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MAR 20

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"Why don't they start with America first? ..."

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Wal-Mart Pushing China to Go Green

No one can tell China what to do! They're an autonomous nation with a proud history and levitra for sale on line an unquenchable desire to pull themselves up by their regulations be-damned!

Oh...that is, unless it's Wal-Mart doing the asking.

Next fall, Wal-Mart will meat with thousands of Chinese suppliers, and give each of them little hints about how (and why) to go green. Their first priorities will be waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions. But they're also hoping to spread initiatives that they began in the U.S., like asking suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging they use, and pressuring them to cialis buying build electronics that are more efficient and easier to recycle.

Of course, the task is enormous. Every supplier has to be monitored and inspected sepeartely. Wal-Mart is already partnering with a large consulting firm and several NGOs to help in the greening of China.

Welcome to the future. There's no way to regulate anyone, except through the power of the world's biggest buyers. If they're going to be the levitra profesional international government...then at least we can be happy that they've got the environment on their list of concenrs.

Via Reuters

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written by Cat Laine, March 21, 2008
A good friend of mine is working for Walmart in China on this initiative. A big part of what they are trying to buying viagra from canada do to start with is just get suppliers to comply with environmental regulations that are already on the books.
so happy
written by textibule, March 21, 2008
to hear that that symbol of 5 mg cialis American goodness, Walmart, is giving lessons to the Chinese. Maybe they can joint-venture with Dick Cheney, try to make China safe for Freedom and Democracy at the same time.

Wow! Think of the possibilities!!!
spelling error
written by zuh, March 24, 2008
i think you mean that WAL MART will meet with thousands of Chinese suppliers, not meat with them.
written by lll, May 08, 2008
Why don't they start with America first?

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