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JUN 18

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"Just buy a solar-recharging pathway light at the dollar store. 'Want ..."

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Rural Lighting, Minus the Kerosene

This post is being written without lights. That’s a decision made because of where I am in western Canada and the time of day this is being written. But electricity isn’t so abundant everywhere in the world. In pockets of click now how to get viagra Africa and India, where residents aren’t connected to a power grid, kerosene lamps provide the lighting necessary for daily life. But kerosene lamps aren’t ideal because of the respiratory problems that come with burning paraffin as a fuel and the dim quality of the lighting.

Every day, people are killed or seriously injured by burns from kerosene lights in villages and that’s what motivated social entrepreneur Sam Goldman, the CEO of California company d-light design to address the issue.

“1.6 billion people, about one in four, don’t have access to electricity,” said Goldman, who worked as a peace corps volunteer and saw first-hand what kerosene burns do to children.

The company currently has three products using its LED and solar-power lamps. Nova, is a solar and AC chargeable lamp; as is the desk-type version the Comet; the Vega is a fast-charging model that provides one hour of light for every hour of charge, a unit that would be particularly useful in places with sporadic electricity. Prices range from $12 to $30.

In a bid to reduce its overhead and make its products more affordable, d-light is moving its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen China. It’s Goldman’s hope that by 2017, families in developing countries will no longer have to use kerosene lamps.

Via: d-light design, Earth2Tech; An interview with Goldman can be seen here

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Another good solar-powered lantern optio
written by Aaron Dalton, June 18, 2008
The LightCap200 uses solar power and levitra 20 mg 4 LED bulbs to the best choice viagra 25mg turn any water bottle (or glass of water) into a solar-powered lantern.

I tested the product and found that it performed admirably.

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Meanwhile, here's a direct link to the product website -

- Aaron Dalton,
Light Up The World
written by Petra, June 18, 2008
Those interested in this topic should also check out (Light Up The World Foundation), a Canadian nonprofit that's been distributing solar-powered LED appliances to developing nations for years. It's a phenomenal organization.
written by Clinch, June 21, 2008
Is a price range of $12 to $30 realy going to be affordable to villagers in third world countries?
written by Dave Smith, November 09, 2008
Yeah, the savings in not having to purchase kerosene fuel for lighting makes up for this.
Not sure if it will work
written by amit, November 28, 2009
It was nice to see people coming up with solutions for rural market. Infact rural market is the next promising market, so entrepreneurs are now developing product for the same. The fate of such products will depend on cost. Cost is the key factor in rural products
written by Mike Stoudenmire, November 01, 2013
Just buy a solar-recharging pathway light at the dollar store. 'Want a really good one? Buy a $3 solar-recharging pathway light at a hardware store.

Third-world people are... PEOPLE! Not a new market. They need light, water, food... our help.

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