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"I heard that the building only received silver certification on 3/4/09..."

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The Greenest Bank?

Your ratty old blue jeans may be stuffing the walls of a new banking center in Manhattan - and Bank of America anticipates receiving the highest certification for Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) for new construction because of it.

Last year, Bank of America announced its intentions to obtain Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) certification for all new offices and tramadol cod imitrex diet pill banking centers – and allotted $1.4 billion dollars to do it. As a result of this planning, the new Bank of America tower in Manhattan is buy cialis projected to be the recipient of lowest price viagra a Platinum LEED certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Bank of America’s new tower, designed by the consulting firm Gensler, features 64 photovoltaic solar panels that generate 18 kilowatts of power, and are expected to provide 60% of the building’s energy needs. Construction materials consisted of 20% recycled materials, including old blue jeans for insulation and countertops made of wheat kernels and chaff (byproducts of processing.) High efficiency windows and cooling systems, as well as reduced water usage features inside and out, round out the package.

The new tower in Manhattan opened last month, and Bank of America is scheduled to open another banking center, this one aiming for a Gold LEED certification, in Los Angeles this summer.

Via BoA Press Release

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written by Steve, February 02, 2008
I think you misread that press release. They were describing the steps they took for Platinum LEED certification at a branch they opened in Adelanto, CA this past December. The Bank of America Tower in Manhattan, which they are also going for Platinum certification on, is still not completed. When it is, being one of the tallest building in the country, it will require many times more electricity than can be provided from 18kW of solar panels.
Not greenest - but cool
written by Pelle, February 02, 2008
My bank's headquarters can be found in an old barn and they only lend my money to projects benefiting the environment... Maybe that's greener?

It's good that new building are built with the environment in mind - but building a new building takes a lot of energy too...
Bank of America Tower exhibit
written by Geri, February 02, 2008
For anyone in or visiting NYC, the Center for Architecture in Greenwich Village has just opened an exhibit on the Bank of America Tower that includes materials discussing LEED certification requirements as well as the cheap cialis with fast delivery construction of the Bank of America Tower. For more info:
(disclaimer: I am an employee of the Center for Architecture, but as someone interested in sustainable development, this exhibition is very interesting)
written by BK, February 02, 2008
Steve, thanks. That 18kW = 60% of energy needs seemed off.
written by be free, February 05, 2008
sounds mostly like a publicity stunt to me...
Bank of America is not green
written by Will Greene, December 04, 2008
Bank of America is funding massive coal expansion. Do some research before you post things like this.

For more information visit
BOA at Bryant Park
written by Cal, March 05, 2009
I heard that the building only received silver certification on 3/4/09 and it's now being appealed.

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