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FEB 24

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"If you like bicycles or want bike-inspiration: Come to recommended site on line pharmacy Denmark! More t..."

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Carectomy Week in Review

Aquaduct Improves Bicycle’s Brilliance

It’s no secret that we at Carectomy have a bit of a bike fetish. The smog-free human-powered machine offers the world a 100-year-old solution to its transportation needs.

Thanks to the Innovate or Die – Pedal Powered Machine Contest, we’ve seen bike technology tweaked and viagra pfizer 50 mg put to some interesting new uses. But the winner, the Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Device, could very well change the world.

Mass Transit Trims The Fat


Instead of get tramadol without perscreption going to the gym, downing diet pills, or getting gastric bypass to get thin and beautiful, why not just take mass transit? According to a recent report by USA Today, taking public transportation instead of driving is a proven way to buy chinese herbal cialis lose weight and improve your overall health.

U.S. Train Travel on the Rise

U.S. travelers–frustrated by gas prices, traffic congestion, and the levitra super active hassle and delays of air travel–are increasingly rediscovering the train. One in four domestic flights arrived late in 2007. Add in the maddening yellow-orange-mauve alert security checks, and it’s understandable why passengers are fed up.

Ethanol Not An Eco-Darling, After All

Despite their popularity, the future for gas-guzzling, inefficient cars doesn’t look promising. As gas prices rise and oil grows scarce, Western nations are scrambling to become self-sufficient in producing their own fuel. In the search for alternative energy sources, ethanol has emerged as a favorite. A recent study by scientists at Stanford University, however, has knocked ethanol from its eco-pedestal.

Exxon: Exxposed and Punk’d!

This past summer, Yes Men “agents” managed to infiltrate GO-EXPO, the biggest oil conference in Canada. Two members of the organization posed as industry executives and delivered a presentation to over 300 oilmen.

Among the big topics of discussion at the Calgary, Alberta conference was the nearby Alberta Oil Sands project. As the reality of peak oil looms on the horizon, oil execs will squeeze oil wherever it may lie, in spite of recent reports that the Alberta Oil Sands is the most destructive project on earth. It was in response to this type of look there low price viagra callous disregard by the oil industry both for the planet and canadianpharmacy its inhabitants that the Yes Men sprang into action.

What if Public Transportation Could Advertise Like Cars?

Advertising helps keep the car markets going strong. Can you imagine a world where public transportation had a similar budget to create TV ads on par with the automobile variety? Maybe commuters would come to believe that riding the train had just as much sex appeal as sitting in traffic in a Lexus SUV.

For a vision of what such a world might look like, check out the ad we have posted for Madrid Metro.

Lance's New Bike Shop: For Commuters

Lance Armstrong plans to open a bike shop, commuting center, training facility, and café in his home town of Austin, Texas. It’s no surprise that the Tour de France champion is continuing to work in the cycling industry. However, rather than using his name to hock the latest, greatest, ultra-bling racing bikes, Armstrong is hoping to inspire everyday people to get out and ride – as he always has.


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Nice bike....
written by Vladan, February 24, 2008
I think that the bike is the most ecologic vehicle. And makes nice bodies too.... 8)

Recently here at the Reunion Island we introduced a battery aid bicycle, which helps you when you going up to the hill.

I ride my bicycle to order cialis get around the cit
written by Bicycling Makes Me Lean, February 25, 2008
I've been doing it for over ten years, and I have dimples on the sides my butt ;D Ever since I've started bicycling I can't think of a more healthier, and practical way to get around... parking is never an issue, and I have a higher physical endurance than all of my friends.
Bikes in London
written by David Keech, February 28, 2008
I haven't ridden a bike for a while but I plan to get one soon.

I made some estimates based on the distance to my work and the speed that I regularly used ride a 20Km distance back when I was 17. I think that riding a bike will get me there 30-50% faster than my current walk-tube-walk situation along with saving me £90 per month and getting me fitter all at the same time.

The downsides ? Breathing smog and getting run over by cars and/or buses. If only I could convince the rest of London to abandon their cars, vans and trucks and join me on the bike then there would be no smog and no danger of getting run over.
Come to Denmark! 36% go to work by bike
written by Jacob Antvorskov, February 29, 2008
If you like bicycles or want bike-inspiration: Come to Denmark!
More than 50% of the citizens in Copenhagen use their bike daily! (18% use their Car)

AND: 36% of the citizens go to work on a bicycle!
The number is increasing, and the goal is 40%.

Both statistics are from city-counsils webpage, and counted in 2004.
Come on over!

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