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APR 01

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"Australia will begin farming in the Antarktic by the end of levitra generico april 2009..."

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Spot the Not-a-Prank

I've been clawing my way through the blogosphere today, realizing that many of the things I write on a daily basis are very far-fetched...but also true! So on a day when the world is filled with lies (see below) it's hard to indentify the legitmate news.

So here are eight green stories that I found today on the intertubes that have no references. Figure out which one you think is true...and then hit the jump to find out if you're right...and see links to sources for all of them.

OK....I have some bad news.

Rainbow chasing meteorologists...LIE

Al Gore running for president...April Fools!

Unobtanium LEED Certification...Unfortunately not

Unnaturally Carbonated Beverage...NO (though it is worth noting that Coca Cola does get it's CO2 from the we recommend cheapest generic viagra petroleum refining industry)

Hybrid Air Force One....NOPE

Wind Powered Airplane? Uh Uh

Flying Penguins...No...though this video is pretty convincing

Indeed...the true news of the days is bad news...and it's also extremely ironic. Burning lots of oil has melted the arctic sea ice enough that vast new areas for potential oil exploration have been unleashed. These areas are currently not under control of any nation, and so a mad scramble to claim the oil exploitation rights has begun. The potential for oil in the region is upwards of 400 billion barrels..more than twice what Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Yep...that's right...we burned all our oil just so that we could screw up the climate enough to open up what could be the world's largest oil field. Canada, the United States and Russia are already fighting over the oil field leading a former U.S. Coast Guard Cmdr to online pharmacy viagra accepts paypal openly worry about the possibility of actual armed conflict over the oil field.

And that's no joke. I wouldn't have believed itif the best price for viagra article weren't published last week.



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written by sarah Schwegel, April 01, 2008
holy crud its true there are flying penguins
written by Simmons, April 01, 2008
I don't know, those flying penguins looked pretty real to me. Did you hear that ExxonMobil is cialis en gel shutting down?
Flying Penguins Exist???
written by TheAshleighB, April 01, 2008
I found a site establishing the Flying Penguin does exist.
written by wesley bruce, April 02, 2008
wind powered air craft do exist
its in testing.
Actually, the rainbow line isn't far off
written by Devin, April 02, 2008
Well, I voted before reading the linked article, but researchers are looking to develop solar panels that capture a wider band of the EM spectrum. Current cells operate mostly in the infrared, with the rest of the energy being lost as heat. They're hoping for a 2-3 fold increase in efficiency, more than 60% efficiency if memory serves. No indication that rainbows need to be chased - roy, g, and biv work just as well all jumbled up in white light.
wind powered aircraft
written by wesley bruce, April 02, 2008
Wind powered aircraft already exist.
Test flights are under way. Its wind powered and it flys!

There is also a glider airship proposed at hunt Aviation. It’s not likely to work without adding solar and a little fuel for night operations but the idea could work for a drone.

I have a design that hangs a skysail from a glider airship so the skysail pulls the glider/airship through the air. The age of sky yachting may not be far off.

They may not be fast but they should be fun.
Did I mention that I’m scared of heights.
written by littlerobbergirl, April 02, 2008
oh dear. my immediate gut feeling was the viagra jelly for sale us/canada war thing, but i so did not want that to be true that i went for the 'rainbow' solar (assuming it was referring to how does viagra work the new one with 3 receivers catching different frequencies).
scary times.
written by Monotonehell, April 03, 2008
How depressing. I'm such a cynic that I got it right. :(
written by Djarada, April 07, 2008
Australia will begin farming in the Antarktic by the end of april 2009.
They intend to experiment with Baloney first as it thrives in these conditions.
Their faux pas or rather faux naifwill be their use of the extremly rare(only to be found on the slopes of Mt Kosiosco in New South wales)"Snow Kangeroo".
They believe that the Snow Kangeroo will procreate at such a rate that by the end of 2010 "Roo burgers" will jump into the number position in the fast food charts of online us viagra the recently formed Mc Kanga chain.

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