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JAN 29

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"It's Dubya; you just know deep down the money is going to end up in th..."

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Bush's International Clean Technology Fund

EcoGeek is getting ready to launch a new blog this environmental politics blog at Though the site isn't officially launched yet, I have to point people to the beta, because the chief editor, Dave Loos, just put together an amazing environmental analysis of the State of i use it hydrochlorothiazide cialis the Union address.

You should check that out for sure...but the only thing even slightly interesting on the energy and environment front was Bush's comments on an "International Clean Technology Fund."

Now, when I heard this, I thought, "Oh a fund to help finance research and development of clean technology internationally," which would be very cool. But it turns out that it's a fund to help developing countries invest in clean energy. And while that sounds like a fantastic idea to me, it feels like that's the kind of thing that we could throw money at indefinitely, and not see much of a result.

Bush is apparently proposing $2 billion for the fund. I'm sure that it will help, but I almost think it would be more intelligent to try to use that money to make the technology cheaper everywhere than to subsidize it specifically in the developing world. Anyway, there you have the ONLY piece of news from the order cialis usa State of the Union that is in any way interesting. Now we can move on to brand cialis pretending he's not there.

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written by Magnulus, January 29, 2008
There's no denying the fact that there are a lot of worthy projects in the developing world (often led by westerners) that seek to develop cleaner technology that is cheap and simple enough to use in these countries on a smaller level. Check out and Amy Smith's talk on cooking fuel or Cameron Sinclair's talk on architecture. (especially the Kenaf Field Clinic, which I found really clever)

What I mean is that sometimes developing "low-tech" technologies using what we know of high tech today can do viag ra canadian chemist a lot of good in developing countries, but of cialis 6 free samples course, the money needs to be given to specific projects, not just thrown at governments. The projects in these technologies are also a lot more cost-effective than for high technology which means that 2 billion would go a lot further there.

Depending on cheap levitra generic where mr. Bush is going with this, I see it as a potentially fantastic proposal that could do a lot of people a LOT of good.
written by JavaJunkie, January 29, 2008
It is a start.
written by Linda Yanney, January 29, 2008
envirowonk is a great idea. If it's as useful and entertaining as ecogeek, I can hardly wait.
I say...
written by Sarah, January 30, 2008
...we'll just see where this goes. I'm a little skeptic because, well, it's old Georgey-Dub and 9 times out of 10 his decisions result in disaster and chaos, but this could turn out okay. I'm hoping for the best.
I'm cynical...
written by weee, January 30, 2008
It's Dubya; you just know deep down the money is going to end up in the pockets of Texas Oil Friends who will be happy to do lots of R&D; it's something there good at.
I hope I'm wrong and cash on delivery tramadol sat delivery Dubya's seen the light...

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