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FEB 19

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"Absolutely Right Joel, The Revolving doors are always Eco-Friendly. Th..."

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Revolution Door Captures Human Power

Here we have yet another example of where to buy propecia using people's everyday actions to produce a bit of power. Already, there's excercise equipment power, body-heated office buildings, and power-generating turnstyles.

But here's another little system that could keep doing its job while generating a bit of electricity on the side. Mostly, it's just a demostration project though. The power generated would likely not be enough to ever pay for the device and many revolving doors are already heavy enough without the added resistance of a generator.

Still, it's hard not to link for you levitra without prescription online find the idea pleasant.

Via Inhabitat


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Revolving doors are already green
written by Joel, February 20, 2008
While I think adding resistance to doors to create a minimal amount of power is a dumb idea, I wanted to point out that Revolving doors are already eco friendly. They are designed to keep air from blowing into or out of buildings. Normal doors allow drafts through large buildings.. which is why most large buildings have two layers of external doors with ~15 feet of space in-between. You save that extra floor space when you use revolving doors.
written by Rob, February 20, 2008
Extra bit of exercise for y'all. Sounds good!
who cares? and if you do.. why do you ca
written by Sham, February 21, 2008
is the idea of environmental friendliness to make minute changes in an attempt to viagra in india balance out the increase?

i think ideas like this are essentially wishful thinking AND/OR appeasing people to believe they are doing their part AND/OR part of an attempt to cash in on our intuition that something must be done..

OR is it the canadian health care pharmacy order viagra idea to push radical changes in cultural thought towards the development of sustainable living?

Wooden Doors
written by Wooden Doors, June 14, 2012
Absolutely Right Joel, The Revolving doors are always Eco-Friendly. They are designed to keep air from blowing into or out of buildings and to keep good building environment. We can use the Duotour revolving doors for the hospitals, banks, public buildings and more too because the Duotour is the most adaptable high capacity entrance solution for them. The Duotour is a two-wing revolving door with spacious compartments that easily accommodates large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. It provides simple, bi-directional, straight-line access and has a high capacity throughput of people. Unique design of the Duotour turns an ordinary entrance into an environmentally friendly and attractive entrance.

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