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MAR 19

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"When I first started reading about this vehicle they claimed 320hp. W..."

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Zap Set to Release 3-Wheeled Electric Sports Car

Zap, who's been making small, slow electric vehicles for quite a while now, is setting its sights on a highway-capable EV for the US market. And unlike all other highway capable EVs currently being manufactured, Zap's Alias is actually priced for normal consumers at about $30,000. The quesiton this actually possible. Unfortunately, Zap has a history of i use it viagrabest viagra not really delivering what they say they'll deliver.

{digg}{/digg} Even if the Alias does materialize from the vapor, it will have had to levitra on line make some sacrifices to keep costs down...including one of it's wheels. That's right, it's a three wheeler, allowing Zap to keep it regulated as a motorcycle, which means crash tests won't be necessary. So far, there have been few insights as to how the vehicle will be powered, and what kind of amenities will be found inside.

But we do know that it'll be a two-seater, and the lithium ion batteries should push the vehicle from zero-to-sixty time in less than six seconds. The only other detail we have...Zap is buy viagra overnight hoping to have the brand name levitra vehicle for sale in the US by Q2 2009. But, after a scathing review in April's WIRED Magazine, we're starting to doubt it.

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written by Roy, March 19, 2008
unless I'm terribly mistaken, that "motorcycle" status will mean it will require helmets in California and order discount viagra online similar states.

Still want one
written by Magnulus, March 19, 2008
I could totally hit that... If I had the money, of course. I'd like to cialis professional know how much storage it has, though... Also, sadly... There's the battery life again. I think one of the main things they need to overcome in electric cars is the range of the car on a single charge, but you already know this and you've talked about the lagging battery research as well, so I'm just preaching to the choir.
written by Bruce, March 19, 2008
Company called Zap on levitra overnight OTCBB as zaap.ob is worth only .55 cents & is labeled a "going concern" by the get levitra in canada last reliable accountants they had.

Their financial history includes 6 name changes & this venture requires money they DON'T HAVE and you want me to send them some money? Thanks but no thanks.
written by hw, March 21, 2008
California does not require helmets for an "enclosed vehicle", even if it is registered as a motorcycle.
written by John, March 21, 2008
Batteries are not a problem:

From the begining even sealed lead acid batteries provide at least a 30 mile range, over 90% of drivers do not drive over 20 miles round trip in a day, and if you have a socket at your destination you can charge it will your parked, so even if you daily commute was 20 miles away each day you plug it in to recharge while your at work for 8 hours then you be fully charged and make your second 20 mile trip back home.. so what is the problem?? And already Nimh's and Lion's get alot more range than 30 miles on a charge. There is no reason at all why everyone cant be driving electric, you can also expand that range with flexible solar panels on the roof of the car and if you charge at overnight during offpeak hours and even better yet you use a solar array at home and or work to recharge you will not be impacting the grid.
written by Laffin Still, March 22, 2008
I dunno..Looked totally awesome when I got to the page & seen the front of this car for only $30,000?(Looked sharper than a vett),Till I seen the rear, Now I'm still laughing so hard & spilt coffee all over my keyboard!LOL!! Maybe they can just sell the front-end. Sure would be embarrassing to cialis sale buy be seen in this car. I'd sure be ducking down alot!!(Still wish I could stop laughing,lol.)I'd give them $15,000 for the front and they could keep the rest.
they already have the anserw!
written by Shane, March 29, 2008
This is ridiculous, we already have the knowledge and order levitra online technology to make this happen and become less dependant on foreign oil. If we where to use geothermal power we would have enough electricity to power the buy cialis online pharmacy world for 30,000 years. Johnson Control is cheapest priced propecia on the verge of creating a universal lithium battery that would be used in any electric vehicle and carries a charge that would allow you to travel 450 miles at an average speed of professional levitra 60mph. If we where to convert are local gas stations into power stations to hold and charge these batteries for a fee it would not only answer the gas problem it would cover the cost of operating the power stations. Here's the dilemma are oil companies will never allow this to happen because it is not as profitable as oil. You would have to cialis cancdian dugs admit it was fun thinking about though.
Zap Alias Video
written by Jason, August 08, 2008
Check it out, full video of the Zap Alias:
What A Let Down.
written by Techpriest, December 22, 2008
When I first started reading about this vehicle they claimed 320hp. With it's light weight it would be one heck of a fun car and would perform on par with gas powered sports cars in it's price range. Since then the numbers have been adjusted a few times and now its performance numbers are similar to those of a Honda Fit. I can buy a new Fit and enough gas to drive 120,000 miles (assuming $5 a gallon) for the price of this thing. I hope to see an affordable electric sports car in my lifetime, but this is obviously not it.

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