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JUL 15

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Yes...Intel Did Really Steal Our Logo

After talking to a bunch of people, we have confirmed that the above image is indeed from Intel PR and that we can go back to our old assumptions that, yes, indeed, they stole our logo.

Some stealthy ecogeeks have discovered that this isn't the only instance of the theft either. Below you can see a much prettier photoshop job that makes things even clearer.

I mean, we're flattered. But we're also upset. If they would like to co-brand their products with our much-beloved (and trademarked) logo, I'm sure we could work out a deal ;-).

If anyone knows the value of a logo it's Intel. Enterprising EcoGeeks have also done a little work with the Intel logo in my favor. But to keep my hands clean (since Intel did sue the "Jesus Inside" people, I'm not going to post it here.) See Msaleem's twitter stream if you're interested.

If anyone at Intel can explain this, or let me know where to go from here, that would be fantastic. For now, I'm just going to call a friend of mine who's an IP lawyer. Not because I want to sue, but because I have no idea what to do.

Yay for Environmental Technology!

Update: Nathan Kirsch from LegitReviews informed me that the slides were made public by Intel and given with full consent to publish on the web. All those slides were made public by Intel and given with full consent to publish on his site. They were part of a presentation they gave on Monday at the Centrino launch in San Francisco.

Update 2: Intel just emailed me. It was suspiciously lacking in offers to tour their campus and interview their CEO.

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written by Clinch, July 15, 2008
They haven't even made any effort to disguise their thievery, it's got the buds in the exact same position, and the same outer grey crescent.

And I believe (although know nothing about law) that your logo is covered by intellectual property rights, so yes, by using it, they are breaking the law, (and as they are using for something that will make a profit, they can't claim the 'fair use' thing).

If no one else comments on what you should do, I think you should contact a large news corporation about it (but then if you get money for it, buy something green for your town with some of it [e.g. solar panels for the cialis discount old folks home], so you don't just look like someone who's after the money, but want to help the environment and community as well.)

written by Sassmo, July 15, 2008
You know, I'd say that's a pretty egregious rip-off of your logo, but then again, some people might say your logo isn't all too much different from the xbox360 power button. In any case, I think Intel should definitely be doing something to work with your or compensate you or something.
written by John, July 15, 2008
If your symbol is indeed trademarked, then I suggest you protect it. Trademarks can be lost if they're not protected when used in the same marketplace. See asprin, thermos, escalator... perhaps even the smiley face, and more recently the red-cross logo.
just a gal...
written by Copeland aka, July 15, 2008
As someone who has had people try to bully me out of MY identity... I *empathize* and send you a virtual "hi five" of support.

Go GET 'em.
written by Minathenerdfighter, July 15, 2008
That is kind of down right mean and dirty. You definatly should contact them!

Best Wishes!
written by Kelli, July 15, 2008
Do you have a copyright? If not, I'm afraid the logo might be fair game...still, you should contact them and express your concerns about them using the logo. Or at least make them link to your site from theirs... ;-)
I'll have someone look into this
written by Josh Bancroft, July 15, 2008
Oh, wow. That looks bad.

I work for Intel, in the software developer community (I have nothing to do with branding, promotions, or anything related to this). Des Peroz pointed this out to me, and I'm going to start asking around internally, to see if I can figure out what really happened to you. Most likely, it was a mistake/accident, rather than something malicious, but either way, I hope it gets straightened out.

Feel free to contact me at joshua.bancroft AT intel DOT com, and I'll try to find the right people to talk to about this (I'm already asking around).
written by unityofeffect, July 15, 2008
Just want to show some support. I hope it all works out. It is clearly your logo. I thought I might know someone who knew someone at Intel but I asked her and she said no. smilies/sad.gif
If you need any help with e-mailing protests or anything let us know.
Too exact
written by Beth Bachuss, July 15, 2008
It is obvious that someone snitched it from EcoGeek - the leaves, the fadeaway at the top - and if you want to keep your logo, you have to defend it. I suspect some cubicle designer got lazy and thought no one would notice. Intel should make it right.
written by shann, July 15, 2008
Oh man. Hopefully they will realize that they messed up!
Let us know if you need us to bring on the wrath of the nerdfighters!
written by laurennerdfighter, July 15, 2008
Yeah, if you need us nerdfighters, of them, we'll do. *JUST KIDDING!!!*

But seriously, go fight for your logo!
written by Ken Roberts, July 15, 2008
Looks like this ad was made by a new-hire or something. It is a good way of representing clean technology, but apparently the guy didn't think of copyright infringement when he made it.

I say you call up Intel, and work out some kind of agreement. I'm sure they'll be willing to give you some money, if you mention that it's for a good cause.
written by WidowOfSirius, July 15, 2008
You'd think big corporations like Intel would know a bit about trademarks.

I'm sure it wasn't with malicious intent... but it really looks like it was just copied and viagra brand name pasted off of the top of the site. If they were gonna take it, they could've at least tried to be SNEAKY about it...
Decepticons. All of them.
written by Candy, July 15, 2008
hmm.. I agree with those who say you need to do something about it. Try to work it out first, and if it doesn't, sue them for all you can and use the money to decrease world suck in an ecogeek kind of way.
written by Candy, July 15, 2008
P.S. Sassmo, the only thing that xbox 360's power button and the ecogeek logo have in common is that they both involve green and the universal power symbol.
written by Shelby, July 15, 2008
Decepticons are everywhere
written by Dale, July 15, 2008
I'll bet it was done by a contractor and not an Intel employee. But in any case, I would imagine someone responsible at Intel would be glad to work with you on it, and if not you can just sue them. It's pretty clear you're in the right.

If you don't protect your trademark, you could end up being sued by Intel. But I really don't think it would come to that.
written by Tom, July 15, 2008
Wow Intel lol.
You got the right, my man
written by Preston, July 15, 2008
Pay a smart lawyer about $50-$100 and have s/he send a trademark infringement demand letter to the following address:

Attn: Legal Department
2200 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, California 95052

Personally, I'd be careful about a cross license or permissive paid/non-paid arrangement, if you're planning on using this mark in the future. They'll dominate and take it over.
written by Allison the Awesome Nerdfighter, July 15, 2008
How dare they??!!?? GAAAAH!! smilies/shocked.gif

DFTBA, but fight for your logo rights!!
written by Richard, July 15, 2008
'Premier environmental technology blog' my ass. Nobody gives a shit about this shitty blog.
written by Julaine, July 15, 2008
Those Intel people, so unimaginative, stealing other people logos. Haven't they heard of plagiarism? You need to do something, even if it comes to suing.
written by Karate Tentacles, July 15, 2008
You needn't worry about the design being copyrighted. It is. There is, technically, a legal office of copyrights and such, but as long as you thought of it first and can prove it (which is apparent), it's still yours and is protected by copyright law.

But you go sue 'em, or at least make them compensate you and/or the designer of the logo.
written by Julaine, July 15, 2008
Those Intel people, so unimaginative, stealing other people's logos. Have they heard about plagiarism? Hopefully you'll resolve it before it goes to court.
[what am i supposed to write here?]
written by Nerdfighter Mary!, July 15, 2008
they just wanted to steal your awesome hank.
tell them to give it back.
Oh Noes!
written by SaMe, July 15, 2008
This is clearly your logo, and intel should not be using it without permission. Hopefully it was a mistake and it can be cleared up, but if not, I suggest you fight for it. It was your logo first, and intel has no rights to take it from you.
Best Wishes!
written by chelsey, July 15, 2008
wow, that's so . . . . notsome. i mean, if they'd credited you or something then it would be more flattering but if they just think they are being sneaky. . . well. . . that is not jokes. i hope they apologize and post on their site that it belongs to you soon so this doesn't get dramatic!
Open and shut
written by The Food Monster, July 15, 2008
This should be an open and shut case, best of luck in the courts!
written by Josh Bancroft, July 15, 2008
Still trying to find the right people inside Intel to deal with this.

Can you point to a page on that shows this logo, besides the page you linked to on Anandtech? It might help track down how/where/by whom it got created.

And again, if you'd like to follow up privately, I'm joshua.bancroft AT intel DOT com. I don't have anything to do with the PR department, but I can hopefully put you in touch with someone who does.
Might not blame Intel... 100% anyway
written by R(k), July 15, 2008
If they're like most companies, a third party marketing firm put this together for them. That ad was then presented to some lowbie (Director of or Manager of position) for approval. That company probably found "this tiny site nobody knows about" (ecogeek) and stole the graphic.

Also, if you have trademarked the logo, you should be in fine shape. Even if you haven't trademarked the logo but can prove that you've been using it in conjunction with your name (if it is trademarked) you can probably still prove your use as original.

Depending on how the mark is described, they may still be able to tweak it slightly and still use it even though it looks closely like yours (stupid technicalities!)

Get in touch with Intel. Standard first response is often denial, followed by their assertion it's an original work and what is cialis professional you ripped it off and then at some point (after lawyers have had time to examine the evidence) you'll get a quiet apology and possibly pay off, er, compensation- possibly in trade for your silence in further matters on the issue. smilies/smiley.gif
written by Candy, July 15, 2008
Hi Hank,

I just spent some time digging around Intel's site, and I can't seem to find the graphic that you showed anywhere - you know, the list of features. I went through the press kit stuff for the Centrino 2 release. So maybe it's really AnandTech that stole it? I don't know why they'd bother making their own visuals for stuff, though, when they should be able to get everything they need from Intel. So maybe ask AnandTech where they got the graphic from before you take action with Intel.

Best of luck, and let us know if the get levitra online nerdfighters can help!
written by Jediwannabe, July 15, 2008
Unleash the lawyers. Intel has lots of money to spare since there chips go for 4 x the cost of manufacturing.
Double Standard?
written by David Smith, July 15, 2008
I do not see copyright releases for all the materials (text and/or graphics) that copies wholesale from other sites.

Why is it wrong for Intel to do it but OK for Ecogeek?
Intel or AnandTech's ill-concieved desig
written by Matt, July 15, 2008
Is that a press release from Intel? Or just a graphic they are using on AnandTech's site. It's TM infringement none the less, but I find it hard to believe Intel can't afford a graphic designer that's good enough to steal the logo and use it with out distortion and noise all around it.
Probably a Design firm
written by greg, July 15, 2008
I agree with R(k). I have done design work for intel through an agency and some freelancer did it who had about an hour to make it.
Oh WOW> what nerve.
written by LIzzy, July 15, 2008
HOW RUDE! they could've asked politely first....have they no manners? people these days. court may not be the best option though. "give peace a chance" and give them time to apologize.
written by Phineas de Romanus, July 15, 2008
What I don't understand is that big corporations are get all up in arms with smaller corporations/businesses use something of theirs that is trademarked, so why wouldn't they think the same feelings would be felt the other way around? Was Intel really thinking that their action would go unnoticed? (Come on, you two are working in the same demmed field; if you never noticed Intel's new logo, I would be extremely and utterly shocked).

I'm not one for sueing, but if they don't take down the cialis viagra logo immediately after they have been notified of their infringement, and they do not apologize, I would sue those *bad word*.

I'm really, really, really, hoping they just made a bad mistake (but I know that is not it).
re: Double Standard
written by Candy, July 15, 2008
@David Smith

ecogeek uses screenshots to reference and cialis free pills illustrate and credits its sources, which is basically the equivalent of using a quote, and is legal. Ripping off a trademarked logo and using it as one's own, however, is not legal. It's not a double standard, they are completely different usages, circumstances, and claims to material.
written by Mary, July 16, 2008
it'd be way cooler if they'd asked.
I don't think so.......
written by Sarah-Jane, July 16, 2008
That looks like something someone else put together. Maybe the Web site you found it on or some other tech blog?

The use of your logo and the other WiFi logo is poorly photoshopped and sloppy. That would never fly at Intel. Even when using contractors, corporations like that have a book of graphic standards that have to be followed to the "t."

I work in Marketing and do graphic design for the small company I work for and even we wouldn't publish that messy work.

Also if you look at the Intel site, the branding is completely off. It doesn't fit.

Look, even the Registered Trademark symbol after Intel in the name of the product is squashed. No way they let anything like this fly.

Since it's not Intel, it isn't likely you'll track down who did this. That's what happens when you can find your logo on a Google Image search though. I would look into online logo protection methods.

Good luck!!
written by blobs, July 16, 2008
Don't flatter yourself.
Pete Holm
written by Ron Holmes, July 16, 2008

I'm starting up a new green focused charity, and would love to get in touch with Pete about a possible logo design. Do you have his contact details freely available?
written by Lee Katherine Ayer, July 16, 2008
I agree that this is probably the work of website on which this article was found, rather than Intel itself. There is an email link for the author at the top of the article. Have you tried contacting him?
written by crr, July 16, 2008
that sucks smilies/angry.gif
written by crr, July 16, 2008
this would be great if it works lol

written by Charles, July 16, 2008
I don't think you can claim copyright on your variant of the symbol, as it is an IEEE and IEC standard. You can't copyright an open standard.

If anyone is doing infringement, it's YOU. You are muddying the waters, distorting a clear symbol for your own benefit. Leave our electronics standards alone.
written by JP, July 16, 2008
lawyer up.
RE: ?!?
written by Tom, July 16, 2008
You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Just because you can't copyright the power symbol doesn't mean that you can't own the rights to a logo that incorporates the symbol.
And I'm sure Mr. Holm is a competent designer who knows probably a whole lot more about copyrights than you do.
Enough of the self-righteous indignation
written by evilcorpstrikesagain, July 16, 2008
It's very unlikely that someone at Intel deliberately ripped off your logo. It's much more likely that some sub-sub-sub contracted graphic designer did the dirty deed and Intel were ripped off themselves. Probably someone that reads this very website.
written by nih, July 16, 2008
So you're claiming you created the power button icon?

You're kidding yourself. Intel have every right to use it.
written by jr, July 16, 2008
I find it funny (ironic?) that when an individual or small company steals something from a big company and they send a cease and fedex viagra no prescription desist - the common reaction is to poop on the big company...

but not big company steals from small company and everyone is crying foul and threatening to sue!!!
written by tankd0g, July 16, 2008
nih: put down the crack pipe

jr: you find it funny that the reaction to theft is the same both ways? Yes...that is funny.
written by D, July 16, 2008
...It looks like they copy/pasted it into Microsoft Paint, and added some gray shadow on the bottom for depth.

Ah, but what am I saying? The gray shadow makes it totally original and therefore completely legal. -_^
written by eloise, July 16, 2008
The Eco Geek logo is certainly not generic in any way... though it stems from the power symbol, there is artistic embellishment which make it unique. If there is a trademark on the Eco Geek logo, then it is important to protect your logo and its rights.

If the Eco Geek logo is truly original, and has been copyrighted, then it is your obligation to protect the rights of the logo.
someone in Intel will get fired
written by ashok pai, July 16, 2008
A cease and desist notice will help take that usage down. best thing is to go after them, the way the big corporations go after small hapless individuals. fuck big corporations. they might give individuals jobs, but its mostly nothing in comparison to how much the generic levitra prices promoters enrich themselves, besides having some really stinky corporate attitude.
Make way for the king, peasant.
written by Thetruth, July 16, 2008
Didn't you know digital copyright is only so mega-corporations can turn a buck? It's not for citizens. Please make way for the king.
new slogan
written by whiteboy, July 16, 2008
plagiarism inside
written by HolyTacoMaidens, July 16, 2008
What were they thinking?
I mean really.
They should at least have the decency to ask first!
I say they give it up.
or pay.
That would be nice too.
anandtech not intel
written by rar, July 16, 2008 is intel's product page, with pdfs of product specs, nowhere does it use the logo. I could not find a press release using it either. Looks like anandtech made their own graphic and used your logo.

I'm guessing Intel's lawyers would've caught this on any official release
Is the logo Registered to the Copyright
written by Jorge, July 16, 2008
As long as you have the logo registered to the Copyright Office you will have the upper hand. If the logo is not registered then you have a 90 Day window, from the time of copyright infringement, to register the logo to the U.S. Copyright Office. In other words if you didn't register the logo before Intel used your logo you can still sue them for royalty fees legal fees, if you register the logo within the 90 day window.
Not Intel's Fault
written by Dustin, July 16, 2008
I believe that is a graphic made by anandtech, not anything from Intel.
written by Adrienne, July 16, 2008
Blatant logo theft like that is shameful. I would expect more from Intel. Don't they pay graphic design firms tons of money to come up with something unique? What's the point of stealing? The EcoGeek logo is awesome, though. smilies/grin.gif
And why
written by Phill, July 16, 2008
You need to drop the dime and have your logo trademarked and protect it. Pretty shameless on intel's part.
written by nih, July 16, 2008
Adrienne: I disagree. The logo is derivative and so easily confused with a common symbol that it seems worthless, lazy and stupid to be using it as your brand. To try to register it would be a bad move and levitra oral gel may result in legal action against Ecogeek.

On top of this it has been pointed out many times that it wasn't even Intel who found the logo on google images. It was Anandtech.

Ecogeek seem poorly positioned to make aggressive moves towards protection of a diluted brand.

Ecogeek should probably make a quiet "our bad" post and change their logo. Maybe be a bit less lazy about what they choose thise time.
written by Matt Williams, July 16, 2008
This is being waaaay over blown... this is not an original logo and like many others are stating, I wonder why Microsoft hasn't filed a lawsuit against Ecogeek for infringing on their Xbox 360 logo.

Getting a logo like this TM'd would be virtually impossible.

Take this as a compliment and move on...
Re: Intel
written by Gabrielle, July 16, 2008
If big companies want protection for their own intellectual property, they should respect the intellectual property of others. Thus, Intel should formally apologize and remove the image.
written by online guy, July 16, 2008
It's pretty hard to look at this and think it's really that big of a deal. I'm sure it was an honest mistake and that Intel has corrected the situation.

Be flattered... not angry.
chill out
written by speak truth, July 16, 2008
some lowly turd probably found it using google img search when he was looking for images for his ppoint presentation. don't go nuclear. get in touch with intel, let em know about it and i bet that'll be it. no reason to get your panties in a bunch.
have fun
written by kL, July 16, 2008
Send them dmca takedown notice! smilies/cheesy.gif
What a fountain of confusion
written by Anati, July 16, 2008
Nobody sues in such a case. A C&D comes first. Looks like Aandtech gets this one, not Intel. They'll probably comply, and that will be it.

As for you idiots who seem to think the EG logo somehow infringes on the "open standard" power button symbol, I suggest you go to law school before you sound so impossibly stupid in public again. Really, I'm embarrassed for you. Have I mentioned you're idiots? Yes? Sorry to repeat myself.

I love it when non-lawyers issue legal advice. Go play with your Xbox 360 and stay out of trouble.

written by Gwendelynn, July 16, 2008
Why does Intel think that it can just use your symbol. Especially for their efforts which are probably going to be half-assed and ineffective.

Nerdfighters, Ecogeeks, and Intellectuals everywhere support you on this one, Hank!
I got an idea.
written by capstra, July 16, 2008
I have a great idea. Let's do some research.
This guy has this picture and more, it looks like it's actually an XOHM presentation (in wide screen format, to empasize how new, hip, and hi-def it is). It hasn't even happened yet. I'm fallin asleep on my keyboard but the next internet researcher should be looking at XOHM's site and natural levitra joining and thumbing thru their public releases. I looked at a bunch (20 or so) of intel releases, but they're in a completely different format, pretty much all white with blue borderings / highlights and black text. this does not fit intel at all. so don't jump to conclusions too quickly.
Don't do anything rash or stupid
written by common sense, July 16, 2008
Don't even contemplate legal action. Intel could destroy you financially if it wanted to. Trust me, a round of depositions will bankrupt you. Ask them nicely to remove it and they probably will. Leave it at that.
written by common sense, July 16, 2008
The PR this is getting is worth any "hardship" they may have caused. Enjoy the free press and traffic! smilies/grin.gif
For all those who think the logo is the
written by Myself, July 16, 2008
You see the plant at the top of the logo? That's not the power symbol. This my friends is a logo that incorperates the power symbol meaning ecogeek still claims ownership and that intel are being a bit naughty.
written by i lasered my pubes, July 16, 2008
I can't wait till intel sues your asses off, we all know you stole it from them, just because you used it first means nothing
written by irrelevant, July 16, 2008
That is irrelevant. That's just a logo, dudes!!!
Trademarked logo
written by BGK, July 16, 2008
All of those who think Hank's logo can't be trademarked or who are advising him to get it registered should be aware that it is an active service mark registered by the levitra pfizer 50 mg US Patent and Trademark Office.

[Go to this site: and then click on the "New User Form Search (Basic)" button. On the next page enter "ecogeek" under "Search Term" and up will pop Hank's logo.]

Please note that trademarks are granted after substantive examination by USPTO trademark examiners, all of whom are lawyers.

That said, I agree that the culprit here is probably AnandTech or some other sloppy photoshopper and that a quick email will probably get the thing removed.

(Companies like Intel take great care to protect their IP (including trademarks) and are careful about not infringing the IP (including trademarks of others). They are much too big of targets both from a PR and a monetary standpoint to do anything else.)

show him the money
written by Alison Raley, July 16, 2008
i think it's great that intel has become such a fan of you and very good site buy cialis in europe your work. they just need to credit you and pay you for it!
Trademark infringement?
written by HM2K, July 16, 2008
Prior to this post, you don't appear to claim trademark or copyright of the logo anywhere on the site.

This leaves it vulnerable to enter the public domain.

After all, how do we know that you own the trademark?
Two logos, totally different
written by Sarah-Jane, July 16, 2008
I'd just like to point out to the many who've mentioned the xbox logo that it's completely different.

In response to xbox360 logo
written by Hayor, July 16, 2008
In response to the comment that the EcoGeek logo is similar to the xbox360 power button, I'd like to point out that all power buttons have the same general design, but with different color schemes.
it is funny
written by ..., July 16, 2008
I don't find it funny that the reaction to theft from big company and small company is the same.

I find it funny that the common reaction to 'big company sending a threatening letter in response to theft' is for many people to poop on big company and cry fair use....but now that small company has been stolen from, the common reaction from those same people is to advise to engage lawyers and to send cease and desist letters - which is just what the big companies do (and get yelled at for).

There act is the same - the reaction is contradictory.
Intel is a thief
written by tom, July 16, 2008
Wow Intel really did steal your logo lol.
take them to court
written by patrick, July 16, 2008
sue them. they got a lot of cash laying around. you could easily do a lot of good with the green they would have to fork over for this blatant thievery.
Just sue them !
written by tretinoin, July 16, 2008
It's a clear case of copyright infringement. Just sue them for a few millions.
I'm sure someone at Intel is sitting on a hot chair at this moment.
here's anandtech's page
written by dmolavi, July 16, 2008
here's the page on Anandtech:
Sue them
written by Martin, July 16, 2008
Sue them and make some money. You don't have to trademark anything for it to be yours. Unless there is a statement saying that it is public domain it is assumed that you own it.

You can sue them for lots of money because they released it with publishing rights to the public meaning there is no way for them to undue the harm.

Since you wouldn't want your image associated with a company that takes these sort of actions you are entitled to a substantial amount of money. Because of the size of the company millions of people will see that image and start associating it with Intel instead of your website causing irreparable damage.
written by Karen Regis, July 16, 2008

I work in Intel's Mobility Group, and I'm sorry it has taken us some time to get back to you, but in good old fashion Intel culture we wanted to look into this in-depth before contacting you.

We could make a lot of excuses about this, but bottom line is we apologize. We didn't intend to imply either association with or an endorsement by EcoGeek through use of your logo - it is a very cool graphic.

We have already begun taking steps to pull the logo from all of our material and hope to have that completed today.


Karen Regis
Director of Mobile Consumer Marketing
Intel Corporation

P.S. We enjoy reading your coverage on the environment and Intel -- the good, bad and around this topic, the ugly.
written by Kevin, July 16, 2008
At first, i thought, well.. maybe why bother to sue them.. it's just a logo. maybe it's not worth the try.

BUT THEN!!! You brought up the issue that THEY (the intels) actually sue the ppl that use their logo as "Jesus Inside". NOW IM PISSED! Think about it.. They don't even completely use their logo.. there's no "intel" in the logo, just the word "inside" and the swish thingy.. AND THEY UNSPARINGLY SUE THEM! This shows that they don't have a heart as a company. And now they use Ecogeek's logo (COMPLETELY) and they didn't even give a thought about it. So they think that they are big and they can do what the hell they want, but if some small org. try to infringe their logo, they squash them immediately!
You got free advertisement from it.. and
written by brent, July 16, 2008
You probably have a claim, even if it was used in a free seminar, though we're talking tons of legal fees.

You got mileage from it. Probably got more hits than you ever have before just from them doing it now.

So, i'd suggest that if they don't use it on an actual product or packaging, to send them a letter that says, hey I'm letting you know you used my logo in a seminar, and I would like you to get permission in the future, and please remove any items you put on the web with my logo on it.

That's just to protect your trademark in the future.

But if it's just on some slides, be thankful for the free press and move on.
ATTN: Karen Regis
written by Steveooo, July 16, 2008
Learn to do your job properly, it is down right unprofessional to post something like that in a "blog comment", issue a press release or send an email, instead of trying to be "hip" by using a blog comment system.
written by penguinv, July 16, 2008
This is great. They loved it. They used it. You caught them. You can play, Let's make a deal.

I hope you get your tour. And some cash. And that every time they use it it will click thru to your website.

All the best!

PS to all those negative posters. Nyaaaa!
boo them
written by Heather, July 16, 2008
Seriously? Whoever did that should be fired, or, something.
Humble designer.
written by Freezerbee, July 16, 2008
Hi crazy posters. I'm Pete. I designed ecogeek's logo and I'd like to thank you for your support.

This is only the second time I've caught someone using something I created on the internet and I'm no less steamed this time around. Especially since this time it's the fault of a major company who's products I use on a daily basis (and not some hack on

Anyway, I'm not gonna go off here about my varying theories on etiquette and tramadol 120 mg theory in design so I'll leave it at this:

Pay up, Intel. Pay up or design your own damn mark. On second thought, just call me and I'll do one for you.

written by eeMDee, July 16, 2008
@Bizarre: Do you have a brain? What do you mean do you have a copyright? if this guy made it he instantly has a copyright. you don't go down to the copyright store and buy a copyright for your works, newb.
written by Freezerbee, July 16, 2008
Also of note. I based the viagra generic cheap fast "power button" aesthetic on the universal power symbol, not an Xbox power button. The color choice of green was kind of an obvious one considering the context. You'll find that same symbol on everything from power strips to your electric toothbrush.

There's a HUUUGE difference between one logo resembling another logo and doing a slipshod cut-and-paste job from someone else's website onto your press release.
written by dude, July 16, 2008
I would like to point out that if you can think of it as a design so can someone else. Theft is not always the case. Many designs and logos are not original and have a base n some other design or influence. In all likely hood someone didn't do the home work they should have to ensure that the images used where not Service marks or copyrighted.

I would like to note, that Proper etiquette for a designer is to send a DMCA Take down or an information request about the article in question, not get steamed about it.

I am a designer, and artist, an animator and while it troubling to see your work in places you do not intend, it is extremely bad form and poor etiquette to fly off the handle and make baseless claims. Everyone here seems to think its a copy and best way to use cialis paste job, I assure you that if you can design it so can someone else. If you have thought of it, so has someone else. If can't see the grass roots image quality on the work in question or you don't know the process, you can sabotage your claim before you have one by making a blog post and a public spectacle of something that may have just been a simple mix up, or a failure to communicate with the proper authority.

Lastly, eeMDee, While copyrights are granted at creation these copyrights are not registered, though implied. If an item is not documented and registered through the USTPO or by notary then your copyrights will in all likely hood not be enforced. Do not mistake Registered and unregistered materials.

Lastly, Damages can only be sought if Monetary loss can be proven. If Intel complies with the take down notice, there is hardly a claim to be made.
written by hahaha, July 16, 2008
hahaha, you know it probably was an ad agency not intel idiots...corporations wouldn't drop such shitty ads either.
My brother's Ex got $15K from GE when th
written by El Nino, July 16, 2008
My brother's Ex got $15K from GE when they used her Phone # on a box for a new phone. Basically some guy in Texas called the number and told her that her number was on that box, which she then went to Best Buy and bought the phone to prove it. The phone number used to be a GE Help Line, but apparently had been abandoned and recycled. Basically they offered her $15K and she took it.
written by Travis, July 16, 2008
I'd just like to point out that this post is now the tenth-most popular on Digg... so at least you've gotten some recognition out of all this. Here's hoping you get everything straightened out with Intel.
written by Mary, July 16, 2008
I don't think this needs to get heated in any way. I like Hank's approach-calmly inform them that they need to recognize that they shouldn't have used the logo without having permission and, you know, fix it accordingly. It's up to them now, I guess.
New job for Hank!!
written by Pannethera, July 16, 2008
smilies/shocked.gif YOu think intel would have the resources to be more inventive than stealing your logo. If this were reversed you would already be paying your pennies into their millions. They need to apologize and hire you as their new marketing department.
New job for . . .Pete . . .
written by Pannethera, July 16, 2008
My bad . . . just read Pete was the designer. Still . . . they could use a new marketing dept and why not hank and pete
Josh Bancroft can help
written by joshua.bancroft AT intel DOT com,, July 16, 2008
hey, did anyone ever write that dude that says he works for intel?

why on earth would he admit that "and" post his email address .. that opens up the company to so much extra litigation ..

i think you should let him know .. in case you missed it:

joshua.bancroft AT intel DOT com
Vector of your logo
written by Bprudat, July 16, 2008
Here is you problem your logo for anyone to download and use in projects.
Yes...Intel Really Did Steal Our Logo
written by intel_grammar_nazi, July 16, 2008
Grammar Nazi:
Yes...Intel Really Did Steal Our Logo
I'm Disappointed
written by Callie, July 17, 2008
I thought that Oregon-born companies (Intel) were better than that! I mean, just look at stumptown beans. And Nike.
Oh wait, Nike totally stole its logo from the ancient Greeks. And Intel stoke its logo from EcoGeeks.
Connection? I think so.
written by nefis, July 17, 2008

please contact
you guys used their logo without permission...Please make this right soon...



Thanks for contacting Intel about our use of a logo appearing on the EcoGeek* website.

We apologize for using the logo, and we didn't intend to imply any EcoGeek* endorsement or association. Starting July 15, 2008, we have taken and are continuing to take steps to pull the logo from our marketing materials and are working to contact those sites that have also posted the Intel slide you mentioned.

Thanks again for your email.

Thea P.
Intel Customer Support

Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

A representative of Intel may subsequently contact you (via email) in order to obtain your feedback on the quality of the support you received. If you do not wish to participate, simply delete the survey email.
Cease and Desist for Bprudat, AKA Matt
written by Long Duk Dong, July 17, 2008
Bprudat, AKA Matt Williams, please remove the EcoGeek logo from immediatley otherwise I am going to get real nasty (you don't want that).
Bad, Intel, Bad.
written by Jocelyn Baldwin, July 17, 2008
Glad we got a response and they seem to realize they're in the wrong. Hurray for EcoGeeks and NerdFighters Everywhere!
Intel - a copy cat
written by Unbelievable Cars, July 17, 2008
Bad thing for a very large company like Intel, but a good thing in EcoGeeks because Intel bend their knees and copy the logo.. smilies/smiley.gif
Sue them
written by Martin Frank, July 17, 2008
It is the moral thing to do. They sued somebody for less they deserve to be sued. You can sue them and the ad agency but unless they are sue happy bastards they might not deserve it as much.

You could use the money to advertise that you are not associated with Intel.
written by one em, July 17, 2008
I am glad to see the "sprouted power button" has been removed from Anadtech's website. Pete created a fine logo.
Did you ever consider using GreenGeek as your company name?

It is similar..
written by Rew, July 18, 2008 had some inspiration as well perhaps? smilies/wink.gif
Uhmm so did they..
written by Naseem, July 18, 2008
It's not quite the same as the EcoGeek logo, but it was close enough for a red flag.

Seriously Hank, I say you should write some emails and start collecting.
written by Jose, July 20, 2008
That is horrible that a company of Intel's stature would go around stealing other people's work. I know that if someone were to steal their logo and try to profit from it, they'd be furious, so why is it right for them to do it to you?
Sue the b@st@rds!
written by Holly, July 20, 2008
I'm in law school & very bitter about the state of the law in the good ol' U.S. of A. Ugh. My personal, cynical opinion is that you should sue Intel, b/c the big companies are always suing people for using their logos, etc., and this is one tiny way for the little guy to strike back against the corporatizing of America. Or something like that. smilies/wink.gif Best wishes in all your exploits & adventures & thanks for speaking up for the environment/our habitat
well now
written by Amy J, July 20, 2008
well i kind of think it sad that people steal other people's work. but i also don't like the mentality that we have to sue every time we are wronged. if intel takes off the logo i dont think that there needs to be any legal action.

just a thought...
written by Brenda Somes, July 23, 2008
Have you been using your logo on company postal mailing envelopes? If so, find the oldest one you can that has been through the mail and is date-stamped-postmarked. Hang on to it in case a fuss over who had it first ever comes up. It's a good back-up if you don't have the logo officially trade or service marked.
written by Brenda Somes, July 23, 2008

As a marketing professional and graphic designer, I'd say the protectable part of the logo is the merger of the green plant/eco element with the computer I/O switch and the concept it represents. Something vaguely similar that represents a state fruit and the best place pfizer viagra uk tourism without conveying any semblance of environmental responsibility or technology isn't a viable arguement. Besides, they've used various stylized versions of that Georgia peach for decades.
written by cchiovitti, July 26, 2008
Wow. That's maybe the most blatant rip-off I've seen in a very long time.
Intel responded, see above: Move on, fol
written by BreeG, July 27, 2008
Intel responded (see above). It may have been in an inappropriate venue (this blog), but I can appreciate that it was done where FANS of EcoGeek would see it (we should be flattered...!). Now, since Intel has apologized and has stated publically that they are tracking down ALL references to the infringement (including associated websites, that have nothing to do with INTEL), this should be the end of it. They were notified, they apologized and are removing it. That is all that is required of them. And they are doing it gracefully.
I say, let's move on...
written by david, July 29, 2008
Yikes, there's a lot of misinformation flying around here with regards to how things happen in advertising agencies and within Intel, corporate identity and basics of intellectual property.

Your EcoGeek™ logo whether or not it was initially used as an FPO and never replaced, was certainly used in this instance to imply an endorsement from an environmental group.

Something like this:
var ecov = "sv";

You should take steps to safeguard your intellectual property and pursue expert EcoGeek™ panel reviewed environmental endorsements as an additional source of income.
written by Amanda, August 25, 2008
Well, it sounds like the immediate situation has been rectified, but you really should be taking some steps to ensure this can't happen again, EcoGeek. Think about getting your logo officially trademarked, maybe.
Your ideas are YOURS
written by Josh, January 21, 2010
As a designer, I CRINGE to see the "it's not Intel's was probably a freelancer at an outside agency..." WRONG. Anything Intel (or anyone, for that matters) makes public, they are officially endorsing it by doing so. "I didn't know" is not an excuse. It's quite clearly a direct rip. Suing them doesn't make you "money hungry". It's your logo. It's yours to defend. The second you create something, it's yours - registered or not. (It's harder to prove if it's NOT registered...but that's all) Intel should reimburse you for the affiliation. If, in the future, it's found out that they're pumping sludge into a river and clubbing seals, that single use of your logo could potentially cause damage to your credentials (far-fetched, but not impossible)

written by LG, January 21, 2010
how is possible that a company so rich like intel need to pay a copy cat pseudo-designer ?

sad, sad ... this world is going crazy

the power-on butto is overused over the world but the leaf figured out it as unique ...

hope you will close it in your favor
So, what did you end up DOING about this?
written by Freelancer, May 11, 2010
You have a solid case against one of the world's most litigious companies. Sue the hell out of them. Make a legal precedent out of it, so the rest of the world will have an even stronger legal standing when they need to shut these losers down.

As a freelancer myself, if my own work was ripped by ANYONE I'd sue the hell out of them. Intel ripped of your logo. Make them pay.

As this thread has been out on the 'net for awhile...did you sue? Did you settle out of court? They have an admission of guilt, you have proof...should be a slam-dunk.

What came of this?
written by Vicky, September 14, 2011
Please tell me that you pursued this? I know that there are several that would like an update. The arrogance of these large companies never ceases to amaze me. They presume that they can get away with ripping this off! GRRRRRR This makes me angry! I'd lol but I'm too miffed.
Copy right laws
written by Angi, May 10, 2012
If you have not registered your design within two years since you made it public their isn't much you can do. If you have registered it. I would recommend sending a cease and desist letter before it is to late. Here the link for copy right laws of original design.
written by cheryl, October 22, 2013
from US copyright office: When is my work protected?
Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

Do I have to register with your office to be protected?
No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration.”

As long as you didn't just use clipart for your logo, then it's yours.

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