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MAR 25

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"Judging by the current rates of illegal logging in Borneo, once these ..."

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Buy A Tree and viagra for sale without a prescription Watch it Grow Thanks to Google Earth

You can't say there's anything wrong with paying someone to buy viagra pill plant a tree in some spoiled corner of the cheap non presciption tramadol Earth. But it's not exactly the most rewarding thing. That tree, the buyer assumes, is out there...but it's quickly forgotten and impossible to actually imagine. But the World Wildlife Fund is hoping to chance that, with a little help from Google Earth.

{digg}{/digg}Your $5.50 donation will buy a tree, lifelong care and feeding, scientific study of the forest that it becomes a part of, and the exact coordinates of where that tree is on our big beautiful Earth. Linking that data with Google Earth shows the precise location (on the island of Borneo) of the tree, as well as all of its hundreds of neighbors.

Unfortunately, the resolution of that corner of the the Earth is going to have to be increased significantly before you can actually see your tree, but even now the context is nice.

You can buy trees that will be planted in Indonesia today at Think link provided takes you past the how does viagra work annoyingly long intro and straight into the site. PayPal integration makes the whole thing a breeze. I planted 2 of them myself (USD$11) and received the following message in my inbox:

Your baby tree will be planted in the next few days. Once that is done, we will mail you the exact location and you will be able to see your tree on Google Earth.

Hopefully they mean e-mail...and not paper mail...because that would be annoying.

Via Google Earth Blog and the WWF

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Thanks for the link, do you know the cialis oral gel guy
written by Alex, March 25, 2008
If you do, please slap them in the head for me. I was there for 5 minutes looking for how to viagra by mail send them money, but since they buried the paypal link blow the fold, I didn't find it. Better web design will mean more trees, please pass the word.
written by MarkR, March 26, 2008
If you really want to pay someone to plant the tree then make money off of YOUR tree by selling the carbon credits to Al freaking Gore and his cronies, sure do it. Or if you don't want to do something really, really, smart and sale viagra call your city's parks department and ask where they are planting trees and if you can donate to help fund it, or better yet donate to fund it then ask if you can help plant it yourself. Please give the money to your local parks department most are broke and would be happy with any donation you would give. Nahhh that would make too much sense, to plant your own tree, locally where you can do something really really unthinkable, like see it with your own eyes and it doesn't take any electricity to walk up to its trunk, and give it a hug if you like. No plant one around on the other side of the world where the viagra uk only way to wow it's great purchase viagra in canada watch it is by using a stinking computer. Personally I'll just watch my own trees, in my own yard grow, and volunteer to help plant the trees as I usually do when our parks department does plantings. Please people get a life, plant a tree yourself, Don't waste your money paying someone to do it for you. This has my vote for most idiotic green idea of price of levitra the week award, because there are quite a few floating around out there. Maybe I should start a blog dedicated to it since it appears there are more people with money than brains out there. Ok, rant over now, I feel better.
written by Alex, March 27, 2008
Great mashup
written by Juanita, March 28, 2008
Couldn't have said it better. 8)
Everyone is different
written by Dante Kitano, March 28, 2008
Hey Mark. I can see your point, but there are people out there, like me, who don't really give a shit about going outside and planting trees. However! I would consider it cool to have a tree planted by simply donating to this. This kind of thing might not appeal to you but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea. It's better than doing nothing.
I agree
written by Eric Covert, March 28, 2008
I have to agree with Dante... this is a green effort designed for mass appeal, not targeted to the "super-green". Sure there may be better ways to spend your money, and more efficient ways to make the earth a little greener, but hey, it's cool.... why knock it if it has any positive net effect at all?
written by LynxLitten, March 28, 2008
Are people so lazy that they need someone else to plant a tree in another corner of the world? IMHO, half the fun is tending to it yourself.
written by Penelope, March 28, 2008
I think part of the reason for doing this is that your backyard is not a rapidly disappearing, threatened habitat.
Places like Borneo are.
So in my mind this is a worthwhile idea!
to markR
written by Frank, March 28, 2008
Where am I suppose to plant my tree in NYC? Send me the coords so I look them up on buy cheap levitra Google Earth.
written by Fair Trade Products, March 28, 2008
Pretty cool eco mashup! Tell the site owners they need to move the paypal button above the where can i buy levitra fold or they won't be growing any trees!
written by op, March 28, 2008
$5.49 of your donation is going towards making someone rich.
The stupids greening
written by McElroy, March 28, 2008
You would get a much better return on investment if you were to cull a human than plant a tree.
I have more!
written by, March 28, 2008
what about watching paint dry in google earth? in real time?
written by Petras -BRASIL, March 28, 2008
5 bucks a tree?

in BRASIL it´s free: (pt-br)
nice plan
written by Ragle, March 28, 2008
i can't seen the problem. if youre so conscious of this you are free to plant a tree in your back yard. Great gimmick. Google world, environmentalism, and we dont have to get out of our chairs!
written by kevinroyden, March 28, 2008
It's always great to see technology used in a positive way such as this.

You can also plant a tree with a $1 donation using the Tree Planter app on Facebook. Created by the Arbor Day Foundation last month.
written by Luke, March 28, 2008
As Penelope mentioned, that they are planting the tree in Borneo. This is about planting a tree in a declining ecosystem that is disappearing. This isn't necessarily about whether planting a tree in your own backyard or park would be free.

Of course this is assuming that they are planting native trees as part of a reforestation project, not just trying to swindle money.

But presuming intentions are admirable, this is not a bad idea.
Wow way to bash someone for thinking out
written by Scott, March 28, 2008

You do realize that google is an INTERNET company? Google is coming up with creative ways to get the people of their marketshare interested in the environment, by and this may be a surprise to you, using their infrastructure i.e. google earth, as well as make it afforable, i.e. 5 bucks. But you know, good job bashing an eco-aware coporation (because we have so many in the US) for thinking outside box for ways to use the INTERNET (their expertise) to help the environment.
Buy a tree and i recommend viagra pharmacy in india watch it grow
written by Veronika, March 30, 2008
every year forest fires on Borneo cause a haze covering the neighbouring countries Malaysia and Thailand and reduce the already greatly reduced habitat of the Orang Utan so if this is one way to help out, I'm for it!
Seems like it will work to me...
written by Brent Norris, April 02, 2008
We aren't all going to get involved or become conscious about the environment on the same level. 5 bucks to feel good is much cheaper than buying a prius.

Anyone out there interested in funding a rain harvesting educational center in Hawai`i? We've got twenty acres of cheap canadian viagra native forest and enough rain to teach anyone how to catch their own water supply. Here's where we are: View, HI 96771&ie=UTF8&ll=19.528083,-155.114594&spn=0.286686,0.6427&z=11&iwloc=addr
Is there anything Google hasn't thought
written by lotusflower, April 03, 2008
People from super busy can do this and what a way to raise more money and awareness for the environment.

Cheers! :D
Is there anything Google hasn't thought
written by lotusflower, April 03, 2008
People from super busy life situations, can do this and what a way to raise more money and awareness for the environment.


I had to edit the comment. Thanks
written by Carmelo Cini, July 27, 2008
Our company is in the business of selling pr paid Master Card & Debt. We are wanting to levitra discount work with a forestry that will allow our company to donate funds to plant trees and our card holders collect carbon cridet. Same as air miels.

Many thanks

Carmelo Cini
Buy your own tree - Save a Forest in Slo
written by, February 18, 2009
Racking your brain over what to give your friends or family ?

Do you want to give something beautiful and unusual for a birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding or just out of love?

If so, you can join those who are saving a piece of wilderness in the Eastern Slovakia by symbolically buying a tree.

One such tree costs 50 Eur, which is US$ 65 or GBP 45 and the buyer contributes to the protection of forest stands adjacent to the Wolf Private Nature Reserve in the Cergov Mountains which are to enlarge the reserve. The tree, once bought, has the good fortune that it will remain in the forest and won't be taken away even after its death.

More information:

Grow our own trees
written by Prague Castle, April 09, 2009
Not a bad idea for the urban rooted or the busy or the non greenies and we choice united healthcare viagra something to chinese viagra pills at least ease the recommended site viagra next day delivery conscience. However, we can all do something about it and plant a tree of our own, in our backyards, shared plots, parks and so own. Also, eco tourism is taking off now and there are more people who prefer eco- friendly holidays, get them to grow a tree and pay for it too! :)
written by Ethical Gifts, January 07, 2011
Judging by the current rates of illegal logging in Borneo, once these trees are bought then I'm not sure they could still be identified by Google Maps as the level of illegal logging there is beyond belief!

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