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JUN 09

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"Are you sure it's smaller than competitors? The mechanism we see in th..."

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Waste Heat Engine Runs On Low Temps

Cyclone Power Technologies has developed a new Waste Heat Engine (the WHE, or, as I like to say, WHEeeeeeeee!), capable of running on waste heat from any source, even those with lower temperatures. Sources can include the sun, a running engine, or exhaust among many others. The 12 cylinder engine is on the large size, taking up 155 cubic inches, and it gets about 20 horsepower. While somewhat clunky, it’s much smaller than other waste heat-based power generators we’ve seen, and can be used on much smaller scales.

Cyclone Power Technologies says the WHE can be used to boost power in gas- and diesel-powered generators, helping to buy discount cialis online increase power and generic cialis lowest price decrease fuel consumption. They also say it can be connected to solar panels on residential homes to provide a source of best levitra prices power like a back-up generator, costing about 20% of the installation costs of standard photovoltaic systems.

With the ability to run on practically any waste heat source, the versatility of the WHE is promising. Catch a video of the product and see it in action.

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written by Space, June 09, 2008
Are you sure it's smaller than competitors?
The mechanism we see in the video is cialis online only a part of the engine. It needs to be connected to a boiler.

And the fact that this guy pronounces kW "kay doubleyou" really scares me...

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