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AUG 04

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"Your point about further savings due to private uk viagra prescription eliminating engine maintenance..."

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AMP Road Testing Saturn Sky All Electric Prototype


Back in June we talked about Ohio-based start-up Advanced Mechanical Products (AMP) developing and price levitra taking orders for Saturn Sky Roadsters converted to run on all-electric power. They’d said they’d have a prototype ready in a month. Well, new video shows road testing of the prototype, proving they’ve hit their deadline and are on canadian pharmacy online schedule.


AMP plans on this car being priced for a well-off-but-not-ultra-rich budget, so a converted car runs about $50,000. If you already own a Saturn Sky, budget $25,000 for your conversion – but this after-sale services is only for those living in the Greater Cincinnati area. While it still sounds pricy, AMP says the conversion will cost around $0.04 per mile to run, which is pretty darn cheap.


They hope to get a 150 mile-per-charge range, and a lot of get-up-and-go with ability to hit 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds and a top speed of canadian healthcare pharmacy 90 mph. All this with lithium phosphate batteries running two brushless DC motors. Check out the canadian pharmacy for tramadol video for a peek under the hood.


Via AutoblogGreen, Advanced Mechanical Products

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Battery Cost?
written by Carl Hage, August 04, 2008
The $.04/mile presumably doesn't count battery replacement. The Li-Cobalt (laptop-style) batteries in a Tesla have a quoted life of 500 cycles, however new Li-Phosphate batteries supposedly last 4000 cycles. The AMP warranty is only 3 years/36,000 mi - way less than the 10 year/100K-mi required in California for hybrids.

If you include battery cost, a Tesla is not cheaper than gas (for most cars)-- per mile, it's (currently) >$.25/mi for batteries. Tesla also needed a >200 mile range to get 50KW of power. The extended life of the new Li-Phosphate/Titanate batteries hopefully means the cost/mile will go down, even if battery cells oost the same.
Nerdfighter quickie calculations:
written by Dexter_egr, August 04, 2008
Just out of curiosity, I did a rudimentary calculation on how long you would have to only here generic pack cialis drive this car before the fuel savings would offset the higher up-front investment.

1) Extra investment - $25,000 (cause you were going to pay 25,000 for the 100 mg viagra vehicle already, gas or electric aside, right?) ;D
2) Cost per mile, gasoline - $0.16.667 per mile (based on my current vehicle's economy of 24 miles/ per gallon and gasoline at $4 per gallon)
3) 12,000 miles driven per year (typical average used by auto insurance companies)
4) Straight numerical calculation, no consideration of monetary inflation, changing gasoline price, battery life-cycle, maintenance, etc.

1) Cost of (gasoline) fuel to drive for a single year - $2,000
2) Cost of (electric) fuel to drive for a single year - $480
3) Number of years necessary for annual fuel savings to offset $25,000 investment - 16.45 (!)

Conclusion: not good, finacially speaking. That said, it's still an improvement in technology and a worthwhile achievement for the industry. Certainly volume of production will bring the price down in the future, and overall technology will continue to improve. Those with the financial means and the desire to do so can avail themselves of the current technology, just for the warm fuzzies; but real people like you and me are still on the sidelines. We'll get our turn someday.
Maintenance Costs
written by Mike O'Brien, August 04, 2008
Although I agree with the fact that you'd have to drive this thing for a while to make back your money, you totally forgot engine maintenance costs that don't effect an electric motor.

If its a single geared electric motor, you don't have to pay for transmission fluid, air filters, engine coolant, oil changes (or if you do, I guarantee they'll be few and online cialis prescriptions far between). There are a lot less parts underneath the hood which can lead to rx viagra a lot less in maintenance costs.

Probably worth the money to some people just so they don't have to take their car in as often...
Re: Maintenance Cost
written by Dexter_egr, August 04, 2008
Your point about further savings due to eliminating engine maintenance is well taken. However, I will point out that this consideration was was not forgotten, but rather intentionally omitted from the cheap levitra pills (extremely over-simplified) calculation, as stated previously under assumption #4.

For the purpose of discussion, I think it's more than fair to assume that any decrease in annual maintence cost for the ICE would be offset by the cost of battery replacement for the EV.

Let's also not forget that regardless of what type of fuel it uses (electricity, petroleum, or hydrogen), a machine is still a machine. It will still break down and it will still need maintenance of some sort.

Not trying to be a killjoy, just keeping my feet on the ground. :)

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