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APR 07

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"So, leaving lights on will hardly cost us anything with these OLED's? ..."

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The World's First OLED Lamp

OLEDs fascinate me. It's not just that they could possibly be both extremely efficient and canadian generic cialis online extremely cheap...but they also create huge new possibilities for lighting.

Very simply, Organic Light Emitting Diodes are like LEDs in that electrons jumping across a diode emit photons. But instead of being a traditional diode, the OLEDs are actually a printed film. This means that the light comes from everywhere on the film simultaneously, and that the film can take on unique properties, like being flexible, light-weight, two-dimensional and transparent.

Before today, we didn't have anything but our own imaginations and some crazy experiments to try and figure out what an OLED lamp might look like. But Osram, a leading OLED manufacturer, recently partnered with well-known artist Ingo Maurer (who's extremely expensive LED Lamps were previously featured on EcoGeek) to produce the world's first true OLED lamp.

Osram gave Ingo ten small (132 x 33 millimeter) OLED panels to use to create his lamp. The result is actually pretty stunning (high res shots after the jump.) And since the best price for generic viagra panels are limited edition and Maurer is a very famous and respected artist, this might be the most expensive table lamp in history. But that doesn't mean I don't want one.

Here's what Ingo has to say about the OLEDs

They have a totally different look than traditional light sources. They neither require reflectors directing the light into the just try! cheap cialis order online right direction nor large sockets. Their lightness allows the realisation of long-standing visions of mine

Osram has a team of over 50 scientists working on OLEDs right now. Though LED lights still have almost no market share, and OLEDs are more advanced and expensive than LEDs, Osram believes that their investment will pay off. There's one picture in the gallery below that really shows of the possibility of OLEDs.

I spent over a minute staring at the picture, trying to figure out where the lamp was. Then I realized, the semi-transparent windows were, in fact, the lamps. As OLEDs create 100% diffused, non-directional light on two-dimensional surfaces, they can fill a room with light without even seeming to cheap propecia online prescription be there. Other possible applications are skylights that become regular lights at night, or brake lights as part of we recommend cialis online store a car's rear window.

And, of course, all the advantages while consuming a fraction of the amount of energy consumed by regular light bulbs.

High-res gallery below.

Via OLED Info (Thanks to Ron for the tip)

Full Press Release Here and Here

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written by Magnus H., April 07, 2008
Wow, that is just completely amazing. That's exactly what I was invisioning when I thought of panels of OLEDs being used for lighting! Can I have a living room like that, please, Hank? Be nice!
written by loosely coupled, April 07, 2008
Yup, that is incredible! I can't wait to build my own house someday with these!
OLEDs and the environment
written by John Hargraeves, April 08, 2008
What happens when it is time to replace these devices. Into the land-fill? I don't think so. These things are _POISONOUS_ . Governments must either ban these things now or implement very strict disposal regulations in order to prevent a future environment catastrophe.
written by erik, April 08, 2008
Lets hope that ghe OLED lamps comes quickly to the stores. Looks great!
written by Hank, April 08, 2008
Osram's OLEDs contain no hazardous materials and comply with the EU's RoHS standards. I don't know where you got the poison thing...they're certainly a lot less toxic than CFLs.
written by x, April 08, 2008
Why not combine solar and this lamp design, put some nanosolar tapes on the other side and charge during the day. @ dark let the OLED suck them batteries before the grid.
not sure the idea of a window/OLED is so
written by no, April 08, 2008
I like the viagra 50 mg pfizer OLED idea generally, but the OLED window I am not so sure. What happens to no prescription order viagra the light from the OLED window. Can they be made to only emit on one side? Otherwise you are wasting energy on light that is going out. Also you can't use curtains to retain the heat (windows are poor insulators). Ad finally, replacing the light should not mean replacing the window...

written by Kevin, April 08, 2008
OLED can theoretically take sunlight and covert it back to energy. Its a reversible process, they just havn't figured it all out yet.
now thats hot!
written by Primo, April 09, 2008
Can you imagine the potential! Looks like they should be in space. This IS the future of lighting not too mention all the other farout applications OLED can be used for.
are thay here yet?
written by mac, April 09, 2008
so when can we expect them on the market?
written by John G., April 12, 2008
That sounds so cool! Totally sci-fi. I can't believe there are still incandescents in my parents' house.
The Future is Near and Bright
written by Uncle B, April 12, 2008
For a given power input, how much light do they produce? Is there a power premium to be paid or are they just as efficient or better than other light sources?
So we're not to care about leaving light
written by frisbee, April 14, 2008
So, leaving lights on will hardly cost us anything with these OLED's? So why care about putting of use cialis the light when leaving a room? Why not put lights all over our garden, on all dangerous dark roads and creepy forests. With no governmental laws added, I'm afraid this great invention (it truly is in my eyes) will keep us using about as much energy as before and viagra overnight delivery it will add even more light pollution to our environment.
If we don't demand governments to put limits to our energy consumption, most of us will never do generic cialis cheap it voluntarily (except if energy prices will rise outrageously).

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