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MAY 31

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"Air conditioned? It's just air, there's nothing conditioned about it. ..."

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Keep Your Bum And The Earth Cool

Oh, the things we create and viagra online 50mg label "green".

For those eco-conscious folks living in hot climates, you can thank Japan for the latest and greatest in buttocks cooling. Introducing Suzukaze air-conditioned seat cushion. Using the sweat generated by your bum and a tiny bit of energy, this cushion has an internal fan that blows over 170 liters of air per minute to keep your nether-region cool. It is light weight, portable, and so efficient that even if used as much as 8 hours a day, you'd still only spend pennies per month on electricity.


While not quite as handy as some crazy gadgets we've seen come through here, if you have a significant problem with your rear end overheating or becoming... um... swampy, then this energy-efficient new gadget is for you. But, realistically, I think we can chalk it up to another random item found in the Skymall catalog.

Watch a video on how the seat works.

Via Newlaunches

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René O'Deay gBlog
written by Rene, May 31, 2008
Could this be used to cool down an overheating laptop or powerbook? 8) ;)
written by Christopher Reeve, June 01, 2008
Gees. EcoGeek, stop promoting so much junk! We produce enough plastic waste already in this world.
Eco use
written by JJG, June 01, 2008
What about in the car? This could be used to reduce air conditioning, which has a measurable impact on fuel mileage.
written by Professr, June 01, 2008
@ Rene - Why, do you have one up your bum?
A Cool Bum
written by JOhn Thomas, June 01, 2008
LOL, nothing like a cool Bum now is there. LOL

written by Simon Slade, June 01, 2008
This is great! It a laptop version was available I would be first in line :)

Simon Slade
I'm actually considering ordering one...
written by mmorpg, June 01, 2008
I legitly wouldn't mind something like this. I spend at least 10 hours a day sitting down and my rear does get itchy from the sticky weather... this would reduce that hopefully.
written by seo, June 01, 2008
After working on buy tramadol online without a perscription my bum all day I feel like I actually need one of them.
My Car has cooling seats... and its AMER
written by dave, June 01, 2008
My Car has cooling seats... and its AMERICAN MADE not some jap shit

Lincoln LS - Cooling seats.. keeps my balls cool
written by Matt, June 01, 2008
"Using the sweat from your bum..."

So, I either have to sit in the chair naked or wait until I'm so hot that it's soaked through my pants? This is quite possibly the worst idea ever.
written by dissapointed person, June 01, 2008
Dude, thats not even funny that you call them japs what a derogatory term, i could call you a HICK if i wanted, and at least they dont terrorize countries for oil.
To those wanting it for a laptop
written by Lupus, June 01, 2008
You either didn't read the text or have a sweating laptop. I would change both.
written by James, June 02, 2008
Rene: it would only work for your laptop if it sweats.
written by Rich, June 02, 2008
The Japanese government introduced a policy called Cool Biz to encourage people to set there air-con thermostats to 28 deg C.

I'm sure there's thousands of cheap viagra pill Japanese business men that would really appreciate this invention.
Or how about this...
written by Andy, June 02, 2008
for the whole body version that you can take to bed - or futon!
4 watts, provides air movement sufficient to cool you down sufficient to get you to sleep on hot summer evenings.

Rich, thanks for the Cool Biz link - if more people were prepared to turn thermostats up a bit and rely a bit more on local air movement they'd save a pile of cash, as well as CO2.

written by Brian H, June 02, 2008
"legitly" FTW
Self cooling products cushions
written by John B Cool, April 24, 2009
Hey do shop tramadol overnight not sweat it Self Cooling Cushions absorb your body heat keeping you cool all day AND Automatically re generates back With out refrigeration to generic viagra fast delivery keep you cool the next day

NOW how green do you want to go and still stay comfortable
written by memory foam, June 01, 2010
That is awesome. I want one.
written by latex mattress, January 03, 2012
Thank you Japan for keeping my buttocks cool!
written by la, June 29, 2012
Air conditioned? It's just air, there's nothing conditioned about it. That's like calling a 15 dollar box fan from walmart an "air conditioner".

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