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APR 07

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"I have made a seesaw swing that is generating electricity in Ghana Afr..."

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Electro-SeeSaw Harnesses World's Most Energetic Thing

What contains the most energy per square meter in our solar system? The Sun? The Earth's Core? Uranium? No...not even close. Without a doubt...the most energetic object in the canadian pharmacy viagra universe is the human child.

At least...that's what everyone who has ever had one of their own seems to be telling me. And I'm not about to try to argue with millions of moms, no matter what the laws of thermodynamics tell me. But, as with any source of raw energy, the question becomes how do we capture that energy. Unfortunately, five year-olds don't come with three-pronged sockets.

Well David Sheridan, a 23 year-old product design student from Coventry, England has designed a power generator that harnesses energy from children. The modified seesaw converts the movement of find cheap cialis online the kids into electrical energy which can then be transferred by an underground cable to a nearby classroom. Sheridan hopes to one day create a playground full of energy-producing playground equipment. His calculations show that after only 10 minutes of use, the seesaw could light a classroom for the evening.

This isn't the first time seesaws have been used for practical purposes though. The Gaviotas community in Columbia has a seesaw that is used to pump groundwater. And it's not the first time people have looked to levitra sale buy children to create power: Sony has a line of upcoming kid-powered gadgets for Japan.

The question, of course, is cost. If wind or solar can produce more energy for less money, it's not all that useful. But Sheridan has won a $10,000 grant to develop the it's cool levitra in uk idea, so there shouldn't be too much trouble determining the feasibility of the electro-seesaw.

If it works out, and isn't too expensive...I might look into getting one for EcoGeek headquarters (my house.) My wife and I could work off some calories, have some fun and, of course, slow down the electricity meter for a while.


Image from Pittsinger on Flickr

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written by DB, April 07, 2008
Meh. Electric power is nice -- but I'm much more impressed with watering the waterless.
written by DB, April 07, 2008 failed:
This mom knew the contents by just readi
written by Penina, April 07, 2008
I happened to see the title of this post at the top of my gmail window. I admit I had to read it twice, but once I got it, and had to smile... and I HAD to confirm my suspicions. smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Lindsey, April 07, 2008
this could be a whole new level of generic viagra sale child slavery
written by HD, April 07, 2008
From the cheapest generic price viagra photo under the BBC link, it looks like the key insight is to equip the underside of the board with a hemisphere, which would then compare to the wheel in various pedal-powered electricity generating configurations. All those solutions then become available to him once the bi-directional character of see-sawing is accommodated. Hat's off to Daniel.
written by Space, April 07, 2008
I was about to invest in a hamster-on-wheels power plant, but hamster prices have soared recently and children-on-seesaws sounds like an interesting alternative...
now if only seesaws were in playgrounds
written by mary, April 07, 2008
I've noticed in the past decade or so a sharp decline in the number of seesaws and other "dangerous" playground equipment at schools and parks. I think this is a silly trend, but perhaps bringing in a child-powered classroom would make them resurrect the seesaw?
written by gmoke, April 07, 2008
Surprised you mentioned the tramadol online staturday delivery Gaviotas seesaw water pump. Also surprised that you didn't mention the PlayPump merry-go-round pump developed by Trevor Field in South Africa. These are being mass produced and installed throughout that continent now.
Let's see those calculations
written by kpt, April 08, 2008
Here are a few of my own. Let's make some assumptions: each child has a mass of 25kg, and is raised up 1m on each end of the see-saw. Each child will have 250J of potential energy. Assume that the child does a full up-down-up cycle every five seconds. That's 200 cycles in 10 minutes. Assume that each child's PE is 100 percent converted to electricity each time (this assumption is nonsense, but we'll allow it.)

200 cycles x 2 kids x 250J = 100 kJ.

Now, how much is needed to light a classroom for an evening? Let's say an evening is 3 hours, and that there are 10 40W fluorescent tubes lighting the classroom. (Next time you're in a classroom, count the tubes, and I think you'll see this would be a fairly poorly lit classroom, but perhaps acceptable, since we're going green.) How much energy would be needed? 40W x 10 tubes x 3600 seconds/hour x 3 hours = 4.32 MJ.

So, even assuming 100 percent efficiency, and even assuming that a fair bit of recommended site purchase viagra soft tabs each kid's push isn't going into lifting the other kid, the kids won't come even close to lighting the classroom.

Design students should take a basic physics course. Has Mr. Sheridan actually built one? Or just sketched something out on paper?
written by celticsolar, April 08, 2008
Ecogeek can branch out and open eco-gym. All the treadmills, rowing machines, weight machines, ect. would be power generators. smilies/grin.gif

Like a casino frequent player card, members can swipe in at a machine and order cheap tramadol fedex overnight cod rack up kWhs. The gym can sell the follow link drug generic levitra green tags and members can redeemed kWhs for eco-gym branded wares like SIGG water bottles and bamboo T-shirts.

For additional motivation, you could have "leader boards" in various categories (most kWhs per day, week, month...)

If you like my idea, I get free membership and a %. smilies/wink.gif
written by jake3988, April 08, 2008
Very nice calculations KPT. Most people who try them end up totally botch them. smilies/smiley.gif

To take it further 100000J/400W=250. Meaning it'll provide enough power for 250S/60 or about 4 minutes.

If we got 5 going constantly for 15 minutes. And in my elementary school, we had two periods of recess. One for the young kids, one for the older kids... so that's 30 minutes. So that's about 3 times as much times 5times as many teeters... or 15*4minutes=1hour of powering the lights.

Not bad at all!
written by roo, April 10, 2008
Man, if we could get a time machine, go back in time and harness the power of Cindy Brady trying to break the world's seesaw record...
written by shane, October 21, 2008
KPT's basis is on develop countries...

Mr.Sheridan is based on zero accessibility of electricity plus the number of students or population ratio of a community. Who knows for them 1 or 2 florescent tube is only now generic cialis next day delivery enough to top 10 genuine viagra sites light on a class of approximately of i use it online levitra uk 15 students. Their are countries that has 1 to 3 classroom on generic cialis free shipping a institution.

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