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JUN 12

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"I have a Sky and cialis daily prices the idea is enter site women viagra intruiging. I'd love to see the company c..."

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Saturn All-Electric Conversions Available Next Year

A small Cincinnati start-up called Advanced Mechanical Products (AMP) has developed, and is taking orders, for Saturn Sky Roadsters converted to run on all-electric power.

The converted cars will be powered by two electric motors and a powerful LI-Ion-Phosphate battery, enabling a top speed of 90mph and 0-60mph acceleration in less than 6 seconds, with a range of around 150 miles on a single charge.

According to purchase cialis next day delivery AMP CEO Jack Kuntz, a prototype model will be completed in about a month, with an initial production run of 300 units.

The AMP Saturn Sky will be available for around $50,000, which includes the cost of the car and the electric conversion. If you already own a Saturn Sky, AMP will convert any 2007 model or later for $25,000. AMP asserts that the conversion will cost around $0.04 per mile to run, compared with the $0.54 a mile that the American Automobile Association reckons it costs to operate a conventional car. I estimate that in terms of pay-back, this means that a user could recoup the $25,000 conversion cost after driving around 50,000 miles.

According to Kuntz, “This is a commuter car, not a car you’d drive to Florida. It’s not for everybody, but it’s not for the ultra-wealthy either. We want regular folks to be able to afford it, not just the rich and famous.”

Almost all of the big car makers have announced plans to offer some form of viagra online canada electric or gas-electric hybrid vehicle over the next two or three years. If that seems like too long a wait, you might be interested to obtain cialis without prescription hear that these conversions will be available from early next year. There’s only one major catch, the cars will only be available in a 200 mile radius around Cincinnati...If you just can’t stand it and want your electric car, you could always DIY it.

However, if AMP can prove that this is a business model that works, I don’t see any reason why similar schemes couldn’t be rolled out across the country?


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written by nicster, June 12, 2008
The $.04 vs $.54 per mile operating cost comparison is not completely valid. From memory (admittedly faulty) the $.54 amount includes insurance, depreciation, cost of money (maybe), fuel and maintenance. For these electric cars the insurance will likely be higher, the depreciation lower on best price for generic levitra a percentage basis but maybe still higher on an actual $ basis, cost of money will be higher, fuel will be much lower and generic cialis 10 mg without prescription maintenance much lower as well. As a completely wildass guess, taking these other costs into account, I'd peg the cost of operating this car at $.27 per mile making the payback period more like 100K miles.
written by Craig, June 12, 2008
These guys do a similar thing - they have a Mini Cooper, PT Crusier as well as working on their own electric super car.
written by Joanna, June 12, 2008
Wow - what a fabulous looking car: beautiful and eco-friendly. Better start saving quickly! Great site you have here.
Cousin to the Tesla..
written by Harry, June 12, 2008
Curiously, like the Tesla, this car is based on the where to get viagra Lotus Elise:

In the UK, it's called the Vauxhall VX200, and in Continental Europe, the Opel Speedster.
Not In California
written by Big Bustard, June 12, 2008
This car would bankrupt a California driver. The price of electricity makes electric cars reasonable where power is generated by hydro sources. When power is generated by coal (about 50% or more of the US,)not only are the re-charging costs considerably higher but so is usefull link indian viagra the polution spewed into the atmosphere.

According to Dr. Bill, a coal fired plant generating the power for a family of four for twenty years releases enough solids into the air to fill an entire 100 car freight train - including U235 and Thorium. Each coal burning plant in the US releases approximately 5.2 tons of Uranium (including 74 pounds of U235) and 12.8 tons of Thorium.

Twenty years of electricity for a family of four generated by a nuclear plant would result in waste the generic viagra online canadian pharmacyonline viagra no prescription size of we choice viagra canda a golf ball. You want eco-friendly?

Go nuclear, and THEN go electric cars!
written by Sick of Trolls, June 13, 2008
Blah, once again- even if the majority of your electricity is via coal fired plants- thats still better for the environment than burning gas. Coal plants are more effecient than ICE. Wether or not its worth the cost/inconvenience is another matter.

nuclear vs coal.... thats a whole different conversation
written by Bob Wallace, June 13, 2008
Dr. Bill has a political agenda which makes him blind to things 'not right wing'.

Nuclear has become so expensive to build that it's most likely not in our future.

We need power during the very hours that solar PV and thermal work best. These technologies are being brought on line very quickly and are quite likely to have sucked up all the profitable peak hour money before a new nuke can be built.

Without the profit from peak hour sales new nuclear can most likely never pay for itself, much less turn a profit.

The there are the huge wind farms now up and more now coming. Build some more, build some storage, and we can start shutting down dirty coal....

written by jake3988, June 14, 2008
$.54 per mile? At $4 per gallon of gas, that means the car is getting about equal to online cheap tramadol next day shipping a school bus (8 mpg).

Heck, my own calculations for Honda Civic vs Honda Civic Hybrid (just $6000) would take something like 30 years to pay off at $4 per gallon and 10000 miles per year driven.

Granted, that isn't the point.

P.S. I'll say it again... where in the heck are my AFFORDABLE electric cars at? I don't want some amped up sports car that costs 50k or a Tesla that costs 100k.

Here's hoping the cityZenn and/or Zap-X come to fruition.
Cadillac XLR
written by James Varela, June 16, 2008
smilies/grin.gif They should do this with Cadillac XLR and other cars. This could be a huge business. In mid 80's when U.S. Dollar went sky high people were buying European Spec Porsches & Jaguars and bringing them here and so called gray market conversion shops sprouted up across the country.
Drill and levitra generic cialis build nuclear
written by Goodbusiness, June 17, 2008
Solar, wind, geo, wave, and other energy generation systems do get viagra prescription not have the ability to provide more than 20% of demand over the next 10 years. Solar has to be replaced often and is expensive to install and replace raising it's cost. Wind is not reliable and has high costs to maintain working units. Geo has serious mineral deposit accumulation so it is limited.

Lower transportation costs can on be obtained by a JFK type national nuclear program of building one new plant per week for 10 years. Then after announcing that program open all coastal shelfs and ANWAR for development with approval for twenty new refineries financed by the cash flow saved from buying OPEC oil.

The Democrats in Congress do not understand supply and demand concepts. Then they can not do simple math,; they now say drilling in ANWAR would only reduce oil prices by 1 cent per gallon. My math says 1,000,000 barrels per day times $130 is 130 million per day or $ 47.4 billion not going to OPEC. That big a hit will force oil prices down quickly and then when the coastal oil come on oil will be under $ 80 per barrel.

This will give us time to build out the nuclear plants allowing us to buy generic viagra online from canada go all electric plug in cars and trucks. No more oil threat problem gone.

Plug in cars with over 200 mile per charge range exist now and look here non prescription levitra with a national project they could be replacing gas auto and trucks by 2009 -2010. The cash not sent to OPEC can finance the whole plan.

Tell Congress start today or seek other employment because we will vote you out to save our economy.
Sky Electric
written by Jim S., July 13, 2008
I have a Sky and the idea is intruiging. I'd love to see the company come out with a owner based conversion kit and instruction.

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