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JUN 03

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"yeah sure nuclear powered, never mind the usefull link where to get cialis accidents would cause small ..."

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Superlattice Technology Nearly Doubles Battery Life

One of the current issues with electric cars is that people want to wow it's great levitra online pharmacy be able to get a driving range out of them similar to their 350 mile per tank gas cars, something that they've not yet been able to do. Despite the fact that 80% of people drive fewer than 50 miles per day, it continues to be a drawback for some consumers. That's why we're always happy to see advances in batteries that can be used in EVs, and Superlattice Power, a company based in North Carolina, has announced that it has developed a new Lithium Polymer battery that will be able to extend the range of EVs from around 120-140 miles per charge to 200.

The battery, which uses a new type of superlattice cathode, one with alternating layers of various materials, is able to significantly increase the range of the operating voltage as well as the energy density. Traditional lithium-ions get about 150Ah/kg, and can produce around 550Wh/kg, whereas with the new lattice structure, they expect their battery to achieve 240Ah/kg and generic viagra overnight 936Wh/kg after a few more months of development. The lattice material is made up of cheap cialis online submicron-sized crystals which are linked together to enhance the ion diffusion, allowing a quick charge and discharge of the battery. The Chevy Volt, on the other hand, gets a much lower 40 miles per charge, but when out of juice, a backup generateor kicks in and recharges the battery so you don't need to spend hours plugged into an outlet. So it isn't the holy grail of electric driving, but the distance factor is a big boon.

Dr. Surajit Sengupta, their Director of Battery R&D, states: "Our objective is discount viagra europe to create the next generation of Lithium Ion Polymer battery that is environmentally non-toxic, safe, less expensive and more powerful." This can hopeflly drastically increase the lifetime of other electronics like laptops, iPods, cell phones, and many other things that suddenly start beeping at you to plug them in at the most inopportune moments. We expect to see more from Superlattice Power later this year, and hopefully some announcements of their technology being used in actual EVs, so we'll keep you posted.

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written by Kane, June 04, 2008
I think nuclear powered cars would be a more sensible option. A small car-sized reactor would last the life of the vehicle and could be recycled.
Zap electric cars and Akeena Solar panel
written by HippyGourmet, June 04, 2008
A great segment on Zap Electric Cars and Akeena Solar panels teaming up:
written by Todd, June 04, 2008

Ive been under the impression that LiPo chemistries are more like 110/120 wh/kg, and more conventional Li-Ion batteries are around 160 wh/kg.
written by Snark, June 04, 2008
"I think nuclear powered cars would be a more sensible option."

Better living through the friendly atom, or some ridiculousness like that. Right. It was preposterous in 1951 and it's preposterous now.
Welcome Improvements
written by Brian, June 04, 2008
Any improvements made to energy storage devices are welcome in my book. The key elements when using them in vehicles seem to be the rate of charge, the capacity, and the longevity of the battery. One other aspect one needs to original cialis continually study is the advances in efficient motor designs. The batteries are only half of the equation. If the motors are not as efficient as they could be, they are a weak link as well. Only through the continual optimization of both the battery and the motor will we achieve the mileages we're looking for in a vehicle.

The rate of charge is a key element for me. I'm looking for a vehicle I can not only drive locally, but also one I can drive across my State (Washington). The electric cars of today will not get halfway across the viagra online sales State before starting up their engines. If gas stations can also become charging stations where people can stop to charge up while they go inside for a meal, then this becomes more manageable. Gas stations will have to adapt to this electrical car dichotomy and make each parking spot in their new lots have their own meters. One ought to be able to choose green energy certified sources as well.

I welcome Superlattice Power and their advances. Hopefully the Chevy Volt will be the first in the industry-wide conversion to at least some electric vehicles per line.
written by spfl49, June 05, 2008
Hybrid Technologies is partnering with them on this I think it is the same Hybrid Technologies that was interviewed by Pop Mechanics, They have their own line of vehicles.
Enough solar power to power the entire U
written by Thor Russell, June 09, 2008
Has everyone checked out
This deserves serious consideration/promotion
written by Paul Forshaw, August 20, 2008
Will the new batteries still use cobalt?

Formation Capital will be going into production early next year and has the largest cobalt deposit in the western hemisphere.
written by corbusier, September 20, 2009
yeah sure nuclear powered, never mind the accidents would cause small mushroom clouds and radioactive fallout directly in your neighborhood.
great call smart guy. . .

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