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JUN 02

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"I couldn't be happier to hear this #1 because its green #2 because the..."

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Transbay Terminal Gets Thumbs Up for Construction

Downtown San Francisco is slated to receive an earth-friendly Transbay Transit Center. The project is going to lowest price cialis be a head-turner, and I wouldn’t be surprised if tour busses add it to their highlights.


The transit center is being called the Central Station of buy levitra online no prescription the West” and will be a hub for public transportation for commuters from all areas of the bay, and will also provide housing, shops and cultural parks. The project hopes to solve the growing need to combat congestion while conserving the limited space the city has on hand.


But the important part – it’s GREEN.


Designed with a modern flare, it will have beautiful glass towers, a massive 5.5 acre public park as its roof, and will feature sustainability in its construction and use, including smart use of space, high-performance glazed glass with passive solar shading, wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling, and gray water recycling. Construction is we use it cialis pfizer canada scheduled to begin this year, and will hopefully be completed by 2014. With an existent need to fill green jobs, this project will hopefully also help build new skill sets for construction workers and companies, boosting greener construction in the long term.


Hand it to San Francisco to move forward with such fantastic projects. After this, who knows what the cheapest viagra canada city has in store for San Franciscans.


Via Inhabitat

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Transbay Terminal Gets Thumbs Up for Con
written by lisa, June 03, 2008
Fantabulous idea in the city by the bay!
Can't wait!
written by Mike, June 03, 2008
I can't to see it in person, and hopefully this will be just part of a series of steps to re-vamp the public transportation here. BART is great, but it's limited range and no after-hours trains really limits it's appeal.
written by Mika, August 17, 2008
I couldn't be happier to hear this #1 because its green #2 because the current transbay terminal is, lets face it, unattractive I hope it has a transfer with BART. Or that BART just extends its services... maybe one day we can have the CRT?

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