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"Comment on the comments: Ofcourse manufacturing of the ecobutton cost..."

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PlastiCrap Button Turns Off Your Computer For You

There's a searing review of express viagra delivery the EcoButton, a USB-powered button that sends your computer into power-save mode, up on BoingBoing Gadgets. Guess what... that's all it does. Why go to all the trouble of clicking the mouse three times when you can just hit an oversized button?

Even better, the Eco Button is illuminated, the better to remind you that you're wasting more of the planet's resources unnecessarily just by keeping it plugged into your computer's USB port.

While it would make saving energy easier, I can't help but wonder how much energy it would take to manufacture, advertise, package, sell, ship, and (hopefully) recycle one of these... and how long it would take to recoup the buy cialis once daily "investment." The main advantage to having one of these around would be having a constant reminder to reduce energy use. The package includes software to online levitra sales track how much you're saving, so it's a great way to learn to feel good about reducing energy use (if not consumption).

This might be a good way for companies to encourage green thinking, and save some dough while they're at it. At my last job, they left the computers on 24/7 - as a policy - and it drove me crazy... they could be saving hundreds a year (and tons of CO2) with these in place. Going Green is as much about changing minds than saving energy, so perhaps there's a place for these. There won't be a place for these in twenty years, though... we'll either have figured out how to conserve energy without oversized plastic buttons by then, or be competing over the last few drops of oil in the Thunderdome.

There's a more friendly review on GeekSugar. Rather than pick sides, I'm going to open source my own low-power alternative - a piece of scrap paper with the words "Turn It Off and click here free viagra sample Plant a Tree" stuck to my monitor.

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written by Magnulus, February 13, 2008
What a waste of canada cialis scrap paper!
I just etched it into the face of my iMac and then sent the plastic shreds in for recycling. THAT'S environmentally friendly for ya!! ^_^

But yeah, you bring up a good point about the levitra cost of sales button being more about changing the way people see things rather than the direct savings. We might not need it, but I can think of plenty of people who COULD use one of those big green buttons.
There are other ways of doing it.
written by Carl Foner, February 13, 2008
I'm all for getting people to be aware of their energy usage, but I think there are other ways of doing it. In a large company, there could be company wide training. Someone could send out an email message or a newsletter every once in a while.

One could also setup a departmental energy czar which is responsible for cutting their department's energy use. Or better yet, find some way to charge each department for how much energy they use.

There is also software which can manage power management settings on a company wide basis, such as Verdiem's Surveyor product. This does cost money, and it doesn't really train people, but it is effective at reducing energy usage.
EcoButton a scam
written by Steve, April 20, 2009
Bought it... tried it, tested it... wow you push it it puts yours system in standby mode.. wow thanks for wasting my $20... a quick test clamping the computer electrical use shows no difference between normal standby and the ecobutton standby... if anything I think its worse constantly flashing its annoying LED's and then every time you wake pops up a very annoying full screen pop-up. Needless to say, they have a return coming back from them... hate scam products.
ecobutton concept
written by Fred, October 24, 2009
Comment on the comments: Ofcourse manufacturing of the ecobutton cost co2 and energy to mringing those paperbins Cost energy and money. Many people do how much is cialis this. Also many people bring bring it to the bin by car, which actually costs money and energy. And you gain no money back. Anyway, nothing is perfect. We have to start somewhere. Don't see it black and white but from the otherside. It will save more energy and people more aware using ecobutton. And with this you will save energy and therefore return money as a bonus. smilies/wink.gif
Concerning constantly flashing of the light of the ecobutton.This is done by purpose. Keeping you aware and reminds you for using the buy levitra online viagra ecobutton. The LED's just costs in energy a few pennies a year but saves much more! You could get annoyed flashing but that's the same with getting annoyed of taking the car and viagra overnite getting al that collected paper from home into that paperbin. Sometimes in rain, or too full bins. It will never be perfect for everyone. But if you really set yourself into saving energy and saving the environment, you will see that ecobutton is a very good solution for the computer.

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