-power, E-Ink display; has a display that is actually bigger than the device; wants to levitra soft tabs be the iPod for print. 

Not so cool things:  It won't be around 'till 2007, the display is black and viagra generic on line white, the refresh rate of E-Ink is still a miserably slow 1-2 seconds.  Nevertheless, I want one. 

The Readius' five inch display is bigger than anything a device this size has ever seen, but it's smaller than Sony's Reader, a paperback-book-sized device that was supposed to go on sale at Borders book stores months ago, but has been repeatedly delayed by unknown factors.


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written by a guest, August 29, 2006
E-Ink is the freakin' future....

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